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In the aftermath of it all, Catarina can’t find it in herself to be mad anymore.

At the start, after Magnus had portaled home, staggering and hurt and halfway to death with this boy leaning against him, asking that she help this Shadowhunter first… she remembers healing him – Alexander – and feeling rage. With runes stark on his skin and blood on his knuckles, he had been every inch a Nephilim. The Nephilim who had stolen Magnus’s heart.

She remembers the way she’d frowned at his unconscious face, comparing him to the strip of photographs Magnus left on his desk. Watching him lying there on a makeshift cot in the living room, suffering from the shock of blood loss and broken bones, she couldn’t imagine him making funny faces, couldn’t imagine him looking at Magnus with soft, sweet eyes. Couldn’t imagine that he’d want Magnus’s touch, that he would smile that boyish, lopsided smile with her best friend’s arms looped around him.

She remembers thinking, you don’t deserve him. This Shadowhunter, this lying Head of the New York Institute, didn’t deserve Magnus and his love. Magnus, who had started sleeping exclusively on the right side of the bed, who looked at Madzie with something wistful in his gaze every time she ran toward him, who always protected his people at the expense of his own happiness.

He’s too good for you, she had thought as she glared daggers at the boy in front of her, with his angel blood and penchant for prejudice. But she hadn’t said anything, hadn’t rolled him down the stairs, and had gone to help Magnus instead; her best friend, drained of magic and still stubbornly trying to heal himself. She’d gone to the balcony afterwards to clear her mind for a minute, to rest her hands, and now, as she turns around to check in on Magnus…

The Shadowhunter is missing from his cot. Classic. Rolling her eyes, she opens the door to the master bedroom.

They’re lying in Magnus’s bed together, Magnus’s head pillowed on Alec Lightwood’s chest, nearly asleep as he slowly heals from the wounds of battle. His body still lies stiff from the aches of demon venom coursing through his blood, skin paler than its usual golden hue, bruises littered everywhere, yet his arm is still curled possessively around the Shadowhunter’s waist in a familiar motion.

And the Shadowhunter…

He’s looking at Magnus like he’s a miracle.

His eyes never leave Magnus’s and his face is soft and warm and content, like he’s holding onto something he thought he’d lost forever. He looks young like this, the way he smiles and whispers secrets into Magnus’s ear, the way his fingers trace patterns on his bare shoulder, the way he readjusts the red silk blanket so that it’s tucked carefully under Magnus’s chin.

Magnus can’t see it, with his face buried into the Shadowhunter’s shirt, but from the doorway, Catarina can. This boy… he’s truthfully, honestly, painfully in love. The type of love Catarina hasn’t seen Magnus receive in too long, the type that’s as helpless and natural as the sky is blue. And a part of her still wants to be angry, to shake Alec Lightwood until his teeth click in his skull, to tell him, don’t you ever hurt him, but from the way he’s staring down at Magnus with his heart in his eyes, she thinks he already knows.

Catarina starts to turn around, when unexpectedly Alec Lightwood’s eyes dart up to meet hers at the sound of her loafers swishing faintly against the rug. They stare, frozen for an awkward moment, and she nearly laughs at loud at the way his cheeks go rosy pink. She opens her mouth to say something, to make fun of him maybe, or tell him to let Magnus sleep, but right then Magnus shifts, groaning low in his throat, and the Shadowhunter breaks his gaze, mumbling something into Magnus’s hair that makes her friend smile gently.

Wordlessly, Catarina magics the door closed, staring at the smooth black wood as Magnus and Alec fade from view. In the kitchen, she makes herself a cup of chamomile tea, hands wrapped around the soothing, fragrant heat as she sighs in exhaustion. The two of them… they don’t make sense to her, not at all. They shouldn’t work. But Magnus is Magnus, and he’s never done anything by halves. If his happiness comes in the form of a too-tall Shadowhunter with gentle eyes and a cautious smile, then Catarina will be the very last person in this dimension to tell him no.

Alec dragged his feet to the living room, looking for Magnus. It was late and the warlock hadn’t joined him in bed yet. When Alec had arrived to the loft after his last patrol, his boyfriend had been very busy working on something, and although Alec understood that work was important, he also knew that even the High Warlock of Brooklyn needed some rest.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked when he found Magnus sitting on the couch with his laptop practically glued to his lap.

“Nothing.” Magnus said, quickly closing the device. “Actually, I was about to go to bed.” He added, feigning a yawn.

Alec looked at him intently. It was obvious that his boyfriend was lying, Alec could see it in his eyes, besides, it wasn’t helping his case either that there were at least four empty mugs of coffee on the table. Alec didn’t know who Magnus was trying to fool, but it was obvious that he had no intention of going to bed any time soon.

“Go to bed,” Magnus said, leaving the laptop on the couch and picking up the mugs, “I’ll just take this to the kitchen and catch you there.”

Alec stood there waiting, but he was really curious to know what Magnus had been doing, so without thinking it twice, he grabbed the warlock’s laptop and opened it. “What’s this?” He asked Magnus when his boyfriend returned to the living room.

“Nothing, a silly mundane poll.

“Those are our names,” Alec said confused. The screen clearly said Magnus and Alec.

“Hmmm, yeah…I may have tricked a bunch of mundanes into thinking we were a very famous couple and that’s how we ended up there.”

“We’re losing.” Alec pointed out, because although the gap between the two couples was very small, it was evident that the other boys had a considerable advantage.

“I know…”

“Can’t you use your…” Alec said, wiggling his fingers to mimic the movement Magnus made each time he used his magic.

“No, even my magic can’t get pass the stupid captchas.”

“How much time do they have to vote?”

“The poll ends tomorrow at 8 o'clock New York time, 5 o'clock PT…so a bit more than 24 hours.”

“Hand me my bag,” Alec said with determination.

“For what?”

“There’s a laptop there that I use to work when I’m here,” Alec said, grabbing his stele he’d left on the table and quickly activating his stamina and speed runes.

“What do you need the laptop for?”

“To vote.”


“We’re not going to lose this,” Alec explained, pointing to the screen. “I don’t care how silly this is, we’re gonna help these people win.”


Alec nodded. “You’ve been voting because you clearly want to win and I think we’ve already established how competitive I am, so we’re going to vote our asses off to win this Top TV Couple thing. I’m not going to let this other couple take this from us, not if I can help it, so go ahead, magic up more coffee—this is going to be a very long night.”


maybe maryse will reach out and apologise to magnus as well?

this takes place after 2x14. maryse mentioned how she was reaching out everyone she had hurt and i want to think she’ll eventually reach out to magnus as well?

let me know what you think!

