i heard it was #NoShameDay yesterday and i thought maybe i could join, even if its late.

my name is frei and im a 17 year old dude with severe laryngomalacia, which means that my throat closes up and that makes me unable to do any physical exercise that can render me out of breath. walking in a higher pace than really slow can sometimes be a challenge. this makes it really hard also having recurring panic attacks that make me hyperventilate and then not be able to breathe.

i played soccer for 11 years before i was diagnosed a few months back, and there is nothing that can be done about it in my case. i will probably never be able to do that again.

i was scared of posting this, but no shame, right?


Happy #noshameday everybody!

Over the last decade or so with UC, I’ve gotten very good at hiding all the things I need to help me get through the day, but seeing everyone posting about their chronic illnesses and disabilities hassle me feel at least slightly more confident. So see me here feat. my bands I wear to help with nausea, my backbrace for my spine issues, the collection of heating tools for stomach and joint pain, braces I wear on my leg when my uneven hips cause too much stress, and my sea of medications I take daily. Essentially, my life is a mess of painkillers and doctor’s appointments, but the spoonie community on Tumblr is absolutely full of love, and they’ve never made me feel weird about anything. Cheers to all of you, you’re all amazing and here’s to #noshameday!


Hi! I have strabismus and amblyopia which basically means I’m blind in my left eye so it just tends to do whatever it wants. I haven’t addressed the issue much and even when people ask me about it I ignore them like they didn’t even say anything because of all the teasing I’ve had to go through growing up. (The “Are you looking at/talking to me” and “crossed eyed"type jokes)

 This among other issues cause me to be very depressed growing up and I was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder (which I never ever address at all. Like this is the first time telling people) 

Yet, today I am very much better and I’ve come to accept that I am who I am for a reason and that people may laugh and point out stuff but it doesn’t matter what others think. It may be hard at times but as long as I am happy with myself I can only be a better person. 

Happy #NoShameDay !


shoutout to people with illnesses that arent always visible and to all the self diagnosers who are especially invalidated by other people even within their own community you are valid and loved !