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"this is my Galra Keith, these are his Galra Teeth, pat-pat- OW KEITH!!"

Lance: This is my Galra Keith, these are his Galra teeth, they go chomp-chomp- OW, KEITH, WHAT THE FUCK.

Keith, unruffled: You deserved it.


Lance, bursting onto the main deck: ALLURA, CORAN! IT’S A LIFE AND DEATH EMERGENCY.

Allura: Don’t you mean life or death?

Lance: No! Because even if I live- I’m still gonna die!!

Coran: What’s wrong?

Lance, holding up his hand: Keith biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit me :(

Allura: I’m sure you deserved it.

Lance: I’m going to ignore that. (To Coran) Tell me, doc- Am I gonna live? Do I need a rabies shot?


“There really isn’t any reason for you to be in Aogiri Tree, is there? You’re not cut out for this. Eventually, the day will come that you have to soil your hands. As long as you are in Aogiri, there’s no escaping that." 

                                      Ayato requested by anonymous