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ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC ACE ALEC all the ace alec headcanons~~~ u know you love me <3

  •    Alec tells Magnus he’s ace a few months after they start having sex 
  • Magnus, in his  experience, has found that younger  men are normally completely insatiable for sex after they have their first delicious taste.  He asks Alec about it and Alec simply blushes and responds that he doesn’t find it “that big of a deal really”
  • From that point forward Magnus stops initiating sex and waits for Alec to come to him when he’s in the mood
  • Whenever Magnus has had a particularly bad day Alec is sure to initiate some sexy times
  • One time Magnus tries to pin Alec against the door after they’ve had a fight to initiate make up sex.  
  • Alec doesn’t speak to him for at least a week 
  • Alec finds himself enjoying teasing Magnus more than anything. He loves to tie Magnus up and tease him in every way he can think of to make Magnus beg and come completely undone
  • Jace finds it hilarious that Alec isn’t into sex.  He loves to rub it in Magnus’s face that he only gets some when Alec lets him.  He loves that fact that Alec has all the control
  • Izzy is more confused that Alec just isn’t that crazy about sex.  For her sex has always been so pleasureable and insatiable.  
  • Isabelle and Jace both look up and share books on what being ace is all about.  They take time to understand how Alec feels towards sex and how he views things.
  • Whenever Magnus gets frustrated (bc let’s face it Magnus would totally get frustrated sometimes) Jace and Izzy are the ones to sit him down and tell him to just calm his tits.

Okay well I hope somebody liked these!!  

rereading city of fallen angels more like skipping half of the book to the part where alec comes back