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ok ok .. how about domestic!malec headcanons? because i know this is what you are all about (as am i) so yeah .. just give me boyfriends/husbands being domestic and happy, please and thanks! 💗

- every morning when they wake up, they exchange soft smiles and lazy kisses and if one of them tries to leave the bed, the other tightens their arms around them and snuggles in closer and they’ll stay like that for as long as possible, wrapped around each other, neither of them willing to let the other go.
- magnus always waits up for alec when he’s out on missions so he can make sure his boyfriend is okay but also because he hates going to bed without him.
- often though alec walks in to find magnus curled up on the couch, fast asleep and he cant help but smile as he heads over to him and caresses his cheek, simply whispering magnus’ name and his breath always catches when magnus’ eyes flutter open unglamoured and a lazy smile makes it way onto his face
- they always want to do nice things for each other. so when magnus gets home after a long day of dealing with stressful clients, alec is in the kitchen serving up magnus’ favourite meal so they can sit and eat together which they hardly ever get to do.
- one of magnus’ favourite things to do is surprise alec at work, the way his boyfriend’s face lights up when he sees him, the scowl that was there before now nowhere to be seen. he also likes how alec grabs his hand and doesn’t let go as they walk around the institute, not caring about the looks other shadowhunters are throwing their way.
- it’s the little things that always gives them a warm feeling in their stomach, like how magnus gives alec a quick kiss on the lips when they say goodbye, how alec wraps an arm around magnus’ waist to pull him closer when they’re walking together and how magnus runs his fingers through alec’s hair when they’re cuddled up on the couch or in bed, how alec grabs a make up wipe and gently removes magnus’ make up when he sees that his boyfriend is exhausted and barely able to stay awake.
- they love just talking to each other. god how they love just watching the other chat about their day and how they’re feeling. they just enjoy sitting on the balcony, underneath the stars, abandon glasses of wine in front of them, the cold air causing them to shiver and pull one another closer as they listen to one another.
- all of their loved ones don’t miss all the small things, like how the two of them say “we’re going home” instead of “we’re going back to magnus’ loft” and how sometimes when they go round to magnus’ late in the evening, magnus is wearing a sweater that without a doubt belongs to alec. they notice how magnus and alec slip the other’s name into conversation when their significant other is not around and how they share smiles or loving touches when they’re wrapped up in their own little bubble.
- they’re just so obviously in love with each other and that never changes. even after they’re married, even after years and years together, they’re still each other’ home.

Prompt #1

 This took way longer than it should have done… Anyway, this is for the two anons who both sent in similar requests!

Warning: smut, rated M

Hello,angel! I just want to give you a Malec prompt because I really like the way you write them. :) So basically Alec hears Magnus speak/sing something in Spanish and is angry and grumpy because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t understand and can’t talk this language (Izzy& Simon are like perf, Clary and Jace have the basics) . When he tells Magnus, the warlock decides to teach him, but in more intimate and erotic way, while they are in the bedroom. 

“Alec, are you okay?” Magnus asked, suddenly interrupting the previous fifteen minutes of complete silence.

They were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, the mattress between them  cold and the air between them still. Which was fine. Magnus of all people knew that everyone needed some quiet-time every now and again. He was spending this particular quiet-time reading his battered copy of Wuthering Heights for the nth time. Alec, however, did nothing except stare down at his fingers which must have been absolutely fascinating as they fiddled with the frayed hem of his baggy t-shirt.

Nonchalantly, Alec turned his head and said, “Yeah, I’m fine,” his eyes directed at Magnus but not looking directly at Magnus.

Magnus raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

Alec nodded and shrugged. At the same time.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Magnus deadpanned.

With an arduous sigh, Alec said, “I’m fine. Really.”

After folding down the top of the page carefully, Magnus snapped the book shut and placed it on the bed-side table, then turned back to Alec. “You haven’t exactly been talkative this evening,” he stated. “Not that you’re usually particularly talkative… Let me paraphrase that: you haven’t exactly been more talkative than the less than talkative but sometimes pretty talkative that you usually are.”

Alec snorted and, despite trying as hard as possible to keep his expression stony, a tiny smile pulled at the corner of his lips. Mission accomplished, Magnus thought, feeling very pleased with himself.

“Really. It’s nothing, Magnus,” Alec eventually said.

“Well it’s your loss,” the warlock said, still not entirely convinced.

And then the silence returned.

“Did I do something?” Magnus asked.

“No,” Alec said in the most unconvincing way possible.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Magnus informed him. “And don’t think that I don’t recognise the silent treatment when I’m given it.”

“How am I giving you the silent treatment?” Alec exclaimed, a hint of uneasy indignation in his voice. “I’m talking to you now, aren’t I?”



“You know what.”

“I actually don’t.”

The warlock rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sent a quick prayer to any deity who may be listening. “Alexander,” he sang.

“Magnus,” he sang in reply.

“Don’t make me come over there,” Magnus warned.

“I’m not-”

Too late. Magnus was already crawling towards Alec and before the Shadowhunter could react, he was straddling Alec’s legs. “Come on. Talk to Aunty Maggie.”

Alec grimaced.

Magnus huffed. “At least give me a clue as to what’s wrong.”

All he got was a slow, displeased blink.

Magnus narrowed his eyes and considered leaving the grumpy Shadowhunter to stew in his own petulance, when a thought suddenly hit him.

Magnus gasped comically, a grin spreading across his face. “I know what it is!”

Alec gave him a sheepish glare.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that Alexander.”

Alec folded his arms across his chest defensively and glared at the duvet beside him. “S'not my fault,” he grumbled.

“Not your fault… what?”

“That I can’t speak Spanish.”

Magnus’ grin dropped from his face. “What?”

Alec’s head snapped up as he realised his mistake. “I thought you said…” At Magnus’ confused expression, he then said, “Wait. Why did you think that…?”

“I thought you were angry because I shrank one of your sweaters when I tried to do the laundry manually!” Magnus exclaimed, his voice rising in pitch as he spoke.

Alec frowned. “You did the laundry manually?”

“Yeah. Whatever. But what do you mean, you can’t speak Spanish?” Magnus asked, completely ignoring that last comment. “Why are you upset because you can’t speak Spanish?”

“You don’t remember, do you.”

“Remember what?…” Magnus asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty.

Alec bowed his head as he tried to hide the embarrassed blush that tinged his cheeks and he worriedly chewed his bottom lip.

Magnus was still straddling Alec’s legs as he sat in thought. He wracked his brain for something- anything. He’d tried to run through all the events of the day in his head, remembering what he did first thing in the morning, and then at midday, and then-


Alec seemed to pick up on Magnus’ realisation, as he then said, “I know it’s not a big deal and I know you didn’t say anything bad, but Izzy and Simon understood you, and so did Clary and Jace and I–” He took in a deep breath. “I just want to know what you said.”

“You could have asked-”

“I did,” Alec said quickly. “But you… I don’t think you heard me at the time. And you had clients in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Magnus found himself yet again speechless because of Alec, who seemed so insecure and uncomfortable as he confessed what had been on his mind. This was a shadowhunter who was insecure about not being able to speak Spanish. Most shadowhunters, Magnus knew, would never find it in themselves to care about something as mundane as that. But Alec wasn’t most shadowhunters, and although Magnus already knew this, he still found himself surprised at some of the smallest things that Alec would do.

So Magnus leaned in and kissed him. The contact was slow and gentle, but deliberate. It was clear that Alec hadn’t been expecting it, but he eventually relaxed into the familiar contact and brought his warm hands up to the back of Magnus’ neck and rested them there as if the touch reassured him.

When Magnus pulled away slightly, Alec softly asked, a smile in his voice, “What was that for?”

“For being you,” Magnus answered easily.

With a light snort, Alec told Magnus, “You know, I still want to know what you said earlier.”

Magnus paused, in thought.

“It wasn’t anything bad, was it?” Alec suddenly said, worry creeping into his voice.

“No! No, of course not!” Magnus exclaimed.

