alejandra jackson

Mama Katherine Scores a Win...or Does She?

According to several media outlets, just days before she was due in court to face eviction, Jermaine Jackson’s ex wife (and brother Randy’s baby’s mother) Alejandra has agreed to move out of the family home. She’s been living there for over 20 years with her children from her relationships with the Jackson brothers(insert side eye here). What doesn’t seem to be happening, however, is her moving into the condo offered to her by Katherine Jackson. If she’s not taking the condo, it means that she’s probably refused to sign that confidentiality agreement and her rumored book deal must be a done deal! OOH DRAMA! Sidenote: I just don’t get how you bite the hand that feeds you! You live in somebody’s home for 2 decades and the thanks that they get is you telling their family business? That’s wack!