“Can I see you in my office for a minute?” asked Alec, trying to emulate the same softness he had just heard in Magnus talking to Raphael.

Magnus nodded but with a clenched jaw. “As Head of the Institute?” he asked curtly. Alec shook his head with a smile.

“As my boyfriend.” Magnus grinned but quickly hid it behind a fake cough. Alec smiled a brilliant smile and Magnus’ grin slipped back.

“Of course, Alexander.” He emphasised the boy’s name, stretching it out as far as his breath would let him. As much as they loved teasing each other with their esteemed titles, it was a relief to be able o go back to just Magnus and Alexander.

Alec rolled his eyes in amusement and reached his finger out to hold Magnus’ hand, pulling him down the hall to his office. Just as they reached the door, Magnus stopped and turned Alec by the shoulder to face him. “Thank you for giving Raphael another chance,” he said, barely louder than a whisper. “He does appreciate it…” Magnus paused. “And he told me that he ended it with Isabelle.”

Alec nodded. “I know, Izzy told me, too.” Alec swallowed in a way that suggested to Magnus he was about to ask too much of him. Alec felt his palms become sweaty, especially when they began to slip out of Magnus’. “And I was kind of hoping… You could try to give my mother another chance?” Magnus looked around them warily, avoiding Alec’s gaze. It just felt much too intense at the moment. Alec spoke up, the words spilling out almost desperately. “You have every right to walk away, I wouldn’t hold it against you. But she’s trying, like actually trying,” he said with a sort of humour.

Magnus looked at the wooden door beside them and gestured to it with a flick of his head. Alec noticed the corner of Magnus’ eyes glitter in the dim light of the hallway. “Is she inside?” he whispered. Alec nodded and Magnus gave him a gingerly smile. “After you, Alexander.” A relieved smile broke out onto Alec’s face and Magnus took a step back, allowing Alec to open the door.

As he did, he revealed Maryse leaning on Alec’s desk in a way Magnus had never seen her or Robert before. “Mother,” addressed Alec, closing the door behind Magnus.

“Alec,” replied Maryse before standing up straight. “Magnus,” she said, turning her entire presence to face him, something very few Shadowhunters ever did. Maryse reached out a hand to for Magnus and he shook it but stayed quiet. He wasn’t sure what to say but didn’t have to revel in the problem for long before Maryse spoke up. “I wanted to apologise for everything – anything – I’ve ever done to hurt you. I had no right and I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me someday.”

Magnus looked back in slight astonishment. Not only did it sound like she had not taken a breath between the words, but it also sounded like she hadn’t taken a breath for at least a half hour before and had just released it now. All Magnus could find himself to do was swallow and nod. He recognised her sincerity. He had never received an apology from someone like Maryse – someone so entrenched in their prejudices – before and he had to take a second to let it sink in.

He smiled. Her apologies were just as awkward as Alec’s, but genuine nonetheless. “Of course,” he choked out. “Thank you.” Then she did something Magnus – nor Alec for that matter – had expected in their wildest dreams.

Maryse took a few hesitant steps forward and circled her arms around Magnus, embracing him in a hug that was tender at first but then bone crushing. A hug he would only expect from someone like his own mother and he felt a lump in his throat. He stood still, paralysed with the realisation that… Well, he wasn’t entirely sure what. But it made Magnus feel more human than he had ever felt before.

Magnus had always felt eternal, or maybe it was that others had always thought of him that way. But he had never felt like this, ephemeral and relied upon – like there were things at stake. “Thank you… for everything,” whispered Maryse, and Magnus was sure this was something she didn’t want Alec to hear. She pulled apart but kept her hands on his shoulders. He was still struck with shock and his mouth lay open, limp. “I see the confidence you’ve given Alec. The confidence to fight for what he deserves. Thank you. Thank you for making him happy when I couldn’t. I hope he can give you the same.” There were tears in her eyes which she hastily wiped away and Magnus finally blinked.

Magnus thought of bringing up her situation with Robert in a desperate plea to express his support for her in return. Alec had not told him directly, but rather he had overheard Jace and him in conversation. It surprised him the way the woman held herself despite what she was going through. And then decided to keep quiet. Maryse smiled as Magnus did and turned to walk out of Alec’s office. Magnus turned his gaze to Alec’s, who smiled hopefully at him. Magnus returned it, speechless.

Alec walked over rather swiftly and hugged him in a way that immediately comforted Magnus. He was aware of what his boyfriend must be going through. Alec pulled away suddenly, a thought striking him.

“Oh! I haven’t shown you my balcony yet!” he exclaimed, eyes lighting up the room, and Magnus chuckled at him. Alec turned around in excitement, pulling Magnus behind him to the balcony doors. The stepped outside into the frosty air, the cold nipping at their noses as they overlooked the flickering lights of New York City. “And…” added Alec. Magnus eyed him curiously as the boy moved to close and firmly lock the balcony doors behind them. “Complete privacy,” he said, smirking at Magnus.

Magnus quickly – but not quickly enough – walked over to Alec and crashed his lips into Alec’s, bringing the boy’s head down to him. He continued to push Alec against the door of the balcony, edges of Alec’s jacket scrunched in Magnus’ fist as his other hand stroked his boyfriend’s neck rune. The simple gesture sent shivers up and down Alec’s spine. He was sure it wasn’t the breeze.

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in the meantime, alec is always fascinated by magnus being a father figure.


So I was sharing some Malec headcanons with @f-f-f-fight and I mentioned an idea I had with regards Magnus’ magic. He loved it. I wrote it. And he did these beautiful art for it. They’re stunning aren’t they? Thank you Seph!!!! I still have every intention of framing them. Just so you know ;).


“Alec! Duck!”

He heard the shout and dropped low, body acting without conscious thought, his mind narrowed on the urgent call in Jace’s voice. The air above his head sang with the glide of the Seraph blade flying through the air and then he heard a thud.

The circle member’s body had barely dropped before Alec was yanking out the blade from the gaping hole the blade had made in the middle of the man’s forehead.

He nodded at Jace who nodded back at him and went back to hacking away at circle members and demons alike, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight in a way that made Alec spin on his feet, heart suddenly beating hard, eyes searching for the glint of silver necklaces which he hadn’t seen since… The breath whooshed out of him and he sighed in relief.