“Then why…”

Magnus smirked, and then he was kissing Alec again, slow and teasing. The shadowhunter couldn’t resist at first, but when he seemed to gather his senses, he pushed against Magnus’ chest and pulled away. “Seriously, Magnus, I want to know what you said!”

“All in good time, my dear,” the warlock teased, taking Alec’s wrists and slowly moving them apart as he moved forwards and pressed his entire body against Alec’s so that he couldn’t escape. He nipped and kissed his way down the side of Alec’s neck, following the large, inky-black pattern of the deflect rune and ignoring Alec’s continued complaints as he did so.

As he reached the collar of the shirt, he released Alec’s wrists to snap away the inconvenience, causing Alec to squirm beneath Magnus as goosebumps broke out over his tattooed torso. Before Alec could push him off, the warlock snaked his magic around his wrists to keep him in place.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Alec cried indignantly, pushing against the force holding him down but to no avail.

“Did I ever mention being fair?” Magnus drawled. “I think not.”

And then he snapped away the last of the material between them: his own dressing-gown and Alec’s boxers. Alec blushed heavily as he lay completely bare beneath Magnus, who was equally naked. Even though Magnus had seen him naked many times before, the shadowhunter’s pulse would always increase nervously as his clothes were removed.

Magnus then proceeded to make sure Alec was as unselfconscious as possible. He pressed his lips in an open-mouthed kiss to every rune and scar that painted Alec’s chest and stomach, tracing the lines with the tips of his fingers as he went. Alec had ceased straining against the magic that bound his wrists, instead yielding completely to Magnus’ power and relaxed slightly.

When Magnus reached Alec’s throbbing erection, he didn’t dive in straight away. First, he kissed and licked at Alec’s hipbones, well aware o another particular part of his body that would like the same attention.

When his lingered at Alec’s hips for a few seconds longer than necessary, Alec stirred. “Magnus,” he said, his voice throaty and deep. “Magnus, please…”

The warlock cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, Alexander my darling? What is it?”

“You know damn well what it is,” Alec growled.

“I’m afraid I do not understand,” Magnus said nonchalantly. “You’re going to have to explain it to me.”

Alec merely grunted in response, the sound a mixture of a sulky huff and a pained whine.

“Use your words, Alec dear-”

“Okay okay!” the shadowhunter nearly yelled. “Please, Magnus. Touch me, suck me- anything!”

A second later, Alec’s entire erection was engulfed by Magnus’ mouth. Alec let out a choked cry, arching his back off the bed before he could stop himself as he felt the back of Magnus’ throat. Magnus held him like that for a few moments, swallowing around Alec’s pulsing erection, and then pulled off, only to go back down again, causing the Shadowhunter’s entire body to shudder. With his free hands, he gripped the base of Alec’s cock and kneaded his heavy balls, eliciting even more moans from him.

“You do realise,” Alec said shakily as Magnus continued to bob his head, slowly and without rhythm, up and down Alec’s cock. “Th-that I still want to know what you said earlier… This isn’t going to make me forget.”

Magnus pulled off and said, “I’m not telling you what I said. I’m showing you,” before returning his attention to Alec’s straining erection.

“M-Magnus,” he stammered after a couple more minutes of the torturously slow friction. “I’m gonna… I’m going to…”

Magnus pulled off with a smirk. “So soon, darling?”

Alec flushed a darker shade of red and looked away. “Shut up,” he mumbled.

“I thought you wanted to know what I said…” Magnus said with a teasing tone.

“I thought you were in the process of showing me,” Alec shot back cleverly. “Or whatever that’s supposed to mean- By the Angel!” he exclaimed as Magnus swallowed him once more, only this time Magnus set off at a pace designed to make his boyfriend come as quickly as possible. Which he did.

Not even thirty seconds later, Alec came down Magnus’ throat with a throaty whimper which he would have smothered with his hands if his arms weren’t pinned down by Magnus’ magic.

Once Alec’s body had relaxed and stopped quivering with the after-shocks of his climax, Magnus released his softening cock and shuffled up the bed to lie beside his boyfriend. His own erection was still very much hard and throbbing, but it could wait.

“So?” he asked. “Any thoughts on what it was that I said?”

Alec’s eyes were closed and he was still catching his breath when he sleepily said, “I dunno… Something to do with blow-jobs?”

Magnus chuckled. “Nope.”

“Ugh, why won’t you just tell me?” Alec whined.


Alec pursed his lips. “Then at least let me finish you off,” he said with a glance down to Magnus’ cock.

“That does sound nice… But still nope.”

Alec sighed. “Fine then. Have it your way.”

A couple of seconds of silence.

“Magnus. Just tell me.”

“Okay then…” He pressed a deep, tongue-less kiss to Alec’s lips, and said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“What?!” the shadowhunter exclaimed. “Why tomorrow?!”

“Well,” he said, feigning deep-thought. “It depends.”

“On what?” Alec growled, narrowing his eyes.

Magnus grinned. “On whether that stamina rune of yours can get you up for a round two.”

“Why me?” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Jace is (Y/N)’s twin brother but she is the exact opposite of him (shy, don’t talk a lot, self-conscious about herself), and Alec ends up saving her from a demon and tells her he likes her.

“Come on Jace, leave your sister alone.” Alec said as Jace was showing off about his last missions.
“I’m just saying, I’ve killed more than twenty demons in my last three missions. How many demons did you kill in the last three months, (Y/N)?” Jace asked with a smirk.
“Jace, shut up.” Alec said half friendly.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and went to her room. She sat down on her bed and burried her face in her hands.

Jace was (Y/N)’s twin brother. He was confident and cocky. Jace was everything (Y/N) wasn’t. She was shy, quiet and self-conscious. (Y/N) was so different from her brother, sometimes she was convinced she had been adopted, or put in the wrong family, maybe even in the wrong world.
(Y/N) loved being a shadowhunter but she couldn’t help comparing herself to her brother and everybody knew that Jace was one of the best shadowhunters of his generation. Everytime Jace was bragging about his missions, (Y/N) felt like maybe she didn’t belong to this world, it would explain why she wasn’t as good as her brother.
(Y/N) also loved her brother, but Jace was the opposite of her and it was difficult to have a personal conversation with him. They weren’t very close but they would always be willing to die for one another. They were a family, after all.

(Y/N) lifted her head up when she heard someone walk into her room. It was Alec. (Y/N) felt her cheeks blush so she burried her face back in her hands. (Y/N) had a crush on Alec but she was way too shy and scared of rejection to talk to anyone about it, especially not Alec.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked.
“Don’t do that again.” (Y/N) said. Alec frowned. “You don’t need to defend me when my brother makes fun of me. I can handle it on my own.” (Y/N) didn’t mean to be rude but somehow it all came out pretty agressive. (Y/N) shook her head and sighed.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Alec declared.
“No, I’m sorry. None of this is your fault. I shouldn’t take it all out on you. Thanks for caring about me, though.” (Y/N) smiled a little and looked down.
“Of course I do. I will always care about you, (Y/N).” Alec said very seriously.
(Y/N) looked at him. Alec was about to add something when Maryse Lightwood walked into the room. (Y/N) wished people would knock before entering her bedroom.
“Ah! There you are. Something came up. You two need to get ready for a new mission.” Alec’s mother ordered. (Y/N) held back a complaint. She had just came back from another mission and she had been training all day. She was exhausted.
“What about Jace and Izzy?” (Y/N) asked.
“They already left. They went to see Meliorn to get some information. Why? Is there a problem?” Maryse asked with her usual cold attitude.
“No. I was just wondering.” (Y/N) lied.
She knew that if she told Maryse that she was too exhausted for a new mission, she would be seen as weak. And (Y/N) didn’t want to be called a coward in front of Alec.

