alec this is all your fault!

I know I’ve been torturing myself for weeks now about you, and what I did, and how I shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t ever have talked to Camille. I’ve been sorry and I’ve understood and I’ve apologised and apologised, and you haven’t ever been there. I did all that without you. So it makes me wonder what else I could do, without you. It was my fault, what happened. But it was your fault too. I could have learned not to care that you’re immortal and I’m mortal. Everyone gets the time they get together, and no more. Maybe we’re not so different that way. But you know what I can’t get past? That you never tell me anything. I don’t know when you were born. I don’t know anything about your life—what your real name is, or about your family, or what the first face you ever loved was, or the first time your heart was broken. You know everything about me, and I know nothing about you. That’s the real problem.
—  Alec Lightwood, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

I know Alec stans are going to come after me for saying this, but I’m sorry you can criticize your fave character when they say or do something wrong. Alec has no right to put that kind of blame on Clary. Just no way. To tell her that what Jace is enduring with Valentine is all her fault, and that she should blame herself? Not cool. The only person to blame is Valentine, not Clary. And people laughing or applauding Alec for saying that to Clary can choke. 


*Also I never said that Alec wasn’t allowed to be angry. Read please. Also, never said that Alec was a bad person or was abusive. Read please. All I’m saying that it’s not fair. 

Ships (Alec x Gender Neutral Reader)

A/N; Just a little silly imagine based round Jace finding out about shipping, please excuse any mistakes, enjoy!
Warnings; mentions of incest?

‘Jace it’s not your fault’ Alec tried to comfort his friend straight-faced but was failing miserably.

‘What’s not his fault, because usually where Jace is concerned, it’s probably his fault’ You walked in to the institute kitchen intently reading your book, and paying little attention to your boyfriend and his golden haired parabatai.

‘Oh nothing much.. Just that Jace is Clary’s brother’ Alec guffawed.

Jace shot him a glare.

‘It’s not funny Alec!’ Jace gritted out feeling awfully sorry for himself.

You dropped your book all thoughts of reading abandoned, Alec snapped his attention to you immediately face full of concern.

‘Wait so you and Clary aren’t a thing anymore?’ you asked cautiously

‘Ew no, I mean there is a lot of rules in this world that I like to ignore but incest isn’t one of them’ Jace sighed defeated, his head falling in to his hands.

‘I mean you kinda did…’ Alec muttered trying to hide his amusement but he lost it again when Jace glared at him.

‘Oh for the Angels sake, I owe Magnus a play date with Church’ you said grumpily.

Both boys looked at you confused, and you lent on the kitchen table stealing their snacks as you explained;

‘Me and Magnus had a bet on which ship would sail’ you said simply as Alec playfully tried to take the sugary goodness away from you.

‘What’s a ship?’ Jace asked utterly confused, he looked like a puppy being shown his reflection for the first time, on second thought if he was seeing his reflection, there would be a lot more pouting and flexing.

You giggled to yourself, adding even more confusion to Jace.

‘A ship is when you get people you want to be together and you ship them, they don’t have to even like eachother its just who you want them to be with?’ Alec looked to you for confirmation and you nodded overly amused ‘and if they get together your ship has sailed’ he finished triumphantly.

You ruffled his hair, ‘Aw babe you doooo listen!’ you giggled again.

Jace looked nauseated at you both. But then a look of competitive curiosity over took him.

‘Who was I shipped with?’ he tried to sound nonchalant but it didn’t really work.

You sighed sitting next to Alec and throwing your head down on his shoulder in defeat, he kissed the top of your head almost out of instinct which brought another smile to your face.

‘I shipped you with yourself’ you said sarcastically making Alec shake with laughter. Jace just looked offended.

‘Why?!’ he asked childishly.

‘Because!’ you squealed back ‘ you’ll never love anyone as much as you love yourself’ you stated simply.

‘Dude he/she has a point’ Alec nodded in agreement.

‘But seriously, I shipped you with Clary, the chemistry was there, but nobody can predict incest’ you sighed dramatically and you could hear Alec cackling next to you.

‘RIP Clace’ you pouted. ‘It would seem that Magnus’ prediction of Japheal is still in the running’

‘Wait what’s Clace? And whats’s Japhael?’ Jace was so lost at this point you could have dropped him in his bedroom and he wouldn’t know where he was.

