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I’m making this post because I see so many people blindly idolizing Jack Kilmer and he hasn’t done anything to deserve the amount of respect or fans that he has. Jack Kilmer took a picture “reenacting” basically mocking the death of River Phoenix. If you don’t know who River is he was an AMAZING actor, musician, and environmental/ animal rights activist. He also looks a bit like Jack Kilmer so people are always comparing them. On October 31st, 1993, River overdosed and died having seizures outside the viper room in West Hollywood. In the picture you can see Jack Kilmer laying on the ground playing dead outside the viper room. That’s not a coincidence. Jack Kilmer is seriously trash and beyond disrespectful. That was a really shitty thing to do and it wasn’t even remotely funny. I can’t believe someone who works in the same industry that admires River so much can do a shitty thing like this and people can still respect him. This picture is also his Instagram icon for crying out loud!!!! The next time you want to compare River Phoenix to Jack Kilmer and say they look so much alike or “Jack is the modern day River Phoenix” PLEASE DON’T. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to River and he obviously doesn’t even respect him.


Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul! Thank you for everything you have given, I love you and miss you so much Rio♥

                (August 23, 1970 – ∞ )

“Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.” -River Phoenix

Sky ''Phoenix'' Sawirski on River.

Wil Wheaton, Jerry O'Connell, Sky Phoenix and River - Stand by Me set.

River, Sky and Samantha on The Thing Called Love set.

River and Sky together in 1984.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Sky about River, which resulted in this kind of ‘interview’ about Riv and their time together. Hope you guys enjoy remembering Riv through his friend memories. Thank you Sky for sharing it with us. <3

- In which situation have you first met River? 

Sky: In 1977, he was 7 years old and I was dating his Aunt, so they called me Uncle Sky. 

- How present were you in his life and he in yours? 
Sky: 24 hours a day 7 days a week, mainly on the last 4 years of his life. 

- And for how long have you been friends? 
Sky: 16 years.

- You have always been a present person in River’s life, what includes his actor and musician career. How was it to go along with River in this part of his life?
Sky: Very exciting. I think they got the HBO show “Entourage” from our adventures. 

- Aleka’s Attic was also a great part of his life and career and he had even said that music was his main goal. How important was it and what it represented in River’s life?
Sky: It was all he really wanted. Movies came along as a way to make money to support his musical artistic endeavors’… so he was good at acting and continued that artist endeavour also.

- His music was also related to his great conviction in defend the causes in which he and the band believed, as they have always supported several causes, mainly animal rights. What it represented in River’s life?
Sky: Top of his list with the Environment as a whole.

- Being you a present person in his life, how would you describe him? 
Sky: He was smart and very generous and a very caring person towards his family first and the Earth second and all he wanted was this world to be a better place.

- About the time you had together, what’s the best memory you have of River?
Sky: When he was 7 years old and sang and played guitar like a professional adult, and sang a song that had 10 different languages in it. Also when he gave me a Valentine’s Day card. 

- What about the funny ones? Is there anything to share?
Sky: Will need to think of that ….there were many… We ate a lot of Tofu and beans together and farted a lot.

- How do you think he will be remembered over the years?
Sky: He will be remembered by his great acting, hopefully people will get to hear his music and they can remember him by that also. 

- Finally, is there any last thing you’d like to say to River’s fans?  
Sky: It’s been over 20 years since he passed away. Tell your children and children’s children he was a great person of cause and generosity and no, he was no a drug addict. And demand his family and former band members to release his music. 

The Valentine’s Day card Sky mentioned Riv gave him when he was around 7-8 years old.

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