Sanuk presents “A Different Reason To Smile”, a new film following a fun-lovin’ crew of Sanuk employees and pro surfers who traveled to Peru to volunteer along side Operation Smile, an amazing charity organization that helps treat facial deformities such as cleft lips & cleft palates.

Get a grin as Sanuk teamriders Matt Meola, Torrey Meister and Alek Parker experience a surf-trip beyond convention and immerse themselves in the process of passing on smiles like never before! To see more from this unforgettable adventure, including photos from behind scenes, visit

For more information on Operation Smile including ways to contribute and change a life forever, please visit

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Last night at the Maui Film Festival, Sanuk debuted its new film “A Different Reason to Smile” as part of an incredible benefit event celebrating Operation Smile. The evening helped raise funds for the organization’s amazing work to provide free surgeries to children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. 

The film itself follows a classic crew of Sanukers including pro surfers Matt Meola, Alek Parker and Torrey Meister as they experience a surf-trip beyond convention and immerse themselves in a volunteer mission in heart of Peru. 

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It’s with great, big grins that we bring you a first look at Sanuk’s upcoming short film “A DIFFERENT REASON TO SMILE” which documents Team Sanuk’s travels to Peru with Operation Smile on a mission to make a difference and new friends.

Enjoy the trailer and get stoked for more to come!