‘They are ship names’ you stated moodily still sour from your loss to Magnus.

Alec tried to further explain;

‘Clary and Jace..’

‘Clace’ you piped in.

‘Jace and Raphael..’

‘Japhael.. not my best work I gotta admit’

Neither you or Alec noticed the look of utter disgust and shock take over his features at the mention of Raphael


You looked up at Jace bored and rolled your eyes at the “no homo” show of masculinity

‘Yeah well that doesn’t matter and in the words of Magnus; have you seen the way they look at each other all moody and smouldering the sex would be..’ But Jace cut you off by covering his ears and lalalalaing like a child.

‘So what’s our ship name?’ Alec asked curiously while running his hand through your hair. You leant in to it like a cat.

‘Ew that’s gross you don’t give yourself a ship name!’ you retorted indignantly.

‘Suuuuure that’s gross’ Jace said from across the table.

Alec stopped massaging your scalp, much to your disappointment.

‘Oh but shipping me, your boyfriend with Magnus, isn’t creepy?’

You shrugged your shoulders and popped more candy in your mouth.

‘You two are hot. Can you imagine how angelic your kids would be?’ you stated like it was no biggy.

It was now Jace’s turn to laugh at the weirded out face of Alec.

‘okay so what other ship names are there?’ Jace asked, he was genuinely interested and you seemed to have taken his mind off of his incestuous relationship with his sister.

‘Well as I said earlier there is, Clace, Japhael, Malec’ you said this dreamily just to annoy your other half, ‘Climon, Clary and Simon and Sizzy….. Shit’ you dropped the candy you had been munching on.

‘Let the Angel save us all’ you said gravely which got both boys attention.

‘Babe what do you mean? What’s wrong?’ Alec asked reaching out for you.

You looked from both boys and their confused expressions and tried to find the right words.

‘Sizzy’ is all you could make out. They still seemed confused.

‘Alec don’t you get it?!’ you asked panicked holding his face in your hands and staring him in the eyes.

‘Guys, Izzy was finally making some leeway with Simon, with Clary all mopey and Jace free he’s gonna swoop in! Do you remember what happened the last time Izzy didn’t get what she wanted?!’ you spoke so fast and with such terror in your eyes at the memories.

‘Oh shit’ both boys whispered, Jace clutching his hair as if to check it was still there and Alec clutching on to you like he may never see you again.

‘I just found out my girlfriend is my sister I can’t lose my hair too!’ Jace said terrified.

‘How am I gonna get pity sex?!’ you and Alec just looked at him with utter disgust.

‘Really Jace?’

‘Oh I’m sorry but Izzy coming at me with scissors is more frightening than you two having to spend some time apart!’ He argued defiantly. ‘Besides Y/N you’re her parabatai it’s your job to be there for her’

‘Which also means I’m her training partner and she is going to beat me to a pulp’ you whined.

Your shoulders slumped and you brought your hand up to your head dramatically.

‘Alec my love.. it’s been nice knowing you. ‘

Just then you heard the institute doors slam open and you all looked at each other wide eyed all shouting not it in unison, not knowing what to do, that’s when you heard an overly happy warlock shouting your name.


‘in here Magnus!’ you called and prepared yourself for defeat when a glorious idea struck you.

You grabbed Alec and Jace and ran out of the kitchen heading straight for yours and Alec’s shared bedroom, by this point the boys where on to your evil plan and Jace took off to barricade himself somewhere safe.

Magnus entered the kitchen to find it abandoned drinks and snacks scattered across the kitchen table. He stepped forward his foot hitting your long forgotten book. Assuming that you wouldn’t be long he picked it up settled himself at the table and began flipping through it. He’d gotten quite engrossed and hadn’t heard Izzy storm in behind him.

‘Magnus have you seen Y/N?’ she spat out ‘I really need to punch something right now’

‘Ahhh so you heard about the demise of Clace and my victory’ he smirked to himself and silently wondered why you had yet to show up.

Izzy sat down moodily next to Magnus playing with candy wrappers, he again was engrossed in your book.


‘mhm?’ he hummed not really paying attention and hoping you would show up soon so he could gloat.

‘have you ever thought about getting a haircut?’

Hope you guys liked it!

Long week part 2 (Alec)

Read part one first or else this will make no sense lol •

Requested by: @annabella-applewhite23 /// long week part two (it was a long request and I didn’t want to type the whole thing lol.

