alela amtat


It was one of the much colder times on Coruscant, and no Imperial or citizen in their right mind would go outside at this time. The apartment had a cozy aura to it, with a plate with a few foods laying on the table.

Alela was, fortunately, not busy, and found herself walking about the apartment, looking through the various cabinets and such. As she opened one drawer, she found a type of plant. She hadn’t seen it many times, but she knew enough to know it was mistletoe.

Now, the question that formed, was why Laurita would have such an item in his posession? Then, thoughts of Shonn Volta, a prisoner that Laurita wished to keep in the Empire, flashed across her train of thought. He must have gotten it from her… or wanted to give it to her… she thought, spinning the stem of the plant in her hand.

Alela knew it was wrong to be jealous of a person that Laurita didn’t even have firm contact with anymore. She knew what she’d do with it.

Laurita came back to the apartment a short while later. He had been aiding the Imperial Officers all day, and the last thing he needed was more stress.

Alela greeted him as he came inside, with the same talk as always. But, there was something different in the apartment. Laurita looked up, only to find the mistletoe hanging above the two of them, as if fate had drawn them to that very spot.

“I was wandering around…-” she began to say, but the look on Laurita’s face was an instant notification to stop talking. He held her hand, and their lips met.

Christmas? It was better than she heard it to be.