As (Y/N) and Alec got to their location, Alec kept looking at (Y/N) with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Y/N) lied.
She was tired, she couldn’t remember the last time she slept for more than two hours in a row. And the few injuries she got from the last mission were still healing and sore, and everything hurt everytime she was taking a new step.
“(Y/N), I hope you know that not being as good as your brother doesn’t make you less of a good shadowhunter.” Alec declared. “You know that everything is a competition for Jace, but it’s not about the number of demons you kill during a mission, it’s about-”
“Watch out!” (Y/N) shouted as she tightened her grip around her seraph blade.
A demon came running on Alec and (Y/N) pushed Alec aside to take care of the creature. She pushed her weapon through the demon’s body and it disappeared into a cloud of dust almost immediatly.
“See, you’re a great shadowhunter. You just saved my life.” Alec said with a little smile on his face.
“Yeah, well, tell that to Jace.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something, I -” Alec didn’t have time to finish.
(Y/N) screamed and collapsed on the ground. It took Alec a few seconds to see the demon that injured (Y/N). He killed it without a struggle and rushed to (Y/N)’s side.
“Damn it!” (Y/N) shouted as she held onto her shoulder, in pain.
Alec reached for his stele and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s injury. She winced and gritted her teeth.
“There. The pain should fade away in a minute.” Alec said. “Are you okay?” He added.
“I’m fine.” Alec offered (Y/N) his hand, she grabbed it and lifted herself from the ground.

After the mission, Alec and (Y/N) went back to the Institute. (Y/N) was still exhausted and a little bit in pain, but when she got to her room, Alec joined her there a few minutes later.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were about to go to bed.” Alec said as he saw (Y/N) in her night clothes -which were nothing more than a oversized t-shirt.
(Y/N) blushed when she caught Alec staring at her bear legs.
“It’s okay. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked.
Alec walked closer to (Y/N) and she almost forgot how to breathe.
“I wanted to apologize.” Alec declared.
“What for?” (Y/N) frowned.
“Well, if I didn’t talk to you during the mission, you wouldn’t have been distracted and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“Oh, no Alec, it wasn’t your fault.” Alec looked down.
(Y/N) reached for Alec’s chin and lifted it up with her soft hand. “I mean it, Alec. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alec stared at (Y/N) and got lost in her eyes for a minute.

Suddenly, Alec put his hands on each side of (Y/N)’s face and kissed her. (Y/N) was surprised and shocked but she kissed him back. Alec let go of (Y/N), she looked at him with wide eyes.
“Why did you do that?” (Y/N) asked, almost blaming Alec.
“I like you, (Y/N).” Alec declared. He was feeling anxious and scared that (Y/N) would reject him. Alec knew how hard it was for (Y/N) to let people in.
“Is this some kind of joke? Did Jace dare you to kiss me?” (Y/N) felt angry. She knew her brother would be able to do something like that for his own entertainment. He always told (Y/N) that she was too hung-up with boys.
“What? No!” Alec said, confused. “Your brother doesn’t even know that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you really? Because I swear to God Alec, if this is a joke, it’s really not funny and cruel.” (Y/N) didn’t know what to think anymore.
On one hand, (Y/N) didn’t think that Alec was mean enough to play with her feelings. But on the other hand, she couldn’t believe that Alec could really like her.
“(Y/N), this isn’t a joke, OK? I would never do anything to hurt you.” Alec took (Y/N)’s hands in his.
“But why me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” Alec frowned.
“Well, there are lots of prettier girls than me in this world. I’m not exactly the best shadowhunter, I am clumsy, shy and-”
“Hey, stop. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met and you’re a great shadowhunter. I mean how many times did you save my life?” Alec chuckled.
“Well, how many times did you save mine?” (Y/N) mumbled.
“(Y/N), listen. I like everything about you, I really do.” Alec said. He sounded very sincere. “Now, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Hardly had he finished his sentence that (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. The two of them kissed passionately for a while.
“It was about time.”
(Y/N) and Alec turned to face the door and saw Izzy leaned on the door frame.
“Can’t you people just knock?” (Y/N) declared half laughing and half embarrassed.
“Fine. Fine. I’ll leave you two to it.” Izzy smiled and left the room.
Alec and (Y/N) laughed and kissed again.

Sometimes you shouldn’t burry your feelings or ignore them. Sometimes you just let them go, and who knows, maybe everything will be alright.

roses, roses, laid upon your bedspread, oh my, all this, all this i know:
but every night i kiss you, you’ll say in my ear   ‘ oh we’re in love, aren’t we? ‘
hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs, baby.
i feel safe when you’re holding me near,  love the way that you conquer your fear.

( based on this post by @hufflebee​ )

Hold On (Jace x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the two sad imagines in a row with Jace. I didn’t even notice until I went to post.

Request: Do a sad imagine where Jace won’t listen and his sister pays for it later on or something? Idk even know please? Maybe with the song hold on?

 “Why do you treat me like I’m a kid?” You yelled out at Jace. You two were fighting again. Yes sibling fight but you two seemed to put a different meaning to it lately. You guys couldn’t even breath the same air without an argument breaking out.

“Because you’re a kid Y/N”

“I’m only a year younger then you Jace” You huffed out, crossing your arms. Jace rolled his eyes at your action. Jace may be the older sibling but he always acted like the youngest especially now with that Fray girl in the picture.

“A year means a lot”

“You’re the one making rash decisions to please some girl” You shouted getting sick of Jace’s attitude. He seem cool and collected until you brought Clary into the mixed.

“Don’t make this about her” Jace took a step towards you, his fist were tightly together by his side. He was angry from your words which rarely ever happened.

“Why not? Literally everything you do now involves her. All of these secrets missions that almost get you killed are for her! Jace just open your eyes see where this is going” Jace just shook his head and spoke

“You wouldn’t understand you’re too young”

“Here we go again” You said rolling your eyes. It was a habit that you picked up from your best friend Alec. “Well how about this? Since I’m too young to understand why don’t you? I’m smarter Jace, I care about my life unlike you.” With that you turned on your heel leaving the room, not wanting to stay. Not knowing what you would do if your anger got out of hand.


 You punch the bag trying to get all of the anger out of your body. You couldn’t think straight knowing Jace was gone out with Clary again. What if something happened to him this time? Jace was the only family you had left no matter what. If something went wrong you would not only lose your brother but best friend. With everything going through your mind you didn’t even hear Alec entered the room until he touched your shoulder. Not knowing who it was you whipped around and sent a punch flying their way. Luckily enough Alec saw it coming and had a chance to step back.

“You know not to sneak up on anyone Alec especially shadowhunters” You huffed with your arms crossed, trying to get your breathing back to normal from the fright he gave you.

“I thought you heard me, I called your name but obviously not” Alec said as he rolled his eyes at you, then handed you a water bottle.

“You think” You drown the water bottle in seconds not really noticing how thirsty you were until it met your lips. “What is it anyway?”

“We got to go help Jace and Clary they need some backup” You shouldve known as Alec was wearing his gear and his arrows bag was on his shoulder but you didn’t.

“Why does this not surprise me” You let out as you packed your things up. You changed your shirt quickly not caring Alec was in the room since you had did it many times before.

“Ready?” Alec asked and you nodded your head before you two headed out.


 Walking into a busy club was not on your plans tonight but Jace needed help and you weren’t just going to leave him for himself. You didn’t want to send Alec alone there either so this way was the safest. You guys pushed your way through all of the drunk downworlders and mundanes as if you were one. Places like these made the lines that were drawn be easier. No one really cared who you were here. Catching a sight of light come from the back, you knew it was from a seraph blade.

“Alec this way” You shouted trying to be heard above the music. You finally made it with Alec right behind you. Both of you steady your weapons before you slammed open the door. Alec and you stopped in your tracks when you saw what was happening. There were demons everywhere. Jace and Clary looked so helpless. You wonder how they managed to make it this long. Not wanting to waste anymore time you and Alec started to fight. Taking them down a few at a time brought back hope to Clary and Jace. It was like they suddenly had all of the energy in the world to fight. You were all fighting as hard as you could.