“He has to stay even longer? Are you kidding me?” Alec said, trying to keep himself from yelling but failing. “Yes Alec he does. Why are you yelling at me like it’s my fault? I didn’t ask for this!” You yelled back frustrated at how he was blaming it on you. “Whatever, I have to go talk to Lydia” Alec said storming off. Lydia. The name made you sick. You hated that girl with a burning passion. After all, she was your boyfriends fiancée. You were supposed to be Alec’s fiancée. Not her. The fact that she was stealing him from you made you burn with anger. Alec said it was just a thing to try to help the lightwood name, and he was going to call off the engagement somehow, but the wedding was coming fast, and he hadn’t done anything about it. He said he didn’t love her, he didn’t even like her, but he hadn’t been acting like that. All these thoughts of Alec being with another woman, and no longer caring for you got to your head. You felt the tears well up behind your eyes and ran up to your room. You were not one to cry in front of others. You ran up the stairs, not looking at anyone as you already felt the tears streaming down your face. Once you got in, you slammed the door shut. You sat on the end of your bed and let it all out. You cried and cried. You were loosing him, the man you loved, and were supposed to marry. You cried until the tears stopped coming. Then you just sat there, staring blankly at the wall for a good 10 minutes. Once you popped back into real time, you got up and walked into your bathroom. Your cheeks were tear stained, so you grabbed a cloth and wiped them clean. You fixed your makeup before hearing a knock on the door. You opened it up to see Tyler standing in front of you. “Hey Y/N, I was wanting to..are you okay?” He asked once he got a good look at you. Your eyes must have been red still. “Yeah, I was just rubbing my eyes” you lied with a smile. “Oh, okay” he said. “Can we talk?” He asked. “Sure” you answered moving out of the way so he could walk in. “I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I think that we work great together, and that we could get places” he says with a smile before dropping to one knee and opening a velvet box containing a diamond ring. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” He asked. You were completely shocked. “Uh, Tyler, I…” You muttered. “I promise you I will be a better husband and love you so much more than that shitty lightwood boyfriend of yours.” He said sounding slightly annoyed at the mention of Alec. “What? How’d you know we were..” You said before he cut you off. “Together? I’m not deaf. I can hear the conversations between you two when your only feet away from me. And not to mention how he throws daggers at me with his eyes whenever he sees me. Y/N he treats you like crap. He’s engaged to another woman for gods sake. Marry me Y/N” he says. Thoughts raced through your head before you finally spoke up. “I will” you said putting on a smile. His grin grew wide as he got up and pulled you in for a hug. When he pulled away he took the ring out and slipped it on your finger. “I’m going to go downstairs now, unless there’s anything you want to talk about at the moment” he said. “No, I’m okay” you smiled. “Okay, I’ll let it all soak in” he said with a chuckle walking out and shutting your door. You were engaged to Tyler Blackthorn. Alec was engaged to Lydia Branwell. What went wrong. You sat on your bed and glanced at the tv, playing with your new ring whenever it got boring. You knew the tv was just a distraction to keep you from thinking too much. After several hours you decided to walk downstairs. The moment you did you heard yelling coming from the training room. “You proposed to her?” Screamed a voice you knew was Alec. “She’ll be better off with me than she would’ve ever been with you!” You heard Tyler scream back. Within that same second you heard pounding. You ran towards the training room and busted through the doors to see Alec on top of Tyler, pounding into his face. “Alec get off of him!” You yelled knowing he started the fight. You ran over to them and kicked Alec off, then dropped down next to Tyler looking at the bruises forming on his cheekbone. “And you said yes?” And yelled looking at you. “It’s supposed to be you and me Y/N!” He yelled as you got Tyler up. “We were supposed to be the ones to get married and grow old together, but your answer is yes when this moron proposes to you?” He yelled. “Maybe you should’ve thought about that before you proposed to Lydia” you said coldly before walking out of the room with Tyler leaving Alec behind. You knew those words hurt him, but you didn’t care. You helped Tyler to the infirmary and got him fixed up before going back up to your room. Izzy tried to come up to comfort you, but you refused to open your door. After a while you heard a knock. “Y/N” came a deep voice you knew to be Alec’s. “Please, please just let me in, I really need to talk to you” he spoke. “Leave” you said not getting up. You heard him sigh before you heard your lock click, then the door open. Alec walked in and put his stele back into his pocket. “Opening rune” he said shyly. “You have no right to just barge in here!” You said. “I know, I just really need to talk to you” he said walking closer to you. You sighed. “Make it quick lightwood” you said as he sat next to you on your bed. “Why did you say yes?” He asked. “Because Alec. He’s a nice guy, and while your over here proposing to Lydia and ignoring me, your girlfriend, he’s been there to comfort me.” You said with a sigh. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you felt like that.” He said taking your hands in his. “I’ll call off the engagement with Lydia right now, as long as you call it off with Tyler” he said. “Where did this sudden action come from” you said trying to hold back a smile. “I just can’t picture anyone else making you happy. It breaks my heart” he said. “I don’t want to be with anyone else” you said feeling tears well up again. “I’m calling it off with Lydia right when I get out of this room” he said pulling you into a hug. “I’ll end things with Tyler” you smiled. He kissed your forehead as you snuggled into his chest. “I love having you in my arms, I couldn’t picture anyone else” Alec says. “One more question by the way” he says pulling away from you. Got got off the bed and got down on one knee. “I don’t have a ring at the moment, and once I do I’ll do this again, but will you, Y/N Y/L/N, marry me, Alec Lightwood?” He asked. Your hands covered your dropped jaw, and you smiled. “Yes, yes yes yes!” You said as he got up and you jumped into his arms. He lifted your chin up so he could kiss you, and what a loving kiss it was. “I love you, so, so much Y/N” he said against your lips. “I love you too Alec” you said against his. Right when you got out of that room he cut things off with Lydia shamelessly, and you did he same with Tyler. He gave you a ring, and the two of your announced your engagement. Everybody was beyond happy, with the exception of Tyler and Lydia of course. “I knew you guys would pull through some how” Izzy said laughing as Alec pulled you in for a kiss in front of everyone.

