Happy birthday.

Happy 18th birthday Alec Roy Shapic.

Do you want your birthday present? I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with you.

You need to wake up and realize what you’re doing to these girls is a terrible thing. Just because you want sex doesn’t mean you have to play every girl that talks to you. Have sex with the girl you've  dated for months and months. Have sex with the girl that loves you no matter what. Most importantly, have sex with the girl that you truely are in love with. Being a douche is going to effect you in life. Also, flirting with a guys girlfriend is probably the dumbest things to do. If you want your ass kicked, keep doing that, it will happen. 

Only if I could tell you that in person. You deserve to get punched in the face by society. Someone save this boy, because I can’t anymore.