“WATCH OUT” You yelled towards Clary but she didn’t hear. You pushed her out of the way from the demon that was coming up from behind her but you weren’t so lucky. You must of judged the timing wrong because all you could feel was pain shooting into your veins. It felt like acid and all you could do was fall back. Jace and Alec looked back at the sound of your dreadful screams, their faces turning into straight horror. Jace ran over since Alec could fight the last few. Tears were already falling down his cheeks as he picked you up from the cold ground.

“Hey Y/N, you’re going to be alright. Just stay with me” Jace said letting the tears fall onto your clothes as he held you. He pushed back some of your hair that now laid on your face. Jace was staring at his little sister and all he could think was this was his fault. Only if he had stayed back like you wished. Your words kept coming back to his mind

“I care about my life unlike you”

Your life that Jace might have ruined. Jace took out the sphere from his pocket to burn over your  iratze runes but it wouldn’t work. You could barely see now, all you could feel was the pain. It was getting worse by the second and all you wanted was to rest.

“Jace” You said lifting your hand up to hold his cheek. Your skin colour was getting paler “It’s hurts too much”

“I know, you can make it” You shook your head no at Jace’s response, you knew what was going to happened. “You can make it, don’t doubt yourself”

“Jace please.. Just..” Your eyes were getting heavier and you could barely speak “I’m sorry” And with that your eyes shut and the pain faded away from your body.

“NO NO” Jace shouted shaking your body wanting to get a respond. But nothing happened, you didn’t move.

“Jace” Alec said placing a hand on his shoulder, with tears in his own eyes. His best friend just died in front of him.

“We got to get her to the Silent Brothers” Jace said quickly looking up at his parabatai but Alec just shook his head. It was too late, there never would of been time.

“No Jace. It’s over”

“It can’t be” Jace voice cracked and all he could do was cried holding your body. “She can’t be gone. Not my little sister” Alec sat down on the ground next to him, wrapping a hand around Jace for comfort. Clary watched from afar knowing that she was partly to blame for this, she didn’t know what to think anymore. This whole world was too much. Jace cried and it started to rain. Like some kind of stupid movie you would always make him watch. He wasn’t a big brother anymore, you the only family he had left was gone. Why didn’t he listen to you? He cost his baby sister her life. He knew he could never forgive himself. The thought that in a few hours he would be seeing all white made him sick. He knew then that it would really hit. You were gone.

Shadowhunters 2B theory

So four episode titles have been released and I was thinking about it… So!

Ep.11 Mea Maxima Culpa 

I think it will be focused on Jace, since the title means “My grievous fault” in Latin, and knowing Jace, he will feel responsible for all these dead Downwolders at the Institiute. It is pretty easy to guess, but of course, i could be wrong

 Episode 12: You are not your own 

Maybe Alec will comfort Jace? He knows the struggle of killing someone innocent unwillingly so maaaaaybe he will be able to convince Jace that it was not his fault

 Episode 13: The Fair Folk

Easy one. The Seelie Court AND Clace kiss yaaaay XDD

 Episode 14: Those of Demon Blood

Sebastian. It HAS to be about Sebastian and i think it could also be about Magnus and (maybe) his past since it was announced that they were looking for somebody to play younger Magnus and this is giving me soooo many Malec feels that i can’t even… I mean think about it! Magnus talking about his past with Alec and Alec would be so shocked and maybe will try to comfort him or something? *.* OMG

I can’t wait till June!! Hugs to you all ^^

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P.S. I’m so exited!

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write some more Fraywood headcanons please?? I absolutely adore all your other headcanons! ❤

- clary and alec have a constant photo war going on between them after that one time alec took a really unflattering photo of clary mid sneeze, hair soaking wet from the rain, make up running down her face and sent it to the squad’s group chat with just the caption “mood”
- they legit only ever call each other by their last names. they only use each other’s first name if it’s serious. otherwise it always “hurry up, fray. you’re slowing me down” “here’s a crazy idea, stop walking so fast, lightwood” “it’s not my fault you can’t keep up, fray. or is it fairchild now, I forget.”
- every year on alec’s birthday, clary will give him a card that says “happy birthday, brother” on it because she’ll never forget that time alec told her that she’ll always be a part of his family. and alec always tries to glare at her but ends up smiling and starts doing the same for her on her birthday
- no one at the institute ever knows if alec and clary are actually friends or not because the last time someone asked them if they were in fact friends, alec said clary was “a headache that never went away” and clary told them that alec was “the biggest asshole she’s ever met” but not even five seconds later someone started talking shit about alec and clary got hella angry and went into a huge rant while alec just sat back and watched until that same person started making derogatory comments towards clary and then they both sat there for 15 minutes roasting the shit out of this guy so everyone at the institute is constantly like ????? so are they friends or not ???

The Facts Are Right Here

- Magnus is more than just one half of a ship
- Magnus is a centuries old warlock with more stories than he could even tell in the average lifetime
- Magnus is a strong and powerful individual
- Magnus’ decision regarding his political alliances have nothing to do with his romantic relationship with alec, and instead are due to his distrust of the clave after having been lied to about the soul sword
- Magnus trusts the seelie queen because she can offer him and his people safety that no one else can offer, and the seelie queen “can’t lie” so…
- Magnus is not the bad guy
- Alec is not the bad guy
- Neither of them are the good guy either
- Both alec and magnus, just like any leader, have their faults that create problems.
- Each of them have done each other wrong at one time or another, but never for the wrong reasons
- Magnus and Alec are NOT CHILDREN
-(If you want to call alec or magnus your poor baby boy or something of that nature, by all means go for it, i know I do. But DO NOT do it in a way that attacks the other, i.e. “my poor baby boy alec, magnus is being so rude even after he broke his heart wow” things like “my poor baby magnus is so heartbroken look at him” is ok imo)
- also, malec is endgame, they will be ok. They love each other and they will come to realize that love is their strongest fighting force

These are the facts I don’t make the rules

The Moment I Knew *Jace Wayland x Reader*

Originally posted by aestheticallyfandomtrash

Summary: Based on the song ‘The Moment I Knew- Taylor Swift’
Warnings: Angst
Pairing: Jace x Reader/ slight mention of Jace x Clary
Word count: 996

-My first Shadowhunter thing, so like, go easy on me?

You sighed gently as you glanced to the door again. A drink in one hand and your phone in the other, the party had started a few hours ago and he still hadn’t shown up. You tried to keep a level head about it, maybe something important came up; the Clave assigned him to do something or, perhaps, a lead on Valentine had come up- meaning he’d be with her, you shake that thought away quickly.

It’s your birthday. There’s no way that Jace would have forgotten, it’s impossible for him too. You’ve known Jace for years, you had trained alongside the Lightwood’s and become part of their family; your parents are friends with Jace’s adopted parents. Then there’s the fact you had been dating for a few months, before all this Clary business, and you shouldn’t be jealous but… a part of you was.

He’s gonna show up, he’s gonna open that door and wear that smile you love and everything will be fine. It will be like everything was how it was, before the cup and Clary, before everything and for this evening you’ll be happy.

“What’s with the frown, birthday girl?” A voice pulls your attention, you smile slightly as you glance at Izzy who has a frown of concern. “C’mon, it’s meant to be a fun occasion. Dance with me?”

You don’t answer, you can’t. Instead, you think back to the moment where Jace promised he’d be here, the one thing you asked and he promised, and now it looks like he’s breaking that. This wouldn;t be the first time either, you knew how important it was, to get the cup and stop Valentine. But he had been pulling away, even Alec felt that too, breaking rules and going anywhere Clary needed.


“You do remember it’s starting at 6, right?” You asked following your boyfriend through the Institute, already knowing he’s rolling his eyes because you’ve told him a few dozen times already. “I’m sorry, just- you’ve got a lot on your mind and I don’t want you to forget, okay?”

Jace stops and smiles at you. “How can I forget? It’s your birthday, Y/N/N. The only party I actually enjoy and turn up to, like I’d miss it.” He scoffed playfully, only you don’t look convinced by his words, ever since the news about the mortal cup, he’d been acting differently; especially around that new girl, Clary. “Will you stop frowning? I’m going to be here, like every year. Okay, I’ll even dance this time.”

