So don’t get me wrong I am so excited for the first Malec kiss on Shadowhunters, but why is no one talking about the first Sizzy kiss?!?

Does no one remember in City of Ashes when the guys are trying to leave the Seelie Court and Izzy says “I’ll kiss Simon. I’ve done it before” ?!?!?!? 

I’ve done it before


why should i read the mortal instruments? a guide by me

- badass female lead (just look at clary. srsly.)

- queer representation, even beyond homosexuality- has a gay character, a bi character, an ace character, and many more

- lots of poc

- prose is fantastic

- the books never stop being released

- The Bane Chronicles, the Codex, and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

- cassandra clare is an actual angel who promotes feminism and social justice and makes sure there’s time to interact with fans

- tmi is a 10/10 but reading it means you get to read the prequels (tid) and those are a 10000/10

- nice fandom is wonderful and you can make friends w fun, accepting people

- the books have not one, but TWO cats in them

- canon loving homosexual relationships

- you’ll get to laugh over ducks, pie, and mangoes

- Valentine’s day in the TMI fandom is so so so much fun let’s be real

- clace and malec and sizzy.

- Beautiful Jewish character.

- you get to learn why alec lightwood is not your bitch


- good blend of action and romance

- we have mangoes and tomato soup

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Malec (or other pairs) soulmate au fic? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

(my first soulmate AU is here but since it didn’t end well I decided to write another ps these AU’s are in no way connected) 

soulmate AU where you find out who your soulmate is after you first touch them

“But why do we all have to go?” Alec grumbled, shuffling into the back of the car.

“It’s the only lead we have.” Jace said. “And I figured that we might need some man power, you know being surrounded by downworlders and the such.”

Izzy rolled her eyes. “It’s a party Jace, I don’t think the guests like to murder each other.” 

“Aw, I think Jace just wanted us to all hang out. I don’t think we bond enough.” Simon grinned. 

Alec sighed, Simon was still ecstatic after finding his soulmate. The moment he had brushed his sister’s hand, both their eyes widened as if fire had melted over their skin. Alec wondered what it felt like, to touch the one person who completed you. He thought about when Jace had bounded home, carrying an unconscious Clary, unable to fight the massive grin plastered across his face.

“She’s the one.” Jace smiled as he set her down along the infirmary bed.


“She’s. The. One. My soulmate I mean. I felt it Alec, I felt it.”

His heart sank, but he fought to keep a smile, melting into what felt like a grimace. “What did it feel like?” He murmured, genuinely curious. So he knew what to look for if it ever happened to him. 

“I don’t know how to explain it really, but it’s warm. Really warm.” Jace looked entranced. “But you just know, like, something clicks in your brain and everything just makes sense.”

When Alec had touched Jace’s arm for the first time, not feeling the overwhelming burn of meeting your soulmate, he had locked himself in his room for hours. He had years to move on, but he still couldn’t shake the rock forming in his stomach at the sight of Jace falling in love with someone else. He knew it shouldn’t bother him, he knew he was overreacting, by the angel, Jace was basically his brother. Still, Alec couldn’t help but feel left out. Jace had found his soulmate and Iz had found hers and here he was, still alone. Maybe he’d never find anyone. He didn’t want to be alone forever. 

Clary moved in beside Jace and Izzy took up the passengers seat, sitting beside Simon. “How about we all go roller-skating once we figure out who’s been messing with my head?”

“Not that the sight of Lewis in tacky roller-skates and neon clothing isn’t tempting, but I’d much rather do something just the two of us.” Jace grinned flirtatiously, and Alec contemplated opening the window and throwing himself out of it.

Izzy wrinkled her nose. “If we’re suppose to wear neon, count me out.”

The car started rolling, Izzy barking out directions and Alec felt his gaze fall towards the window, watching the road run beside them. It was almost midnight, and he could feel the anxiety brewing in his stomach. He hated socializing with people he didn’t know. He hated large crowds. 

“Alec.” Jace nudged his shoulder. “Stop glowering at the window and come brood outside instead. We’re here.”

Alec grumpily followed Jace out of the car. “You know I hate parties.” He grumbled.

“Get a couple drinks in you and you won’t even notice.”

