alec santos

Saturday, February 25, 2012 - ASKED HIM TO SADIES.

Even though Sadies had been announced the week before I decided to wait and ask him during show week for our choir’s Broadway show. I have to admit I panicked all week making sure everything was ready. Let me just say, the past week has been the busiest week ever. Fortunately, I got everything organized and planned out. 

After our usually practice time inside the auditorium we were able to have about half an hour of free time. I rushed to my mother’s car and grabbed the balloons and the signs. (I had originally made him cake pops… THAT TOOK ME HOURS. buut my little brother was being a butt and he ate them -___-). Anyways, yeah, so I had some very helpful people help me hold the signs. So, right now I would like to give a special thank you to Justin Noh, Yuki Ramirez, Norman Tabagus, Alex Pham, Jonny Musngi, & Brian Oh for holding the signs. I very much appreciated it. 

HOHOHOHO, he walked by while we were setting up and he thought it was for someone else. i cannot believe he had no clue. when we were done i signaled for the other two people who helped me (thank you, Imon Santos & Andy Ton) to bring him out of the dressing room. & WAAAAAH LA! I asked. i think it turned out pretty good. 

*There anons. I finally finished ahaha!