You chuckled softly. “That’s a big promise, Wayland. One you can’t back out from, now go. I can feel Alec growing impatient the longer we talk.” Jace laughed and kissed your cheek before going back to walking down the halls, leaving you to smile to yourself and go back to your own business.


You felt like an idiot, standing in your new party dress and makeup all dolled up. Jace wasn’t even here to show it off to, he’d normally make some comment about how nice you looked, he always knew how to make you feel special, even before you started a relationship with him. You glance around Magnus’s loft, everyone smiling and laughing; having a good time. The only person missing was him.

You sigh gently, already wanting this party to be over. You walk swiftly towards the bathroom, wanting to avoid everyone and just have some peace, a moment of silence to collect your thoughts and emotions. Before you can shut the door a hand stops it, pulling it open to reveal Alec, your close friend and Jace’s parabatai.

“He said he’d be here.” Is all you can mutter out to him, Alec sighs and nods, giving a sympathetic smile to you. You try, so very hard, not to fall apart but the sinking feeling starts.

Alec pulls you into a hug, wrapping arms around your shoulders. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I should’ve dragged Jace here myself.” You chuckle, sniffling slightly and pulling away from Alec, he sighs seeing the tears already running down your face.

“It’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s but his, okay?” He nods once, frowning as he watches you try and calm yourself. Wiping your tears with the back of your hand, breathing deeply before pushing past him and back to the party, where Magnus and Izzy give you worried glances, Alec following shortly behind you.

“What are you gonna do?” Alec asks softly and you shrug.

“What do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one that didn’t show?” You counter back to Alec, looking up at him and he shakes his head, shrugging his shoulders and you nod once. Already knowing what you have to do.


You sit in your room in the institute, still in your party dress and makeup still on. He hadn’t called or texted, you had no idea if he was okay or where he’d been. Did he even care about you?

The ringing of your phone makes you jump, you glance at the caller ID, sighing when you see Jace’s name flash. You debate on declining but instead, against your better judgement, you answer.

“Y/N, I’m glad you answered,” Jace’s steady voice sounds through the speaker and you hum in reply. “I’m sorry, I didn’t make it,” he begins and you smile slightly. “But- me and Clary, need you and Izzy to-” your smile drops and you sigh, closing your eyes and now it’s really settling in. “Y/N?”

You take a few seconds to answer. “I’m sorry too. I can’t- you should have phoned Alec, Jace.” Before he can respond you hang up the phone.

(Yeah, I had problems with ending this. So, if it seems shit, I’m blaming the ending to it and because I have never written for Shadowhunters/ Jace before.Go easy on me, thanks. - Rosalie)

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@dailyaleclightwood‘s alec appreciation week two: malec

The heavy silence of the small hours of the morning had fallen over the apartment, and Alec lay back and breathed in deeply. The bed was soft underneath his spine, the sheets smooth and everything feeling so comfortable. It was almost unnerving.

Alec didn’t think he’d ever been in a bed this comfortable. The solid wooden frames and sturdy mattresses of the Institute weren’t built for comfort. They were built for practicality. Besides, Alec was usually lucky if he got six hours of sleep a night, between training, night patrols and his other frequent duties as Acting Head of the Institute - at least, when the position was his. Even when it wasn’t, the other Shadowhunters of the Institute relied on him.

He didn’t need the kind of bed you could be comfortable in and relax in for the better part of a day, simply because Alec never had a day to waste lying around in bed. Magnus, however, had all the time in the world. Magnus also wasn’t the kind of person to deny himself the things he wanted in life. A comfortable place to sleep seemed like the least extravagant thing he could do.

Not that either of them were doing much sleeping quite yet.

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Scribble-Doodle: Not Mine Anymore

A Jalec ficlet based on the movie The Vow and on this wonderful gif set by @alinok!

“You can’t be serious,” Isabelle breathes out in disbelief. “A divorce?”

Alec’s leaning against the window frame with his arms crossed over his chest, staring outside. He’ll miss this, the view. They both loved it, he and Jace. But even now, the flat doesn’t feel like home anymore. Not without Jace here, at his side.

“Yes,” Alec responds in a quiet voice, not turning to his sister. “He asked me to let him go.” 

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outerspacebabe7  asked:

Malec and 14 for the paring and number fic thingy

Magnus stared at the ground in front of him as he sat in the chair. He was shaking, tears were falling down his cheeks and dripping onto his pants as he sat hunched over, but he barely noticed.

He couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t shut his brain off. He denied it to others, but he knew that ever since the body-swap situation, ever since he had to endure such extreme physical and mental torture while imprisoned in the body of Valentine, he’d been struggling.

The agony rune had caused so many painful memories to resurface from the dark place he’d buried them in the back of his mind. It brought back memories of his abusive stepfather. Memories of how he barely got by on his own, figuring out his powers. Memories of how he was just inches from taking his own life.

But the most painful, the most overwhelming memories that the agony rune forced onto him, were memories of his mom.

Magnus knew that his mother would have died eventually. She was mortal, she would have passed away centuries ago had she lived a full, happy life.

But it was Magnus’ fault that she didn’t have that, a full, happy life. It was his fault that she took her own life. He was a monster. Who would want a monster for a son?

Magnus’ mind didn’t register the sound of the front door to the loft unlocking. He didn’t lift his eyes as his boyfriend walked in, didn’t flinch when Alec dropped his bow and quiver onto the ground, didn’t look up at Alec as he kneeled down in front of him hastily.

“Magnus, what’s wrong?” Alec asked, rushed and worried, seemingly not knowing what to do with his hands.

Magnus shook his head, slowly lifting his hands to wipe the tears off of his cheeks, sniffing to compose himself.

“I’m fine, Alexander,” he forced a smile, looking at Alec’s forehead rather than his eyes. “Just feeling a bit under the weather lately. It’s nothing.”

“I’m not going to let you keep doing this,” Alec grabbed Magnus’ hands from his cheeks, cupping them gently in his own. “You’re not okay, Mags. You haven’t been okay for weeks. I’m not going to let you keep pretending you’re fine, I know it’s all fake,” Alec rested their connected hands on Magnus’ lap. “Don’t push me away. Talk to me, please…please.”

Alec sounded so worried, so desperate, and Magnus could feel himself breaking.

“I never wanted you to see this terrible, ugly side of me.” Magnus’ voice broke as two more tears rolled down his cheeks.

“There is nothing ugly about you,” Alec said gently, removing one of his hands from Magnus’ lap to carefully swipe the tears off of his boyfriend’s face. “Take your time, go as slow or as fast as you need to, but I need you to talk to me.” Alec pleaded, cupping the side of Magnhs’ face after wiping away another tear with his thumb.

Magnus felt so conflicted, so lost in his own mind. He wanted to talk to Alec, wanted him to understand how much pain he was in. But he was afraid that he would scare Alec off. He didn’t want to burden Alec with his horrible past, he didn’t want Alec to pity him.

But Alec was…special. Alexander Lightwood made Magnus feel an abundance of positive emotions. Happiness, acceptance, confidence, trust, worthiness, love. There had never been anyone in his many centuries of life who had made him feel anything remotely close to what he felt for Alec, even after just a short time of knowing the shadowhunter.

Magnus took a deep breath, and he spoke.

“The torture that I had to endure while trapped inside of Valentine’s body took a serious toll on me,” he began, gripping Alec’s hands tightly as if the action would keep him grounded. “The power of that agony rune is…intense. It all felt so real, the memories that it forced me to relive. It was like the original pain that I’d felt while experiencing those traumas was somehow amplified, and Imogen just kept re-activating it, again, and again, and again…” Magnus trailed off, his breathing uneven, his eyes and cheeks damp with fresh, salty tears.

“I’m right here, it’s okay. Look at me,” Alec whispered, looking into Magnus’ brown eyes. “Breath in,” he took a deep breath, and Magnus did the same. “Breath out.” He exhaled slowly, and Magnus followed him, repeating the actions until his breathing was steady again.