Okay so it wasn’t exactly like the request, but it happened how it happened so… 🙅🏽 enjoy :)

bpdclaryfray  asked:

battle couple clizzy is The Best Sentence i have read all day

okay but like really just think about it i mean

  • izzy wearing one of clary’s tank tops while they spar with each other
  • flirting mid-battle (izzy is good with that whip okay it’s not clary’s fault)
  • clary sitting on izzy’s back while she does push-ups
  • literally everyone knowing Not To Cross Those Two because they legitimately can kick even jace & alec’s collective asses eight ways from sunday in two on two training fights (and jace & alec are a notorious fighting team)
  • they hold special training sessions for young shadowhunter women where they teach them how to kick ass and not take any shit from crusty older dudes in the clave
  • izzy grabbing an enemy with her whip and yanking them into the range of clary’s seraph blade
  • okay personal hc that clary is really fucking good with daggers/throwing knives etc. all those small blades like she’s super quick and she has a strong throwing arm
  • so she’ll sometimes throw a dagger directly into an enemies weak spot so they stumble and izzy finishes them off
  • they share weapons, like who knows who brought which seraph blades anyway tbh they toss them to each other as necessary (and izzy tries to teach clary how to use the whip but it’s a bit clumsy and awkward for someone who hasn’t been using it for years so it doesn’t go anywhere other than some very sidetracked training room shenanigans)
  • y’all know will and elizabeth’s wedding in the third pirates of the caribbean? that’s clizzy during a fight
  • what do demons, straight men and izzy’s older brothers all have in common? they’re terrified of #clizzy in battle formation
  • this has been a psa ok thankyou
You did, Dad. You and mom had sex, you made me. It’s the sperm that has the genes and then goes into the egg and all, do you know how children are made, Dad? You “turned” me gay the same way you turned me into a boy. It’s not magic, you’re what made me gay, Dad. That’s on you; not me.
—  What Alec’s answer should have been when his dad asked him what “turned” him gay (a really gay spider also would have been an acceptable answer)

One of the saddest things about the whole wedding storyline, though? That Alec will probably take it as a fitting punishment for his perceived ineptitude and for tarnishing the family name. As he said, “When I screw up, I expect to be punished.” And he’s convinced that this is all his fault, that if he were better, stronger more like… Jace, this never would’ve happened. And in 105, Jace actually hammered the point in with his, “Maybe your mother was right, maybe your best just isn’t good enough!”