aleks in wonderland

Ok! So i came up with a twist on Alice in Wonderland based on my appearance as a character. The idea is that Alice had a brother, who saw the rabbit and saw her fall into the rabbit hole. When he goes for help, he’s seen as crazy for mention of ‘rabbits in waistcoats and magic caverns’ and eventually sent to an asylum after Alice is declared missing. He spends a lot of time in the asylum before breaking out in the hopes of finding Alice. He goes into wonderland to save her, as he thinks she’s in peril, but only wreaks havoc. At one point he ends up with the hatters hat, and the rabbits pocket watch, and in the end he happens upon Alice, only to find out that she’s fine and was never in any danger. They get into a fight due to him causing problems in wonderland while trying to find her, and he goes berserk, blaming her for all the things he had suffered to find her. He eventually gives in, and disappears into the depths of wonderland.