“Thank you,” Magnus gave a smile, which was small, but genuine. What did he do to deserve someone as sweet as his Alexander?

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always,” Alec was being so gentle with him, and while Magnus usually didn’t like to be treated like he was so fragile, he appreciated Alec’s efforts to make him comfortable immensely. “Whenever you’re ready, keep going.”

Magnus nodded. “I’m sure you’ve heard stories about those who have been tortured with agony runes, but Alexander, it’s so much worse than others think. The first memory that I relived was about my stepfather. He…he found out that I was a warlock, a…demon, and he tried to kill me. He pushed my head into the lake behind our old home in Indonesia and held me under. I couldn’t breath, I panicked, and I…I, killed him,” Magnus could feel himself shaking again, but he also felt Alec rubbing a soothing hand up and down his arm, comforting him.

“I was on my own, discovering my powers, trying to control them. I had nothing, nobody to guide me through the downworld. A lot of…bad things happened, when I was growing up. The agony rune made me relive almost everything.”

“You’re doing great, Mags, I’m so proud of you.” Magnus smiled at Alec’s words, but his lips turned down into a frown when he realized that he was going to have to tell Alec about the most painful memory of all.

“This one is…a lot,” Magnus warned, and Alec simply nodded, eyes on him, ready to listen. “I haven’t been sleeping, not much at least, ever since that night that I got my body back. Every time that I close my eyes, all that I can see is my mom,” Magnus heard Alec’s sharp intake of breath, but kept going. “When I was nine years old, she figured out what my eyes meant. She was horrified. She screamed, she cried, she closed herself away in her room. I heard her sobbing, every single night, for a couple of days. Then, one night, there was no noise,” he choked down a sob, tears falling steadily down his face now. “I went into her room to check on her, and she was in bed. Asleep. Or so I thought, until I pulled the covers back, and…”

Magnus took a few shaky breaths, and he dared to look at Alec. Alec had tears in his own eyes, staining his cheeks, and he looked so devastated, it broke Magnus’ heart.

“You know the keris, on display in the living room?” Magnus said through his sobs, barely able to get his words to come out of his mouth. Alec nodded, lips parted, his own breathing shaky. “My mom took her life that night, with that keris. And it was all my fault, because she didn’t want me as her son…because she didn’t want a demon as her son.”

Alec gasped softly and began to shake his head. “No, Magnus, that wasn’t your fault. I promise, it wasn’t your fault.” He finally pulled Magnus into a hug, and Magnus automatically wrapped his arms around Alec’s strong back, sobbing into his shoulder.

It felt so relieving, to finally tell Alec exactly what had been killing him for the past few weeks. It felt as if a huge weight had just been lifted off of his shoulders. But saying it out loud also made it worse. It made it real.

Magnus tightened his arms around Alec as he felt his boyfriend’s body shake with cries. He felt horrible, but better at the same time. He loved Alec, Alec loved him, and Alec would help him get through this. Magnus trusted him.

i bet after all is well and malec got back together, alec will literally have the phobia of ever keeping anything, no matter how menial, from magnus..


Magnus casually walking into Alec’s office,

Magnus: Hi sweetie~

Alec *paused in his mid-morning discussion with Jace, Clary and Izzy to smile and kissed his boyfriend*: Hi. What are you doing here? 

Magnus: Oh, i had some work nearby here and decided to stop by. Btw, here you go Blondie~

Jace *caught a small pot of cream thrown to him*: What’s this?

Magnus *’innocently’*: Oh, Alec told me about that nasty rash on your tushie- 

Jace *spluttered*: What! Alec, that was supposed to be a secret!

Alec: *shrugged*

Magnus: - and so i thought i could be a nice guy and give you some ointment. That’ll be five rubies, please~ 

Jace: The fuc-!

Magnus: Oh and here’s some for you too, biscuit. I figure you might need some too coz of Jace. Yours f.o.c of course~ It wasn’t your fault your boy is… well, him~

Clary: ….thanks


Robert: Alec, what i’m about to tell you is highly confidential and you can’t even tell Jace.. The Clave wouldn… Alec, are you listening? What are you doing?

Alec: Hmm? What? Oh go on. don’t worry, I’m listening. I’m just texting Magnus. Could you speak a bit slower so I could type them all exactly?.. Hmm… Maybe I should just call Magnus and put in him on speaker~ What do you think, dad?

Robert: ……. 


Magnus: *stares at Luke*

Luke:… Uh, Magnus? You okay? Is there something wrong? 

Magnus: tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. i thought i know you *shaking his head disapprovingly*

Luke*looks at Alec*: What’s wrong with him?

Alec *uneasy*: Uh..

Magnus: Maryse.. really~?

Luke *yelped*: You told him~? I thought we told you not to tell anyone.. Maryse doesn’t want this to go out yet

Alec: And I didn’t tell anyone~I just told Magnus.

Luke: ……. 

Magnus *oblivious, still keep going on*: - Omg, does this means you are my future step father-in-law?? Do I have to call you Dad?? This is a tragedy, Lucian! How could you get it on with my boyfriend’s mother~?


*A small portal appeared and suddenly Magnus’s head pokes in*

Magnus *looks around*: Where’s my boyf.. Ah, Alexander darling~ don’t forget to come home early tonight, okay~.. Cat and Raphael would be coming around 8 and we’ll portal to Morocco from here. See you later,sweetie. Love you~ 

Alec *goofy grin*: Love you too~

*Magnus popped out in shower of glitter*

The Clave:……

Imogen *in strangled voice*: This was supposed to be a secret meeting in a secret place which no one.. absolutely no one except those invited, should know about.. let alone a Downworlder! What do you have to say for yourself, Mr Lightwood?.. Hello, Mr Lightwood..? Are you even listening??

Alec: *still sporting goofy grin thinking of his bae’s beautiful face*

Robert: *look above with a ‘why me’ face*


peraltabane  asked:

malec 153 "put me down"

@red-moon10 asked: 112 Malec pls 😍😍😍

I’ve decided to do these two together. I hope you guys don’t mind!

Malec: 112. “Why are you bleeding?” and 153 “put me down”

When you date a Shadowhunter, you learn how to stop concerning yourself with minor scratches. Fighting demons will always end up with a cut or two, maybe some black spots and a broken finger. Nothing an Iratze can’t heal, in Magnus’ experience. It took more than a swollen lip or some blood to worry Magnus now.

Or maybe it was the fact that he was dating Alec Lightwood. For someone who had specialized in distance fighting, Alec sure put himself in harm’s way more than necessary. Usually, not in a conventional way, as in, fighting too many demons at once or throwing himself in the middle of an angry hoard of vampires.

No, these kinds of easily curable injuries were not Alec’s type. He much preferred comas, losing his soul into oblivion or getting possessed by a murderous demon. Now, those were the type of harmful ends Alec’s missions usually found.

That was why Magnus was very happy when Alec arrived home with just a bleeding leg.

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Making Amends

When things start to settle down after the war, Maryse seeks out Magnus to ask for forgiveness.

A/N: I’ve hit kind of a block in the fanfic department so until I figure out what shippy type stuff I wanna write (I’m open to suggestions)… this hit me and I had to write it out, though it kinda got away from me an took on a life of its own.

A firm but insistent knock came from his door, surprising Magnus. He wasn’t expecting anyone other than Alexander, who knew he didn’t have to knock to come in. Magnus looked at himself in the mirror, making sure he looked presentable, and opened the door, coming face to face with Mrs. Lightwood.


Magnus was stunned. Of all the people he’d expected to willingly bring themselves to his door, Maryse Lightwood didn’t even make the list.

“Alexander isn’t here, if that’s who you’re looking for.”

She smiled, which threw Magnus off even more. “I’m aware. I’m here to see you.”

“Me?” He repeated.

She nodded. “I wanted to apologize.”

Magnus’ brain short-circuited a bit. He tried to work out what he’d had to drink today that could possibly be making him hallucinate so badly. But, it occurred to him that not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined Maryse Lightwood coming to him to apologize. Whatever this was, it was really happening.

