Highlights from the Matt live chat:

- I can’t believe he talked about pumpkins for like 85% of the time like what a nerd
- I love that he’s so accommodating with regard to talking about malec. I’m sure that getting asked about it all the time must be mentally tiring but he’s such an awesome bro about it
- “[malec] comes out fast and it comes out hard” PLEASE ELABORATE MATTHEW
- God but Alec interacting more with the downworlders in season 2 is everything I want and I’m happy that Matt confirmed it in this chat. I think there’s something really meaningful about that happening (more development with shadowhunter/downworlder relations right?), considering how his relationship with Magnus has developed so far
- I’m sure the whole malec fandom was screaming when he said Harry would make the best shadowhunter but I’m curious as to which of Harry’s qualities in particular Matt’s thinking of (I know he simply said that Harry has the right temperament for it but I wish he’d had time to talk about that more lol).
- He refers to his own neck rune as “this guy” lol istg
- “I’m trying to teach [Magnus] how to use magic” I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS GUY (was he serious about the water tank/construction equipment part of that answer though or was he just joking? Because it’d be really cute if Alec really did sidestep magic and taught Magnus a pretty mundane-ish way to fix something. I’d honestly love to see that).
- Really, really love the way his hair looks and I’m happy it’s going back to a style with a little more volume lol. They kinda flattened his hair for the episode 1 preview (by “they” I obv mean the hair & makeup dept) right? He still looks good then though, I just personally prefer the style with a little more lift to it. It’s really nice and tousled and chill
- Closing the chat with “I’m pressing finish, this is so terrible” I’m crying lol

The resemblance is uncanny

Imagine Alec teaching Magnus to use his bow and how intensely charged that entire scenario would be. Magnus would thoroughly love being wrapped up in Alec’s arms with his warm breath ghosting over his neck and earlobe as Alec whispers his instructions upon deaf ears…

Now imagine if the Alliance rune is ever used and how Magnus would also get extremely turned on teaching Alec how to control his magic? The sight of his magic running through Alec’s body igniting all of their joint nerve endings simultaneously. Alec’s determination in trying to keep his breath under control, never mind the incredible power that they now share. 

How Magnus would gently wrap his arms around Alec from behind, slowly guiding Alec’s hands in certain ways to make the spell they’re casting more powerful but at the same time, leaning into Alec’s exposed neck and peppering tiny, encouraging kisses as praise for handling it with such grace.