Vi är i F.U.K är helt klart i klass med FSA, ni kan inte sänka oss för vi ligger lågt. Vi har några planer in the works, ni som styr detta land åt helvete kommer få betala. Placera F.U.K i söndersprängda lägenheter, så vi kan sätta kulor i Sveriges armé och i längden regeringen.



Anyone else find it odd

that Sam didn’t mention the fires once either in a tweet, retweet, etc???  I mean people have died. Sixteen thousand acres have burned. Thousands of people have been force to flee their homes and not one peep from him. Instead, we get treated to pictures in the produce section and look at me, I found Fraser Ridge.  He couldn’t smell the smoke in the air or the wet ash (it has a very distinct smell due to the fire retardant)? We’ve seen retweet and tweets about Aleepo, and Standing Rock. My God man, you’re in the region where the fires are occurring! Unless, of course, he’s not there and the whole thing was subterfuge.

 I guess getting to 300K twitter followers and taking another selfie ranks higher. Don’t bother defending him. He sold his soul to the devil when he teamed up with WS and knows full well what he is doing. He’s 37 years old. Old enough to know better.