He’s okay. He’s fine.

Magnus’ fingers shot out in a graceful arc and with a blast of his power he decapitated the demon he’d been fighting, watching unimpressed as the demon dissolved into ash.

He lifted his head, as if he could sense Alec’s eyes on him, dark strands falling over his eyes, glowing golden with the slits that entranced and drew you in with the force and power they held.  His eyes held Alec’s for a brief moment and then he gave Alec a cocky grin and dove back into the fight, mind now focused on the circle member that had tried creeping up on him. A driving punch to the solar plexus, an upwards thrust with the heel of his palm that connected with the man’s nose and a direct punch to the face, and the circle member landed with a thud.

Without breaking a sweat, he glided onto the next circle member just as Alec caught running footsteps and raised his blade at the exact same moment a circle member came swinging at him.

His arms shook with the force of the hit and the circle member grinned.


Alec shot his foot out, slamming hard against the circle member’s kneecap, hearing the satisfying crunch of shattering bone that had the man drop with a pained howl. A quick swipe and he took off the man’s head and using the same momentum cleaved the demon that was coming at him from the side.

And then it was a blur of noise and blood and sweat, losing himself to the battle, catching brief glimpses of his lover, his family, his friends, all focused on their fights.

A circle member clipped him and he turned around, grabbed the man’s face, yanked him close and gutted him.

He caught Magnus’ smile just as he dropped the man’s body and smiled back, shaking his head at the wink Magnus tossed at him.

He was just about to turn around when he caught it, the split second when Magnus was distracted looking at him and a circle member swung at him, the edge of the Seraph blade hitting him from behind.


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The worst part about Alec running around looking for Magnus is that he must have gone over in his head a thousand times the last thing he said to Magnus. He had been screaming at him about Izzy and the Yin Fen. “You knew enough!” And then he insisted that they were leaving.
He must have searched every room, every hallway, stepping over the bodies of people he knew, tears in his eyes, calling for Magnus. He must have stopped at one point to sit in a corner and just put his head in his hands, breathing heavy when he realizes Magnus is nowhere inside the institute.
He had to collect himself and push through that dread until he could force himself outside.
Maybe…just maybe he got out…

“you’re gonna get tired.” magnus’ voice was muffled, giggles seeping into his tone as alec placed kiss after kiss on his lips, his body blanketing his comfortingly. magnus ran his hands up alec’s leather jacket, pulling him closer, laughing against his mouth.

“can’t help it, you’re too beautiful.” alec pressed a kiss to the corner of magnus’ cheek, then his jaw, and then peppered soft kisses on his neck, magnus chuckling at the tickling sensation.

“you’re extremely sappy, never change.” magnus pulled alec’s face up to meet his again, bringing the shadowhunter down to meet his lips in a tender, sweet kiss.

Playing Wii

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 776

Warnings: none

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The last few days at the Institute had been terribly boring. Nothing had happened, the city was calm and there was no sign of demons. It didn’t happen much so you had been told to enjoy those little moments but it was hard to do such thing when it was so dull. Izzy and Clary had gone shopping, Jace was training and Alec was probably training too or at the library being a nerd as usual. It wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon when you came up with an idea.

“Where were you? I’ve been looking for you all around the Institute”, Alec said walking into your room hours later.

“Shopping” you smiled widely.

“I didn’t know you had gone with Izzy and Clary” he commented.

“Oh no, no that kind of shopping” you chuckled. “I bought a Wii!” You told him excited.

You had a lot of money from your heritage and you never knew how to spend the money since everything was given to you by the Institute. But finally you had found a perfect investment. You used to play Wii at your cousins’ place when you were little, before your parents told you about the ShadowWorld and your life changed.

It had been a long time since that moment but you still loved these games as much as Jace loved his looks. Probably you were a little rusty since it had been a long time since the last time you played, but you were probably still good.

“A what?” Alec frowned confused.

“You gotta be kidding me” you laughed but his face didn’t change. “Are you seriously telling me you don’t know what the Wii is?” You asked. He thought for a few moments but finally he shook his head. “X-Box? PlayStation? Nintendo DS?” All the time he just shook his head. “Oh my God, you’ve been living here in New York for how long? And you don’t know anything about videogames! That has to change. Now” you told him and took his hand.

You had convinced the head of the Institute to place the video console in one of the computer rooms with the condition of stop playing whenever the room was needed. And of course, after making you promise that playing wouldn’t interfere with your duties as a Shadowhunter. You didn’t have a problem with that. Fighting demons was much funnier than every single videogame in the world.

When you two arrived at the computer room you closed the door and started explaining Alec how the console worked. The only game you had bought was Wii Sports because you weren’t able to choose one so you would just wait for Simon to come to the Institute to decide since he would probably know some good games.

“Ok…so I move this and my…well, that thing that is supposed to look like me moves at the same time?” Alec asked when you finished explaining how to play tennis.

“That’s right, Lightwood” you smiled at him. “Are you ready?” You asked.

“I guess so” he shrugged.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you” you chuckled.

Alec rolled his eyes with his eyes fixed on the screen while you started the game. Of course he missed many times, giving you so many victories to brag about.

“Once again”, he said after the third time.

“Really? I’ve kicked your ass three times in a row. Have some dignity Alec” you teased him. He narrowed his eyes at you.

“Now” he commanded.

You laughed and shrugged before starting the game again. This time, Alec was agiler, like he knew what he was doing all of sudden instead of moving the console like he was killing flies.

“Ready?” You heard him say.

“For what?” You laughed.            

“This” he said.

Suddenly his game became fierce and fast, almost impossible to follow, like he had been playing his whole life. It was impossible for you to catch the balls and before you could realise it, you had lost.

“What was that!?” You exclaimed. He turned to look at you with a huge smirk on his face.

“As you said…I’ve been living in New York for too long. Did you really believe I didn’t know what the Wii was?” He asked.

“You cheated!” You exclaimed making him laugh.

“No, I didn’t. You were just too innocent” he smiled cocky. “Let me introduce to the three times winner of the Institute Championship of Wii Sports” he added.

“You’re kidding right?” You asked.

“Jace has one in his room” he laughed out loud. “But hey, you’ll improve” he winked at you before he walked out of the room, leaving you completely speechless.

