aleksi draws


My new whale bookmarks! These handsome bulls were suggested by @king-lobo, @stardust-dad, @sick-boner, and @vaquitatje and they are all available now on my etsy shop:

All are hand painted with M. Graham and Co. Watercolours on Arches Cold Pressed paper, laminated, with a few general facts about the individual whale on the back. 

I will take custom orders at $15 CAD ($11.08 USD @ current conversion rate which is subject to change) and if you’re interested in those you can contact me here on tumblr. 


During their panel, Heather Doerksen and Robert Maillet mentioned a deleted scene in Pacific Rim where the triplets knock over the Kaidonovsky’s boombox. Intimidating face offs ensued. It was supposed to be a scene that established that both groups were tough, but Del Toro cut it out because “It’s too West Side Story!!!" 

I want you to know that I actually had to rewatch WSS scenes for reference. I want you to know that I suffered for this comic.