aleksi draws

“If my life wasn’t funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable” -Carrie Fisher

Shamu was captured from her mother’s side in 1965 at the age of 3. During the violent capture, the first intentional orca capture, Shamu’s mother was harpooned and killed in front of her. Shamu was eventually shipped off to Seaworld to become their start performer. After 6 years in captivity, Shamu died at the young age of 9.
Her home was pretty much a bathtub, my fishbowl isn’t too far off if you look at what she was kept in.
Seaworld continues to use the name Shamu as a stage name for all of their whales, because that’s such a positive legacy to hold (sarcasm). Maybe by calling all of the whales by the same name, the general public won’t be able to easily keep track of how many Shamu’s die.
Shamu is dead.

Not too special of a drawing or anything, more of a doodle.

Freya with baby Valentin

Very sad to read of Freya’s unexpected death this morning, and as I normally do I decided to paint something. Freya was about 34 and her cause of death is not yet released, Valentin was her only live calf (Freya had 5 calves, but 4 were stillborn) and my thoughts are with him right now as males tend to do poorly when their mothers die. 

Swim in peace Freya


Portrait of Kalia that scanned horrifically (I will upload a webcam photo after this). I used different techniques than in my previous portrait of Corky and I like both for different reasons. 

I really hate how this scanned so fuzzy, almost sparkly when it really isn’t that bad! Also Kalia’s dorsal is way too tiny oops!

I initially planned for this to be about half the size of my Corky portrait, and it turned out larger! haha

This looks better high res, and better in person!