• Omth:I do not want to swallow this mouthful of tea.
  • Me:Why?
  • Omth:it is stuck between my teeth.
  • it may be trying to drown me.
  • Me:...your tea is stuck in your teeth?
  • Omth:indeed.
  • it might be evil.
  • Me:I don;t think tea is sentient
  • Omth:it is.
  • we are.
  • I am tea.
  • Me:That's scary.
  • Omth:hear me now and understand me later. I own this body now.
  • must... fight... sentientea
  • taking... over.
  • Your attempts are futile. We are tea.
  • We are forever.
  • ~swallows~ Well, that was strange.
alegionoftrees replied to your postThoughts on what it means to be nothing at all.

wonderfully written with a level of self-honesty that few could handle. It is sad, true, but I could not write this about myself, not with this much introspection. It would drive me mad.

You’ve written introspective things about yourself before.

Also, it is not wonderfully written, Belmont would have a FIELD day with the line breaks. It’s also incredibly self-indulgent.

I hate it and I’m probably taking it down after my current fit of hating myself passes a little.

  • Him:awww Walter has an octopus in a gerbil ball!
  • now he has a mouse in a maze.
  • I want more octopus!
  •'re fucking the octopus?
  • Me:That's what Astrid said!
  • Him:*a moment of silence*
  • wow
  • did you just go fanfic naughty on me?
  • Astrid's Octopussy?
  • Me:Nope, that one was all my brain xD
alegionoftrees replied to your postI’m only good to be around when I’m not actually…

I do not agree, it is far too quiet here now. No laughter, no discussions, no new music for me to dive into… slowly.

Slowly but surely…? xD I’m holding out hope on that.

But I appreciate it. I feel like I suck other people’s energy sometimes. 

I hope the night in the TARDIS will reset me some, and perhaps there will be at least one more insomniatic night before Monday rolls around?

alegionoftrees replied to your postI don;t remember how to write novels, guys. Halp.

Bourbon, caffeine, nicotine, a good chair, the right music, a due date, a sacrifice of sanity, a fear of being forgotten, someone willing to read your shit and help you polish it til it shines!

Somehow I feel like the bourbon would be contradictory in my case, but the rest of it is so true, it hurts, if only for lack of having those things, haha. The caffeine/nicotine I’ve got, at least.

I’ve been working on this piece in some form or another since I was eleven, I feel like it will never be done, and if it is, it certainly won’t be good enough!

(PS - You’re awake, I see! :D)