<3 had fun editing El Guincho’s Album (+ single) coverart <3

  • 1. Folias (2007)
  • 2. Alegranza (2008)
  • 3. Piratas De Sudamerica Vol.1 (EP) (2010)
  • 4. Pop Negro (2010)
  • 5. Trances (Mixtape) (2012)
  • 6. Palmitos Park (Single) (2008)
  • 7. Para Que Celebren Todos (Single) (2008)
  • 9. Novias (feat. Javiera Mena) (Single) (2012)

El Guincho<3


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El Guincho - “Palmitos Park”

I love Alegranza! 

Well, I’m not a fan of that trippy-ass looking bird on the cover, but moving on…

The spectacular debut of Spanish deejay El Guincho is a listen I keep coming back to regularly. It’s record that’s simply fun as all hell, from start to finish. The moment you hit play you’re transported to the middle of a never-ending beach party, probably somewhere in Rio de Janeiro with fine-ass Brazilian chicks everywhere. Guincho’s style is unparalleled, as his music is a unique and kaleidoscopic mix of Brazilian, Latin, and Caribbean music flavors, combined with heavy drums, dusty samples, spacey vocals, and a heavy dose of hallucinogenics.

“Palmitos Park” is the first track off the record, and one of my faves from an album full of high points. Alegranza! is the perfect record to put you in a euphoric mood, and this track is the perfect example of that. Really, no matter how crappy a day I have, I put this on and suddenly I’m dancing around the room…and I’m a dude who can’t dance for shit, so that’s saying something.


Kalise-El Guincho


Y esta es la polca mazurca
que le canto a mis amores
cuando bajan a la plaza

Ya se escuchan los rumores
de olvidar todos los dolores
con el canto y con la danza

Y si llegas tarde no llores
que verás pasar a La Banda

Y esta polca que te canto
niña de mis corazones
te la regalo con gracia

Y no me faltan las razones
para decirte bien alto
en una rama entre las flores
que yo de aquí no me bajo
hasta que tú te enamores