Damn Right (Alec Lightwood x reader)

@dreamwalker08 requested

Can I please have 19,27,30, and 31 for Alec Lightwood from Shadowhunters where the reader keeps saying cheesy pickup lines to annoy him and he says one that gets the reader all flustered? Sorry if it’s too much to ask, you’re just an amazing writer!!!

19. “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back”

27. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands”

30. “I love you even if you fart in your sleep”

31.”Lets cuddle so I can steal your body heat”

When (Y/n) was bored, she loved to annoy the hell out of people. She likes how her comments could make people flinch in frustration. She got this trait, of course, from spending her time with Jace.

Alec was most fun to annoy. It was easy. saying cheesy pick up lines was enough to make him roll his eyes.

“Hey,” (Y/n) called to Alec, who was polishing his bow. Alec only hummed in response, but he didn’t look away. (Y/n) sat next to him. She whispered, “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

Alec froze for a moment, but then sighed in annoyance. He knew this was one of (Y/n)’s days where she could annoy the hell out of him. He simply looked sideways. “Really, (Y/n)?”

She smiled innocently.


That afternoon, (Y/n) trained with Alec. It was hand to hand combat, where (Y/n) would lose more times than not. But this time she swore to herself she would win.

Alec got (Y/n) in a side headlock. She turned her head towards Alec so she could breathe. She punched his ribs and pulled Alec head back with her free hand. Alec struggled to stay in position, but he eventually let go and let (Y/n) throw him to the ground.

When (Y/n) saw that his hand were red, she winked, “I know I’m a handful but that’ s why you’ve got two hands.”

It took a while for Alec to register what she said, but when he did, (Y/n) was already out of the room.

He was really getting annoyed.


After dinner, Alec was in his room, studying the papers laid out in front of him. He fell asleep. He woke up a few minutes later to a familiar voice.

“Well that smells,” the fake-disgusted voice said, and Alec woke up with a jolt.

He rolled his eyes when he realizes it’s just (Y/n). “What are you doing here?”

(Y/n) ignored him. “You fart in your sleep,” she remarked, “But don’t worry, I love you even if you fart in your sleep.”

Alec felt like he was going to explode. The cheesy pick up lines were overwhelming.

“Enough,” he stated and advanced on her just to throw her on the bed. Alec climbed on to the bed with her and gently wrapped his hands around her.

“Let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat,” he whispered.

(Y/n)’s cheeks turned crimson immediately. She was not expecting this. “Did you just f-flirt with me?” 

“Damn right.”



@sadlyamundane asked: Whenever Person A is sleepy they answer every question with “yeah.” Person B uses this oppurtunity to get Person A to agree to them getting a dog the cats (aka Chairman Meow and Church).

Magnus stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the lump currently under his sheets. The tray of food in his hands wobbled as Magnus made his way over to the bedside table to carefully place the silver tray down, the glass of orange juice tilting dangerously before sitting back upright with the wave of his hand.

Satisfied, Magnus turned back to the lump that was his boyfriend snuggled in the sheets and gently shook Alec’s shoulder. The sheets rustled a bit and a small groan made its way to Magnus’ ear, but other than that, Alec didn’t look like he was waking up anytime soon.

Exasperated, Magnus pulled down the sheets and—in the same motion— straddled Alec. And still, he didn’t wake.

“Oh, come one,” Magnus muttered as he swept a swept a hand through the dark unruly mess that was Alec’s hair. And that seemed to do the trick as Alec began to move under the touch, offering his head so the petting wouldn’t stop. And that gave Magnus an idea.

Because, you see, whenever Alec is sleepy, he tends to answer anything without even knowing what the question is…and Magnus may or may not sometimes take advantage of this fact.

“Alexander, darling, are you awake?” Magnus murmured.

Alec blearily blinked up at Magnus, hands already creeping up to gently grasp Magnus’ hips as he replied with, “What?”

Magnus smiled and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips, who was still only awake enough to gurgle something unintelligible as he easily melted into the kiss, whining when Magnus pulled away too soon. It was too cute of a sound not to giggle at, which of course brought a pout to Alec’s lips as he squinted up at Magnus in mock hurt, clearly also amused as the corner of his lips twitched. And he was just so gorgeous that Magnus had to lean over to give him one more kiss, this one lingering for just a few seconds longer.

But he was getting distracted.

Pulling away with great reluctance, Magnus watched Alec for a moment, only speaking when he saw eyelids begin to droop.

“Alexander, can I ask you something?”

“Hmmm?” was Alec’s only response.

Magnus bit his lip. Maybe this was going to be easier than he thought.

“You know how you like it when I pet you?”

It took a moment, but Alec eventually replied with a, “Yeah.”

“And you know how I like it when you pet me?”

Again, he replied with a, “Yeah”—this one slurred just a bit.

“Well, then I thought it would be lovely if we had something else to pet. You know, like a dog. Or…perhaps a cat? Or two? There are these two wonderful kittens as the local pet shelter. One is a teeny little ball of joy and the other is a grumpy, gray fluffball of a cat, but I think he would suit you just fine. So…what do you say, darling, can we get them?”

Alec didn’t reply, and for a moment Magnus feared he was already asleep again, but then Alec stirred and murmured something.

“What was that, dear? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great, Mags.”

Magnus let out a squeal as he pumped a fist in the air, the abrupt movement shaking Alec awake. He took one look at Magnus’ face before practically demanding, “What did I just agree to?”

Laughing, Magnus jumped off of Alec and the bed and made his way to the door. Right as he was about to close it he looked back and said, “You’ll see, dear. I’ll be back soon!”

As Magnus made his way to pick up the adorable felines he heard a ruckus from the bedroom and one last yell from Alec, causing him to burst into giddy laughter.

“Magnus, wait! What did I just agree to!

He doesn’t come back in.

Izzy notices after ten minutes, when Max’s eyes start to droop and his soft child’s hands go still under her palms, exhaustion smoothing the wrinkle in his brow. The space beside her is palpably empty, the space where Alec belongs, and a slow, dangerous swell of concern rises inside her as she makes her way for the door, leaving her parents with Max.

Outside, Magnus is nowhere to be seen. Alec stands alone just beside the door, eyes gazing blankly down the hall, face pale and drawn, and oh god, she knows. Izzy knows, and she feels her own heart cracking as she draws closer and sees tear tracks bright on Alec’s cheeks, eyelashes clumped together in wet spikes.