“I don’t like alcohol.”

“Besides.” Simon quipped. “If Alec’s drunk then who’s suppose to take care of your intoxicated ass.”

“My ass is intoxicating isn’t it?” Jace grinned.

Isabelle knocked on the door profusely before Alec grabbed her hand. 

“I think one knock is good enough Iz.”

She was about to respond, her expression decorated into a glare before the door swung open, revealing a warlock. The warlock was covered in the most obnoxious clothing, which almost distracted Alec from his green skin. Horns were protruding from the man’s temples and Alec suddenly felt extremely annoyed. The warlock was grinning imperiously, wafting his gaze over the shadowhunters playfully. Isabelle was waving her invitation, grinning back, her perfect eyebrow quirked delicately. 

The warlock grabbed the invite, inspecting it carefully. “I swear Magnus is drunk when he sends out invites.” He took a sip of his drink, the fizzy pink mess dripping down his chin. “No killing anyone or I’ll have to magic the fuck out of you, got that?” His fingers sparked teasingly, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Jace smiled, challengingly, putting his hands up in mock surrender. “No killing, got it.”

The warlock sidestepped, letting the lot into the room. Alec was the last to make it through the doorway, his posture rigid when the aroma of alcohol and sweat danced around him. The green warlock was still leaning by the doorway, unabashedly looking Alec over. “Magnus is going to have a fit when he see’s you.” He grinned cheekily.

Alec glared as if the warlock had insulted him, and pursued his lips together before moving further into the party. Simon and Izzy had disappeared, and instead of looking for the warlock, the entire reason they’d come to this party in the first place, Jace was pulling Clary towards the dance floor.

“We came here for a reason.” Alec glowered.

“Just one dance.” Jace’s eyes twinkled and Clary followed him to the mass of bodies, the music pounding against Alec’s skull.

Alec whirled around, utterly alone, before moving towards the bar and sitting at the counter. The bartender was about to make her way over, but Alec waved her away dismissively, indicating that he wasn’t there to drink. He was slouched over, seething, while imagining Clary and Jace dancing so carelessly when they were suppose to be on a mission. One song turned into three which turned into five, and the anger that had been radiating off of Alec slowly dissolved into hurt.

“One dance my ass.”

“What about your ass?”

A soft velvety voice sprung up from Alec’s side, causing him to jolt when he felt how close it was to his ear. The voice purred and Alec felt a shudder run down his spine. He kept his gaze focussed on the counter, too embarrassed to move. The voice continued giddily. “I like this topic, let’s keep it going. It’s quite nice-”

Alec’s face flushed darkly and he quickly waved his hands, stopping the man from continuing. His face sprung up and as a decorative insult was about to pour from Alec’s lips, he froze comically when he got a good look at the speaker. The man looked like the personification of a party. He was draped in bright clothing, a vest leaving his chest bare and little to the imagination. His skin was painted flawlessly, from his chest to his soft cheekbones. His plump lips were tugged into an arrogant smile, his ember eyes dancing along with the music, speckles of gold sprinkled across. Alec felt his cheeks heating up, hotter than the dancing bodies. He hadn’t realized that he had been staring until the warlock snapped his fingers in front of Alec’s eyes, bringing him back to reality.

“Oh good, I was afraid the counter was more interesting than me, but that’s obviously,” A razor blade smile broke out onto the man’s face. “not true.”

“I wasn’t-” Alec spluttered.

The man hummed knowingly. “I don’t blame you and I can’t say I wasn’t busy looking at you either. You are enchanting.”

Alec felt like he was choking on his saliva and for the first time that night he wished he had drank some alcohol. Maybe it’d make this encounter a little easier. He was so bad with words, especially with people he didn’t know.

“My,” The man quirked a brow, an underlying hint of concern roaming around his irises. “You’re nervous, you don’t do this often do you?”

“I’m not much of a party person.” Alec said quietly, his gaze falling downwards. He wasn’t sure if Magnus had heard, but he felt too embarrassed to repeat it.

“They do get old don’t they.” Alec looked up, surprised at the confession before nodding slightly.

“But then why did you decide to come?”

