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“Here, give me your hand.” He raised his hand, and Alec twined their fingers together, Magnus’ palm hard against his. “Do you remember, the night of the battle on Valentine’s ship, when I needed some of your strength?”
“Do you need it again now?” Alec said. “Because you can have it.”
“I always need your strength, Alec,” Magnus said, and closed his eyes as their intertwined fingers began to shine, as if between them they held the light of a star.

I’ve seen alot of posts about all the ways shadowhunters was bad and unfaithful to the books so heres a list of all the things that were faithful/extremely accurate (and not in the movie which some of you seem to love so much ):

  • Simon’s band name changes twice in one episode from chamagne enima to rock solid panda 
  • Isabelle’s terrible cooking is mentioned, she even makes simon soup (or what passes for it)
  • Alec actually speaks (gasp) and is the sassiest motherfucker in the institute
  • Isabelle also speaks (gaspx2) and knows shes sexy af, and just sits around being a goddess and giving out wise advice 
  • The lightwood siblings are bffs, and isabelle is constantly trying to make alec happy
  • the seraph blades actually light up
  • Hodge is in his 30s (and not like 80 years old how did that even make sense he was the youngest member of the circle? anyway.)
  • Jocelyn is a badass
  • Valentine is scary af and actually old enough to be clary’s father
  • “shadowhunters looking better in black than the widows of our enemies”
  • Raphael is actually there
  • Jace is cocky af
  • portals can only be created by warlocks
  • Clary is a badass
  • Simons yellow van
  • magnus’ outfits
  • just all the characters were on point and i am trash bye 

nah but what if steven got a call from sadie that trans lars was having a really hard time today trying to buy clothes after someone said he shouldn’t be buying these clothes and so steven is running out the door when pearl’s like “steven! where are you going? we have a mission.” and steven just turns around and is like: “me too. a transmission.”