“Alec,” she murmurs, reaching for his hand, clasping his fingers. They’re cold and clammy in her grip.

He doesn’t move.

“Alec,” she says again, softer, gentler, crowding a little closer and hoping her words will penetrate the haze of grief hovering around him. “Alec, please.”

Slowly, his eyes trail up, resting at her chin for a beat, then her nose, before they meet her eyes, and Izzy feels something painful in her chest when she sees the sharp, fierce misery of his first heartbreak written in his eyes, spirit bruised black in the aftermath of a fistless beating. Her brother, her best friend, the kindest man she knows, who refused to love for so long until the right person came along. And now…

She curls her arms around his waist, burying herself against his shirt, feeling the rapid-fire thump of his anguish against her face. It’s okay, she wants to say. He loves you. You belong together. Except she knows better. There are no words for moments like this, nothing she can say to make this better.

They stand like that, her arms around him, his dangling listlessly at his sides, for a drawn-out breath, the Institute calming around them as night falls. She smooths her palms over his back, clutching at linen, wishing the splinters of her heart that flow jagged through her veins could patch up the shattered pieces of Alec’s.

Her hands suddenly start shaking, and Izzy frowns, confused, until she realizes it’s Alec. He’s shuddering, the entire length of him trembling, and all of a sudden, Alec crumples, his forehead knocking against her shoulder, his nose pressed against her collarbone, and he throws his arms around her, hands crushing her to him as he cries silently, only the quiver of his breath letting her know that her big brother is breaking.

“I love him,” Alec says, voice rough and guttural, the words pushed out from a dark, secret place that Alec never lets anyone see. “Izzy, I love him.”

She’s never heard him say that before. She’s seen it in the way he grins dopily at his phone when Magnus texts him, seen it in his smiles when he arrives from Magnus’s in the morning, but she’s never heard it out loud. She’d hoped to hear him confess it to her, to see the way his face would light up when he admitted the truth. Instead, to hear it now, to hear it when it’s too late… it’s the worst punishment she could ask for.

“I know you do,” she answers faintly, stroking his dark hair, ignoring the way his nails dig hard into her skin. The shaking subsides a little, but Alec lingers, clutching his sister to him like she used to do to him when they were children. Closing her eyes, she sighs heavily, letting her shirt soak up his tears and her body absorb his tremors. “I know you do.”

The Moment

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Featuring: Jace

Words: 993

Warning: some nudity and I think some sweating.

Tag: none

Request: none

Notes: I know Alec is a gay character but this is an imagine so in my imagination…this time he wasn’t. I hope you like it ;)

Originally posted by ryan-potter

It had been a long day and even a longer mission. You never thought it would end at the Pandemonium, protecting yourself and the team against so many downworlders while Izzy looked for the demon and Jace had her back. You ended up with a drink in your hand and another one down your back, making you smell like a bar during the rest of the mission. All you wanted to do was going back to the Institute, take a shower and get dressed.

The moment Jace told you Izzy had took care of the demon, you nodded and hurried out of the club. You were just exhausted after spending the whole time chasing that demon all around Manhattan. It wasn’t easy walking down those streets being invisible without touching anyone, you could guarantee that. When you finally walked into the Institute, you tried to go straight to your room but Lydia spotted you and stopped you the moment you passed through the doors.

“How was it?” Lydia asked. With a sigh you looked at her.

“Good. All done. Alec will tell you later, I need a shower”, you said as fast as you could.

“What’s that smell?” She inquired scrunching her nose.

“As I said… I need a shower”, you repeated, ruder this time.

Seeing you weren’t in the mood she just let you go, not saying anything else. You didn’t use to be rude to her but you just wanted to be left alone after a long day. The second you walked into your room and closed the door, you let out a deep breath as you kicked off your boots and walked to the bathroom turning on the water immediately. While the water got warmer you took fresh towels and clothes from your closet and went back to the shower.

The hot water against your body really relaxed you and calmed your nerves, making you feel better in a moment. You even felt bad for behaving the way you did with Lydia. Probably, you would apologise next day. Once you were done, you wrapped a towel around you and walked to the room, trying to dry your hair a bit with another towel as you looked for your underwear.

Finally you found your black bra and panties so you let the towel down and put on the panties. Just when you were about to take the bra from the bed the door of your room opened all of sudden.

“Hey Bea, are you alright? Jace told-oh god sorry!” You gasped and took the towel quickly to cover yourself with it as you heard Alec’s voice coming into the room.

“Damn Alec! Haven’t you heard about knocking?” You exclaimed as you hurried towards the bathroom where your clothes were.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were…you know” you heard him mumbling as you got dressed as fast as possible.

Damn Alec. His timing was always so freaking perfect. Yes, you wanted to have a chance with him but you were never alone with him and when you did, things like those always happened! It was frustrating. When you finished getting dressed, you walked to the room when you found Alec facing the door, with his head against it. You had to admit that it made you laugh a little.

“You can look now”, you said.

He looked over his shoulder first before turning around. His cheeks were completely red due to embarrassment, making him look even more adorable.

“I’m sorry for that. I should’ve knocked”, he said while you put the dirty clothes in the basket.

“It’s ok. Next time just remember”, you smiled a little and walked to stand in front of him. “So… what did you want?” You asked.

“Oh yeah, eh…” he cleared his throat a little. “ Jace told me you basically ran away as soon as we finished and I wanted to make sure you were ok”, he said finally looking down at you. Damn, he was so tall.

The gesture made you smiled warmly. He wasn’t a caring guy, he was more reserved and opening up was hard for him so you really appreciated his concern.

“I’m ok. It was just a really long day and I got that drink poured all over my back which just put me in a bad mood”, you explained crossing your arms. “I just wanted to get out of there”, you added with a shrug.

“Oh…” he said nodding. “I understand”, he said biting his lip. “Are you feeling better now?” He asked.

With a smile you nod and it was then when silence came in between you two. Probably that was the best moment to tell him how you felt about him but you just couldn’t find the words or even your voice to speak so you cleared your throat and looked away biting your lip.

“Well um… I should go. I kinda need a shower as well”, he commented awkwardly.

“Yeah…you smell”, you teased making him smile.

He opened the door of your room and walked out, looking at you once again before closing the door. For the second time since you got there, you let out a deep breath that was cut when Alec opened the door again, popping his head in.

“I just wanted to say that…you’re beautiful”, he said. This time it was yours to blush.

