Highlights from Panic! tonight in Denver

- Brendon repeatedly dabbing
- Colorado pride flag in GGB
- someone threw a hat on the stage during Let’s Kill Tonight and later, at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody, Kenny picked it up and put it on. Brendon proceeded to call him beautiful
- bringing up Live in Denver (“the first concert we ever filmed was here”)
- “this is an unreleased track. Never heard before.” then I Write Sins plays
- after he let the audience sing “the poor grooms bride is a whore” he said “you said it, not me”
- he said “this is the most fucking fun I’ve had in a long time” with the biggest smile on his face and he could barely get the end of his sentence out because he was giggling and jumping around and it was. so cute. I cry

feel free to add if you were there