“Uh,” he opened the door all the way. “Come in. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, thank you,” she answered cordially as she entered. “I’m good.”

Magnus closed the door and gestured Maryse toward one of the couches, making himself the martini he so desperately needed right now.

He sat down on the couch opposite her and swirled his drink. “Did Alec put you up to this?”

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anonymous asked:

Magnus tells Alec that his father is Asmodeus.

Thank you for sending the prompt!

Things have been hectic lately. Demon attacks galore and it all seemed to be leading up to something…something that would cause chaos and destruction. After researching the problem, the Shadowhunters and Downworlders came to the conclusion that the source of the problem was Edom and the greater demon that ruled there, Asmodeus. Since this discovery, Magnus had become distant and buried himself in work. Alec figured that he was just worried about his kind who were also being affected by these attacks.

However, that changed when Alec entered the loft to see Magnus sitting there, silently crying. Alec rushed over to him, he hated to see his boyfriend cry. There was nothing more heartbreaking than that sight. 

“Magnus,” he knelt him front of him. Alec cupped his face, thumbs brushing away the tears. “What’s wrong?”

Magnus shakes his head.

“Please,” Alec whispers. “Tell me.”

Magnus takes a deep breath. “I-it’s hard for me to tell you this…or anyone. But you know the recent attacks and how Asmodeus is causing them?“

Alec nodded.

“Asmodeus is…my biological father.”

Alec knelt there, slightly shocked because although he knew Magnus’ father was a demon, he had never imagined him being the son of a greater demon.

“I feel that these attacks and all the deaths are my fault. Because he’s my father and-.”

“This is not your fault,” Alec said sternly. “You did not cause them, nor do you condone them. You aren’t your father. He’s a monster and you’re not. You have feelings and you’re kind and capable of love.”

Magnus gazed at Alec, eyes glistening with tears. “Thank you,” he whispered. He wraps his arms around his boyfriend, burying his face into the crook of his neck.

“I promise,” Alec says softly. “We’re going to stop him.”

Scribble-Doodle: Restless

A parabatai scene, set in 208 between the party and the rune ceremony. Just a sweet little moment.

“I thought you would be with Magnus,” Jace comments, letting his head loll to the side to watch his parabatai approach.

Alec’s bare feet make no sound on the paved roof terrace as he walks up to where Jace’s sitting, sprawled comfortably with his feet on the coffee table and his head resting on the back of the rattan couch.

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What The Heck Is A Malec

Originally posted by shadowhuntersdaily

Summery: Alec is ordered to find a troublesome warlock a legal guardian or she will be executed by the clave for causing centuries of trouble. When he becomes determined to care for he turns to Magnus.

Magnus x Alec

Part Two

“The clave can’t do that, surely.” Clary chirped on as Izzy followed Alec in an attempt to get him to stop passing.

“They can, she’s had several warnings but she refuses to listen.” Izzy sighed.

“If this goes wrong I’m finished and done for.” Alec groaned and Izzy patted his back as he finally stopped.

“Why don’t you just find her first, then we can try and help you from there.” She smiled and glanced at Clary and Jace who shot him strained smiles.

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its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Alec getting food poisoning from Izzy's cooking but only figuring that out when he's already round at Magnus' for the evening (maybe he throws up before he gets there but he tells himself it's nerves)

Thanks for the lovely request! So, it’s been awhile since I’ve read the books, and I’ve never seen the TV show ‘Shadowhunters’, so if anything is inaccurate, I apologize. I still love all of Cassandra Clare’s books, though.<3 <3 I also picture Matthew Daddario (I’m not sure if I spelled that right) as Alec, even though I’ve never seen the show haha. 

The brown, thick slop on his plate was impossible to identify, and the smell of it didn’t make it easier. Alec looked over at Jace and shrugged his shoulders before turning his attention toward Izzy who was happily stirring another unidentified substance on the stove. The golden weapon wrapped around Izzy’s wrist reminded Alec to keep his mouth shut and he instead opted to moving the slop around on his plate.

“Hey, Izzy,” Jace spoke up bravely, but still keeping his head down. “Wouldn’t you rather order take-out from Taki’s or something?”

Alec looked up and winced as his sister stopped stirring the pot and her intense eyes locked with Jace’s golden ones as though daring him to say something else. With a simple flick of her wrist, Izzy sent brown slop flying, hitting Jace directly in the chest. Alec watched as his Parabatai grimaced and stood up, looking down at his shirt in horror.

“Izzy!” Jace complained loudly, looking at his adoptive sister. “This is a new shirt!” Jace hurried off to change and Alec looked over at Izzy who responded with a look that said ‘if you don’t eat, you’re next’.

So, Alec ate.


When Alec had received a text from Magnus later on that evening, he almost didn’t believe it. Though they had gone on a few dates before, it still felt so surreal. The text had been an invitation to join Magnus at his apartment for dinner, and he was eager to spend time with the warlock – his boyfriend.

Boyfriend. The word was so unbelievably electrifying, and Alec would never have guessed he’d be able to use it. Magnus was special, though, and he caused feelings that Alec had previously only thought were a myth created for romance novels and chick-flicks. It felt good to finally see the truth.

Alec decided the occasion was special enough to slip on a clean shirt and jeans, both being black of course as that was all he really had. Izzy was always trying to tell him to widen the variety of his wardrobe, but until now, he never really needed to. Besides, he knew Magnus wasn’t one to care what he wore. He began the walk to Magnus’ and ignored the nervousness in the pit of his stomach. The butterflies were certainly fluttering and it was to an extent that was almost uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure why he was so anxious as this certainly wasn’t their first date and he hadn’t felt this bad before their first. He brushed it off as nervousness over the fact that he was getting closer to Magnus now, something he found truly terrifying. Yet, at the same time, it was exciting.

Halfway there, the feeling in his stomach was starting to become harder to ignore and even more uncomfortable. Alec stopped and leaned against the side of a building, pressing his hand to it and taking a deep breath. Luckily, he had his invisibility rune so the mundanes couldn’t see him in distress. “Come on, Alec,” he mumbled to himself. He had been poisoned by a greater demon before. No way in hell was he letting nerves take him down. Slowly, Alec pushed himself off the wall and continued the walk, praying the feeling would ease soon. He considered hailing down a taxi even though he only had a few blocks left but quickly decided against it. He knew he could power through this if he tried. However, after just a few steps, his stomach started to really flip. Alec hurried back over the side of the building and used one hand to brace himself on the wall, and the other was wrapped around his middle. Nausea was coursing through his entire body, feeling it in the depths of his stomach and all the way up to the back of his throat.

A sick burp escaped him and he shuddered, placing a hand over his mouth. He felt ridiculous for feeling so sick over the fact that he was nervous about a date. Then again, the more intelligent part of him was screaming that this clearly wasn’t just nerves. That there must be something else wrong. However, he pushed that part away, knowing that if there was something else wrong, he would have to cancel the date and disappoint both himself and Magnus. That was the last thing he wanted to do.

Despite how nauseated he was, nothing ever actually came up. Alec straightened and spat out the excess saliva that was in his mouth and decided to keep moving forward. He hoped that his stomach just needed time to work through whatever was upsetting it.


By the time he reached Magnus’, the feeling certainly hadn’t eased up. In fact, it was worse. Alec rang the doorbell and swallowed thickly, praying to the angels that he wouldn’t need to be sick during this date.

Almost instantly, Magnus’ voice boomed from the speaker after he rang. “Who dares disturb the High Warlock of Brooklyn?!”

Alec rubbed at his forehead and sighed, swallowing thickly again. “It’s me, Magnus,” he murmured. “Just let me in.”

The door opened and Alec was greeted by a very glittery and cheerful warlock who didn’t wait to speak before throwing himself at him. “Glad you could make it, Alexander,” Magnus said softly during their embrace. “You look very handsome today.”

God, Magnus was just about the sweetest guy, and Alec wished he felt well enough to say something equally thoughtful. Instead, all he could manage was a simple, “You too.”