“Thank you”, you chuckled biting your lip. He nodded and closed the door again, disappearing, but he opened again.

“Would you like to watch a movie? Tonight? Maybe my room?” He proposed.

You raised both eyebrows surprised. Surely you would have never expected such thing from him.

“I’ll bring popcorns”, you said.

“Nice”, he nodded and closed the door again. This time you could hear his footsteps walking down the aisle so you could finally let out the nervous laugh you were holding and covered your mouth to shut up a scream of excitement. It was your moment.

yes, alec, your boyfriend can take you down any day

sparring idea by @lovetheskyisblue69 , bow and arrow idea by @1128sarahserrano!! thank you!

let me know what you think!

Jace had told Alec that he wanted to get a training session in before dinner and Alec was in desperate need to blow off some steam as well. Magnus had come to the Institute after an easy day and the two walked out of Alec’s office and towards the training room. “Are you gonna stay or should I meet you back at the loft?” asked Alec as they turned a corner.

Magnus knew that Alec had been insanely stressed out recently. Apparently Clave orders were getting stricter and stricter by the day, and some of the Shadowhunters were beginning to take liberties in their duties just because Alec had been appointed Head. Magnus smiled and placed a comforting hand on Alec’s back. “I’ll stay,” he reassured, knowing Alec would want someone to walk home with. Alec grinned in response but Magnus raised an eyebrow. “But… only if you wear that tank top I love?”

Alec’s heart skipped a beat or ten thousand at the sight of Magnus’ smirk before he was able to reply. “You are unbelievable,” he replied and Magnus only bit his lip and smiled back in response.

Alec had gotten changed rather quickly and the two had waited for a good 10 minutes before Alec realised that Jace had clearly forgotten his commitment and wasn’t turning up. Alec’s sour mood had returned once again and he let out a rather loud frustrated sigh which Magnus noticed. It was getting late so the training room was empty and Magnus could tell that even though Alec was a lot more comfortable, he was looking forward to sparring with Jace.

“I’d be happy to help,” said Magnus, getting up from leaning on the wall.

Alec frowned and looked back at his boyfriend. “You can fight?” he asked, only a hint of humour in his voice. Magnus raised an eyebrow and Alec knew full well that Magnus could fight but he didn’t want this to be unfair. “Without magic?” he clarified and Magnus scoffed.

He walked closer to Alec and the boy felt his heart rate quicken. “Do you dare to underestimate the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Alexander?” he asked in a low voice. Alec couldn’t seem to close his mouth. He couldn’t even bring himself to blink. His mind went completely blank, and he could feel his heart begin to ache and his eyes go blurry just at the sight of the man in front of him.

He swallowed and diverted his eyes from Magnus’ unexpectedly intense gaze. “Of course not,” he breathed out and walked backwards to get into position. “Let’s go.”

Magnus smirked and made his way over to a chair, took his jacket off, and rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Alec swallowed hard, trying to look anywhere but at Magnus’ arms. Hundreds of thoughts ran through his head but an overwhelming sense of ‘how is this real’ washed over him as he looked at Magnus. Eventually, Alec rolled his eyes and shifted back into his normal state of mind, clearing his throat to compose himself.

Quickly, Alec realised that Magnus was not one to be messed with. He was aware that his boyfriend was the High Warlock but he had no idea just how good he was at hand-to-hand combat. Magnus fought well and unlike anyone Alec had encountered before. He was used to the strict rules of his training and hadn’t had the experience of fighting some who wasn’t a Shadowhunter. Alec thought that maybe Magnus had picked a lot of this up by getting into actual fights but didn’t allow himself to get distracted by the possibilities.

Though Magnus was swift, Alec had had a lifetime of fight training and took Magnus down within a couple of minutes. But Magnus didn’t back down. Instead, Alec’s stomach turned uneasily at the way Magnus only smiled. He was close enough to see the few specks of gold under Magnus’ eyes but not close enough to feel his breath and oh, did Alec want to feel it in that moment. He could feel Magnus’ heartbeat against his forearm and it reminded him of the steadiness of a clock. So much so, that Alec found himself lost in his thought for much longer than he could afford.

In one swift movement, Magnus twisted under Alec’s arm and managed to flip themselves over. Magnus slammed Alec down, a knee between the boy’s legs and an arm under his chin. Alec still couldn’t seem to wipe that silly grin off his face and the fact that Magnus was only two inches from him didn’t help. It was so silent that Alec could feel the blood rushing in his ears and just for a second, he forgot where he was.

Magnus leaned forward, almost teasing Alec, their lips almost brushing against each other’s and Alec felt his entire body warm up and tingle. He felt a burning sensation begin to grow at the base of his stomach. Magnus licked his lips and Alec lost it. He hastily leaned forwards to kiss him, to press himself up against him, to do anything but be so tantalisingly close because it was never close enough.  But suddenly, almost as if on cue, Magnus jerked his head back and stood up, a smug smile on his face. Alec let out a frustrated sigh and let his head fall back onto the cold marble floor. Neither of them could stop smiling.

“Okay…” started Alec, after he had collected himself. “How good are you with a bow and arrow?”

Magnus shrugged nonchalantly. “I mean, I may o may not have introduced archery to the Romans…”

Alec laughed. “I’m gonna go with ‘may not’.”

Magnus scoffed playfully, feigning hurt. “You don’t know,” he argued and Alec shook his head.

Alec turned towards the weapons rack to retrieve his bow and quiver and set up a target at the opposite end of the room. He told Magnus to watch and shot an arrow perfectly into the centre of the bullseye. Magnus watched him rather intently and Alec felt hot again so he stopped at handed the bow to Magnus. “You try,” he said. He only felt a little smug.

Magnus walked up to where Alec had stood and before Alec could blink, had shot an arrow that stuck neatly into the target right beside where Alec’s arrow was. Alec chuckled and cocked an accusing eyebrow at his boyfriend. “No magic, I swear,” he said with a wink and Alec really didn’t know what to think.

Instead, he crossed his arms and took step closer. “Not bad, but your form was pretty sloppy.” It was Magnus’ turn to roll his eyes and mumble under his breath. Alec stepped up behind Magnus and again, it was Magnus’ turn to lose his breath.

“Okay,” Alec said softly. “Keep this arm as straight and steady as possible,” he said, touching Magnus’ bicep, and Magnus could help but contain a smile at his comment. “Turn a little this way,” he whispered. He placed his hands on Magnus’ shoulders to guide him and let his fingers linger there for longer than both of them knew was necessary. Magnus only smiled but Alec noticed. “Focus,” he insisted.