“Well, what kind of host would I be if I just left half way through? Plus if I-”

Alec jolted out of his seat, looking at him widely. “You’re Magnus Bane? This is your party? My friends are looking for you.” He hesitantly looked over at the crowd where Jace was still dancing beside Clary, clutching a coloured drink. “Well, sort of.”

“Oh?” Magnus’s eyebrows dipped, his glittery nails tapping against the counter. “And what do the nephilim want with me?”

“I don’t know-” Alec babbled. “Something about memories. I wasn’t listening.” He flushed nervously. “I only came so that my brother and sister wouldn’t act like complete idiots. My brother’s pretty good at pissing other drunk people off.”

“So you’re the knight in shining armour then?” Magnus grinned lightheartedly.

“No, I’m not-”

“What’s your name?”Magnus’s eyes twinkled mischievously.

“It’s, um, Alec. Lightwood. Alec Lightwood.” He stumbled over his words, internally cursing himself. “I swear I’m not drunk.” He squeaked.

Magnus smiled softly. “You’re very different from the Lightwoods I’ve met.”

“You’ve met Lightwoods?”

“Well, darling, I am a warlock, we tend to live for a while.”

“Oh.” Alec said stupidly. “Right.” Embarrassment flooded over Alec’s cheeks and irritation soon follower. “I think-I think I’m going to go, um, enjoy your party-”

Alec was about to move away before Magnus suddenly grabbed his forearm, ‘wait’ dying on his full lips when he arm felt like it was engulfed in sparks. A heated, tingling sensation flooded along his skin, and Alec’s eyes widened when it felt like the universe was spilling it’s stars into Alec’s mind, caressing every bad thought he’d ever had. Warmth ran up his body, healing every invisible ounce of heartbreak, every shred of loneliness and Alec gasped at the touch, the burn slowly started to fade into nothing as quick as it started, as if it hadn’t happened.

“Shit.” Alec breathed out. 

Magnus looked just as shocked at Alec did, staring at his hand encased around Alec’s arm. Magnus fell still, both frozen until Magnus wet his lips, trying to form words. 

“I didn’t- Well I mean-You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you.”

“What?” Alec whispered, still reeling from meeting his soulmate.

“Centuries and centuries have passed and I’ve met so many people, touched so many people, and for so long- I never thought I’d ever find my soulmate. But here you are, finally. After so long.” The bumping crowds and the sweaty mass of people melted into nothing, as Magnus spoke, Alec soaking up every single word, basking in the attention. 

“Uh, Wow.”

Magnus smiled genuinely. “I’ve snagged a real charmer.” He teased.

“Sorry, I just met my soulmate, my mind’s having a hard time coping.” Alec muttered.

“Can I kiss you?” Magnus asked abruptly. 

The question caught Alec so off guard that his jaw dropped, his eyes large. “What?”

“I said.” Magnus purred. “Can. I. Kiss. You.”

“I don’t know if that’ll help with the whole mind still recovering from-”

“I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to.”

Alec looked startled. “No, I do, I just-”

“Are you nervous?” Magnus murmured as he moved closer, their lips centimetres apart. 

Butterflies pooled in Alec’s stomach. “I’ve never done this before, I’m not sure I’d be any good.” His eyes fluttered down, looking at Magnus’s lips.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll help you.”

And Magnus brushed his lips against Alec’s before pressing them together. Magnus’s lips were incredible warm and Alec could taste the alcohol he’d been drinking. It was sweet, intoxicating and Alec felt himself falling into the kiss. Their lips moved together perfectly, as if it was a puzzle and Alec was the missing piece, and a small moan rumbled up from Alec’s throat. He could feel Magnus’s lips curving into a smile. When they pulled apart, Alec’s eyes fluttered open, looking at Magnus almost hypnotizingly. Magnus mirrored Alec’s enchanted gaze, looking at Alec as if he’d found the rarest thing in the world.

“That was-wow.” Alec breathed. “That was wow.”

“That was definitely wow.” 

He was about to speak again, something along the lines of ‘wow’ before his sister stumbled towards them, glitter ravishing her ravenous locks.

“Alec.” She slurred. “You found ’im.”

“Yeah.” Alec paused. “I found him.”