Magnus looked thrilled at the compliment nonetheless as he pulled away with a smile. However, the smile slowly faded and his brow furrowed as he continued to look Alec in the eyes. “Are you feeling alright, Alexander?”

Alec shrugged his shoulders, knowing he couldn’t hide it. “Feeling a little off, I guess. I’ll live.”

Magnus’ frown deepened, and soon enough there was a hand on his forehead. “Come inside,” Magnus said as he put a hand on his back and ushered him through the doorway. “You’re a little warm. Do you know what might be wrong?”

Alec shuffled over to the couch once he was inside and sat down. “Izzy cooked me ‘breakfast’ this morning,” Alec explained. He swallowed thickly and closed his eyes, leaning back against the couch. “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“That bad, huh?” Magnus sat next to him on the couch, and Alec found himself leaning on his boyfriend’s shoulder slightly. “Yes, I’ve heard the horror stories about the monstrosities your sister cooks up. I would have thought you would be smart enough to not eat it.”

Alec pulled away from Magnus and put a hand on his mouth as he burped softly. “Better than getting murdered.” Alec burped again and he sighed. “Where’s your bathroom again?”

Magnus pulled away quickly and looked at Alec, his cat eyes wide. “Right down the hall. Are you going to be sick?”

Alec stood up and nodded and quickly made his way to the bathroom, a hand over his mouth. This was definitely caused by Izzy’s cooking, and he wished he had the courage to tell his sister he would rather not get food poisoning and they should just order food.  He knelt in front of the toilet and lifted the seat up, shuddering as he looked into the water with a small gag. He wasn’t at all surprised when he felt ring-covered fingers work their way up and down his back in comforting motions, and he certainly wasn’t complaining.

“Well, not the ideal date,” Magnus began. “But it will do.”

Alec felt guilty and he wrapped his arm around his bloated stomach, waiting a moment before speaking. “Sorry.”

“Alexander, don’t apologize,” Magnus said quickly, sounding gentle yet stern at the same time somehow. “Certainly not your fault, flower. You’re sick, it’s not the end of the world. We can still have our date but just with little intermissions here and there so you can throw up when you need to. Other than that, we can spend the rest of the evening watching movies in the living room.”

Despite how crappy he felt, Alec smiled. “That sounds really nice, actually.”  

“Of course it does. I came up with it.” Magnus chuckled and continued to rub his back in soothing circles, and for a moment Alec actually felt comfortable and less sick.

That ended just seconds later, however, when a harsh retch wracked his whole body and opened his mouth, saliva pooling into the water, a bit lingering on his lip. He didn’t have much time to recover as he gagged roughly again, the action causing his churning, bloated stomach to lurch. “This is terrible,” Alec muttered softly, supporting his head with his hand, elbow resting on the toilet seat. He felt Magnus’ hand move from his back to his stomach, rubbing the gentle circles there instead. Alec wanted to thank him, but a soft hiccup escaped him, and burp that followed brought up a small mouthful of thick, brown, vomit.

“There you go,” Magnus encouraged softly, rubbing his stomach still, making sure not to apply any pressure. “I know it sucks, but your stomach is rejecting this for a reason. You’ll feel better before you know it.”

Alec nodded but couldn’t actually speak as another gag brought up more vomit – this time, the substance pouring out of his mouth as though a faucet had been turned on. He shuddered yet again, looking at the mess in the water and moaning softly. “No way in hell did I eat that much,” he mumbled miserably. His stomach was beginning to cramp and gurgle, and he knew by the end of the night, it would be coming out of the other end, too.

“You’re okay,” Magnus whispered. “You’re doing great.”

Alec certainly didn’t feel like he was doing great. Everything about this was extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. “I gotta replace her hair product with glue or something,” Alec said softly, finishing his statement with a soft burp.

“You certainly will not,” Magnus argued. “Don’t waste good hair product, Alexander. Find another way to get your revenge.”

Alec rolled eyes his before closing them, resting his head on his arm over the toilet seat. “You can’t just magic this away?” he asked, knowing how uncharacteristically pathetic he sounded at the moment.

“Unfortunately not,” Magnus answered him with a sigh. “The best my magic can do is make someone’s body heal themselves, and your body is already doing just that by ridding itself of whatever is making it so sick.”

Alec lifted his head again as he felt more of his stomach contents begin to work its way up his throat. It was starting to feel like this was never going to end. He gagged weakly into the toilet bowl again, trying to bring up what was left. “It’s doing a shitty job,” he mumbled. He dry heaved again and it was violent enough to make his whole body jerk forward and his stomach to hurt even more. He couldn’t even get a breath in before he was once again heaving loudly. “Won’t come up.”

“Alright,” Magnus said softly, his tone full of nothing but patience and compassion. Alec really felt like he didn’t deserve him at times. He felt the warlock gently pat his bloated stomach before both hands were on him. “I’m going to help you bring up what’s left, okay? Then we can go lay on the couch together while you recover. Sound good?”

Alec hesitated before nodding slowly. He was going to ask what sort of magic Magnus was going to use to make him get sick, however, that question was no longer needed as he felt Magnus push down on his stomach. A loud burp was forced up in result, and Alec tasted stomach acid in the back of his throat again. When Magnus pushed again, Alec vomited, watching as the remainder of his contents hit the toilet with a sickening splash.

“All done?” Magnus asked him, now rubbing at the sore muscles instead of applying pressure. “We can stay here for as long as you need. I really am fine with whatever happens on this date as long as I get to spend it with you.”

Alec felt warmth spread through his whole body and he reached up and flushed the toilet before looking over his shoulder at Magnus, smiling weakly. “I’m all done. We can make this a real date now.”

Magnus nodded and returned the smile, standing up and then helping Alec to his feet. “Bed or couch? Up to you?”

Alec looked up at him in surprise, feeling himself turn red. “Am I spending the night with you?”

Magnus chuckled. “Of course you are, Alexander. You’re ill and should just take it easy for a little while. I think staying here is best.”

Alec let Magnus settle him down on the couch so his head was in the warlock’s lap. Despite having food poisoning, it was the best he’d felt in days. “Me too,” he agreed, closing his eyes. Alec was happy to spend as much time with Magnus as possible, even if he was sick.

I hope that was okay! I know it’s not much, but I really wanted to get this out there. :) 

Alec was laying on Magnus’ couch with Magnus settled on his lap. As soon as Alec got to Magnus’ loft after dealing with naming and notifying the families of all the downworlders and shadowhunters that had died, and notifying and handling things with the Clave, they had settled on the couch together and hadn’t moved since.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about. It’s been a tough day for all of us. You know you can talk to me right?”
Alec looked down at Magnus, seeing worry clearly written on his face. It had been an exhausting day and all he wanted to do was cuddle up together on the couch and not move for weeks. He knew he should talk to Magnus though, it had been even harder on him and he couldn’t imagine what he was feeling right now.
“Nothing, I just, I should’ve done something. I really thought I was doing the right thing, and now all those people are dead and it’s all my fault and I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, Magnus.”

Magnus sat up in Alec’s lap and looked down at his face, seeing worry lines on his forehead and furrowed eyebrows. He softly reached out to Alec’s face and stroked his thumb between his eyebrows before cupping his face in his hands.
“Alexander, please don’t carry all the blame on your own shoulders. You couldn’t have known Jace could activate the soul sword. What happened is horrible, and there should definitely be consequences, but it’s definitely not all your fault.” He kissed him all over his face before landing a final kiss on his lips.
“Thank you, Magnus, I-uh, I love you.”

They hadn’t said it yet after the first time on the front steps of the Institute, and Alec was afraid Magnus only said it in the spur of the moment and couldn’t repeat it now.
“I love you too, Alexander.”
Alec’s eyes lit up when he smiled up at Magnus, grabbing his face and kissing him again.
“Oh thank the angel, I didn’t know if you just said it because I was upset and you didn’t want to hurt me.”
“I would never do that, it’s cruel. And I love you, Alexander. I have for a while now.”
The biggest smile graced his face as Alec responded with a soft smile and a “I have as well.”