“I am focusing,” Magnus replied in a voice that made Alec want to drop everything.

“Legs further apart, good. Bring your elbow up higher, yep. Now shoot,” he instructed, taking a small step back. Magnus let go of the arrow and watched as it hit the outermost ring of the target. Magnus clenched his jaw and Alec smirked. “Not as easy as it looks, huh?” he whispered against Magnus’ cheek and Alec could feel Magnus shift as a shiver travelled down his spine.

“It’s almost like you want me to miss,” he said, shakily. Alec chuckled and Magnus stepped down from his stance, dropping the bow and arrow before turning around and hastily grabbing the front of Alec’s shirt.

Instead of the usual taken aback reaction that Magnus received, Alec leaned in further, melting into the slender line of Magnus’ body. Alec was loosing his breath quicker and quicker by the second so he gave in, grabbing Magnus by the belt loops and pulling him impossibly closer.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, the scene between alec and aline that i wish we had gotten.

airuna  asked:

Can you write 64 and 92/93 please?

Sure can! I’m keeping this one short and sweet, because I think we all could use a few hundred words of fluff to get through next week.

Malec: 64: “You’re so beautiful.” + 92: “Are you drunk?”

Magnus woke up to a giggling Alec hopping onto bed. Sometimes Alec would arrive in the middle of the night, especially when he was running rounds. Those were rarer now that he was the Head of the Institute, but Alec still loved to get out of the office from time to time.

Although Magnus remembered something about a celebration. It had to do with… Jace? Some shadowhunter thing, Magnus figured.

He didn’t have much time to think before next thing Magnus knew, Alec was on top of him. “Hi,” he said with a lazy grin. “I missed you.”

“That’s sweet, darling,” Magnus said, fingers running through Alec’s hair. He wasn’t as sweaty as he would be if he had been working. “Where were you?”

“Institute,” Alec answered mindlessly. His eyes traveled through Magnus’ face and Alec frowned. “You’re so beautiful.”

Magnus blinked and he couldn’t help the smile that took his lips. Something on Alec’s voice sounded almost offended. “Should I apologize?”

“No!” Alec practically screamed. “Never. You’re perfect. Your face. The rest too. I missed you.”

A chuckle played at Magnus’ throat, but he suppressed it. “Alexander, I’m going to ask you something and I want you to answer me with the truth, okay?” He waited for Alec to nod a couple of times. “Are you drunk?”

Alec beamed. “Yes!”

This time Magnus let the chuckle out. “You sound proud of that.”

“I drank scotch,” Alec sang, leaning his chin on Magnus’ shoulder. “Tasted like wood, even though I’ve never tried wood. It was really old too. But not as much as you. So I guess it wasn’t really old at all.” Alec closed his eyes. “Time is relative.”

“It is.” Magnus hugged his boyfriend, feeling his weight on top of him. He had missed Alec too. “How about we go to sleep, darling?”

“We could do that,” Alec said, nodding. He opened his eyes and looked at Magnus, smirking. “Or we could- you know.”

Magnus arched an eyebrow at him. “Or we could sleep.”

“It’s so hard to win an argument against you,” Alec whined and rolled to lay on Magnus’ side. “Today was the anniversary of the day Jace and I met.”

With a movement of his hand, Magnus used his magic to change Alec’s clothes to the shorts he wears to sleep. “So you guys went out for drinks?”

“We drank in my office. Izzy and Clary too. I wish you were there.”

“I’m here now,” Magnus said as he ran his hand up and down Alec’s arm.

Alec nodded and smiled again, sleep taking over him. “Good.”

Fun (Alec Lightwood x reader)

@schneetannchen requested:

29 with Alec please 😊

29. “You can stay but your clothes must go”

warning: mentions of smut and masturbation

When it comes to intimate moments, Alec was not like Jace. Jace loved flirting, having one night stands, and leaving at first light looking as handsome as he is the night before.

The confidence came easy to him.

But Alec was different. Although he and (Y/n) had been together for months, they haven’t done anything too heated. They have done make out sessions, but that was it. Nothing else.

(Y/n) didn’t need sex, she was already perfectly happy with Alec. But she was craving for release, and she hasn’t been able to orgasm by herself since she met Alec. She was craving him.

“Hey,” Alec said, cutting (Y/n) out her train of thoughts.

Alec sat next to her, swinging his arm around his girlfriend, who was staring blankly at a wall. Alec opened a book on demonic languages. He was learning.


(Y/n) sighed aloud, trying to get her mind off the boy besides her.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Alec, sensing her discomfort, shut the book between his fingers.

“Something’s wrong,” he said.

(Y/n) tried her best to look confused. “What? No, nothing’s wrong.”

Alec furrowed his eyebrows. “I wasn’t asking.”

(Y/n) sighed softly, dropping the act.

“Alec, can I do something? Can I try something?” she asked quietly.


With one swift gesture, she jumped on Alec’s lap, pulling his shirt above his head, in an almost predatory way, like when she’s sparring.

Alec blushed as he opened his mouth to say something, but (Y/n) cut him off with a desperate yet short kiss. “Can I stay here tonight?”

Alec smiled, shyly, “You can stay, but your clothes must go.”

Surprised, (Y/n) giggled at his response. She whispered, “We are going to have so much fun.”



Round Two

Pairing: Alec & Female!Reader

Warnings: Smut

I stomped my foot getting Alec’s attention. He looked over at me, a smirk on his perfect lips. God I just want to kiss him right here and right now. “What’s wrong?” Izzy, my best friend and parabati asked. “Oh, nothing.” I quickly shrugged it off. What was wrong was Alec. I wanted to jump his bones right here, right now. “Well okay…” Izzy laughed as she looked between her brother and I. “I have to go so Alec take care of her until I get back.” Izzy said with a wink before walking out. “I will most definitely take care of you.” I froze when I felt Alec’s warm breath on my neck. “Come on baby.” Alec ran his fingers down my back stopping at my bum squeezing. “Fuck!” I hissed.

