alek and dylan

  • [dangling on the wreckage of a crashed airship]
  • Alek: Would you consider that payment for, say, not publishing what you know about Deryn?
  • Malone: [laughing] Not likely, Your Majesty.
  • Alek: I didn't think so. [puts his hand on Malone's shoulder, smiling] Luckily, I have a backup plan.
  • Me: DO IT
Dalek Week #2: Genderbend

“Alek–” Dylan begins.

“It’s Sophie.” She swallows. “My name is Princess Sophie von Hohenberg. Not… it is not Alek.”

Dylan blinks. Sophie looks at her hands. They are clenched and shaking. Her whole body is like a thing possessed, shaking.

“So you’re not–” says Dylan, and there is none of the shock or anger Sophie expects to hear in his voice, nothing but a simple question.

“It’s Sophie,” she says again, helplessly.

Her name is an alien and uncanny thing in her mouth, after so many months of passing as the prince of Austria-Hungary. It feels so small, like a child’s frock. It cannot contain her any longer.

But for once – just for once – she does not want to pass for Aleksandar. Sophie is tired of being the brother who died, tired of replacing him, as if he never existed.

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