aleksander of hohenberg


“It was my past. I lost that world the night my parents died.” He drew close again. “But I found you, Deryn. Maybe I wasn’t meant to end the war, but I was meant to find you. I know that. You’ve saved me from not having any reason to keep going.”

“We save each other,” Deryn whispered. “That’s how it works.”

Modern AU things: Youtube Edition

-Dylan’s channel is nothing but animation memes, all of them have a sky background and feature lovecraftian jellyfish monsters with anime blush. Legend has it he will someday post a speedpaint, but frankly we’re losing hope. His favorites list is pretty much all of Alek’s videos, and nothing else.

-Alek just really loves swords, and you can tell by his channel. Most of his videos are of him either cutting up random shit with a variety of medieval weaponry or unboxing Transformers. No one knows how the fuck he affords so many swords, but every now and then his viewers get a glimpse of the massive decadent house he lives in when he vlogs. He regularly gets in to flame wars in the comments section over assigning gender roles to rapiers and longswords. 

-Lilit has a gazillion side channels. her ‘main’ one is Gay Watch, which gives regular updates on series that feature lesbain characters, as well as a makeup tutorial channel and a general vlog. She sips from a ‘male tears’ mug during every livestream hangout. The only weakness she has ever shown was when she wept with joy at a piece of fanart depicting her punching donald trump in the face. Its her icon. Her favorite’s section is primarily bad amvs from early 2000s that she hasnt cleared out yet because she thinks its set to private and no one’s had the heart to tell her. 

-Newkirk was afraid to post his own videos at first, but with his friends support started a letsplay channel. He mostly plays scary games, and has developed a bit of a reputation for being a total wuss. At this point he’s kinda been hardened to most of the shit, but plays up the drama anyway because he’s just so thankful to have fans he does whatever he can to keep them invested. He’s put out like 3 videos a day for the past 4 years, people wonder if he’s a robot. Every now and then Dylan will do an animation for one of his ‘best of’ moments, and has even joined him on the show once or twice. 

K but just so you guys know his Serine Highness Prince Aleksander of Hohenberg owns a pair of pinup fireman pajamas but instead of firemen it’s British soldiers and they’re all blonde for some assumably heterosexual reason