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Fandom: Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

Yeahhh first fandom for the first day, yeahhh

FIRST UP IS RANDOM FANART FOR THE MAIN CHARACTERS, OF COURSE. The blonde is Deryn/Dylan, who joins up with the British Air Force dressed as a boy. And the brunette is Alek, prince of Hohenberg and future archduke of Hapsburg who’s on the run after the assassination of his parents.

It’s a really great series that ties together steampunk, biopunk, and bits of played-with history. The plot follows an alternate universe of World War I between Darwinists (countries who use the manipulation of DNA to construct new creatures for use) and Clankers (countries who rely solely on machinery). Alek and Deryn (known as Dylan to him and everyone else) team up to fight towards the end of the war aboard the great airship whale, the Leviathan.

I really do recommend it if you’re into Young Adult books–or heck, even if you’re not so much about Young Adult books but like alternate history and steam/biopunk, crossdressing secrets, royalty on the run, UST, and crazy amazing animals and machines.

I will try to fit in more doodles throughout the day.

Alek - Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

I’ll doodle something more less static after this one, I just wanted to draw Alek in his ridiculous snow outfit while in the Alps. In the book, it’s from the scene where he first meets Deryn. 

idk, I’d be kind of grumpy too if I was wearing weird racket-like shoes, that hat which i actually kind of wanna own, and then taken in for questioning when you were just giving people medical supplies to help.