aleiya89 asked:

I've been following you for well over a year, and I'm not lie, I kinda fan girled when I saw that you were following me (:

Oh my gosh, you’re too kind! :> I really like your blog. I cannot explain why I wasn’t following you this entire time except that I’m a dummy who tends to blindly post/reblog and I’m really bad at actually interacting with people in terms of responding and following back. I appreciate you liking my blog that much though!

Ah that’s what I’ve been calling her! Mainly because I call all girl cats princess for whatever reason but still! She’s a sweet little thing and she’s made herself right at home. 😊

Really?! But it’s soooo cold. It even snowed today while I was at Walgreens! Although 90 degrees isn’t great in October either. Can’t it just be like 70 degrees everywhere?