I pushed Alec down on his bed pulling my shirt off over my head before getting on top of him. “I just wanted you to fuck me right there.” I pressed my lips to his. “Right on the table.” I bit his bottom lip. Alec laughed as he stopped at my hips, squeezing. “Seeing that mundane look at you… God I wanted to-” but I cut him off. “Jealous much?” I asked. “Very!” He smiled as he leaned up on his elbows. “How about I show you just how much I love you.” I slid off of him. I pulled my jeans off then my panties before removing my cute black bra. Alec was already in the process of removing his clothes but as he was about to remove his briefs I stopped him. “Wait.” I bit my lip taking a seat on his hard on. I slowly rolled my hips. “F-Feel that?” I asked. “Feel how wet I am for you and only you!” Alec heavily sighed as he laid back looking up at me. “All I want is you Alec… Just you my love.” I stood up and watched as Alec pulled his briefs off and pumping himself a few times. “Ride me!” He looked at my dripping core. “Ride you?” I giggled. “Yes! Please ride me!” He begged. I nodded and slowly got down on my knees looking down at him. He rubbed the tip of his cock at my entrance. “Fuck.” I moaned. Alec took this as his chance and thrust up into me. “OH FUCK!” I screamed. I quickly sank down my eyes slowly opening. There lay my boyfriend with a shit eating grin on his face. “You were taking to long.” He shrugged. “Fuck off.” I protested before I started moving. The rhythm was perfect; I kept going. Bouncing up and down, my breast following. Alec grunted as he felt my clench around his thick length. “Just like that.” He said before a low moan left his lips. I moaned holding my one breast while my other fingers worked on my clit. “Oooh, fuck Alec!” I whined. I was getting close and he could tell as he began thrusting up harder. “Cum for me Y/N!” He growled. I whimpered as he slapped my hand away from my clit and replaced it with his own. “I-I’m gunna cum baby!” I squeezed his shoulder as my sight began to get fuzzy. The sound of skin on skin slapping and moans bouncing off the walls. “Oh shit!”

I lay beside Alec in the dark room. My heavenly euphoria still lingering. “I should talk to Simon more often if I’m going to get sex like this.” I smiled looking over at my handsome man. He looked over at me a tired smirk on his face. “I’ll beat the shit out of him if you do.” He mumbled wrapping his arm around my waste and pulling me in. I laughed and ran my hand down his chest and over his package. “You’re still hard?” I looked at him shock. “So… Round two?”

Magnus is leaving.

Magnus is leaving, and Alec is here, drowning in things that are bigger than him, in catastrophes that come like waves during high tide. It’s ceaseless, and now Valentine is free again, gone from their clutches as if they’d personally unlocked his cuffs and opened the cell door for him to stroll out. Duncan is dead, Izzy feels terrible, Alec is exhausted, and Magnus is leaving for the Seelie Court in the morning.

Alec tries to shove the thought to the corners of his mind, tries to think of capturing Valentine instead. It’s easier like this – running himself ragged and pushing too hard, because there’s always too much for him to do, too many people who look at him with sideways glances and sneers on their faces, too many opportunities for him to fail.

He pushes until the pale blue of day starts emerging at the horizon, when everybody else finally trudges to their quarters with bruises under their eyes and sour breath on their tongues. Alec massages at his temples, sighing as he stumbles toward his room, thinking how nice it will be to collapse onto the plush mattress, wrap himself in red silk and bury his face in the heat of Magnus’s chest…

He stops at the door, brow furrowing when his mind breaks through the fog of weariness. This is the Institute, and Magnus won’t be here.

Reflexively, Alec pulls out his stele and hitches his shirt up, running the adamas over his stamina rune, inhaling sharply at the shock of energy that runs through his limbs. Making for the front door, he runs, eyes unseeing, feet following a path that’s been branded into his skull, taking him to the subway, past back alleys until he sees familiar red brick in front of him.

“Magnus?” he calls out, chest heaving when the door swings open for him. It’s pretty, the way morning light streams in and sets everything aglow, but he’s antsy, blinking too fast as his eyes dart around the open space.

There’s a clatter from the kitchen, and Magnus’s head pops out from behind a wall, a swooping smile appearing on his face when his eyes land on Alec.

“What are you doing here, darling?” he asks, but before he can say another word Alec is on him, arms wrapping around Magnus’s broad shoulders, his face digging into the crook of his neck.

“I wanted to say bye,” Alec mumbles into warm skin, inhaling deeply as he feels himself go slack in Magnus’s arms, his body finally remembering its fatigue as the stamina rune starts to fade. “Before you left.”

Magnus hums softly, the vibration of it resonating against Alec’s cheek, and runs his fingers through Alec’s hair, massaging at his scalp. Alec whimpers at the delicious ache it sends skittering down his spine.

“You should go to sleep, Alexander,” Magnus says quietly. “You’re exhausted.”


Magnus shuffles him backward, winding around tables and chairs, and Alec follows blindly, clutching at Magnus’s shirt and wrinkling the crisp material. His eyes are halfway closed, and Magnus feels so good right now…

He feels the edge of the bed against the backs of his knees. Magnus pushes him downward, and Alec sits obediently as he watches Magnus pulls his boots off, then his socks, before he lifts his arms so Magnus can push his cotton shirt over his head.

“Up,” Magnus says, and Alec stands, letting Magnus unbutton his jeans and pull them down and off until he’s standing in his boxers.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart,” Magnus says, voice low and smoky as he urges Alec onto the left side of the bed, leaning over him with a fond smile.

Alec loops his arms around Magnus’s neck, and Magnus laughs as he falls into Alec’s chest, his nose smushed against his collarbone and the rest of him plastered against Alec from head to toe. This is nice, Alec thinks as he runs his fingers over the edges of Magnus’s pants, dipping under until he finds bare skin. I could do this forever.

“I have to go,” Magnus whispers, lips brushing hotly against his ear. “The Seelie Queen won’t like it if I’m late.”

“No,” Alec says stupidly.

Magnus chuckles as he begins to push himself upward. “Sleep tight, and snore as loud as you want, okay?”

“I don’t snore,” Alec tries to say, the words incoherent and slurred.

Alec feels a kiss pressed onto his forehead, then his nose, and then his mouth, smooth and sweet and comfortable.

“Thank you for stopping by, Alexander. I missed you last night. But I really do have to go now.”

“Fine,” Alec breathes. “Missed you too. G’bye.”

And then Magnus is gone. Turning with a groan, Alec grabs Magnus’s pillow, burying his face into it and breathing in the familiar scent. He lets himself sink into the fatigue, his body going soft and limp and satisfied, and no one’s the wiser when little snuffles begin sounding throughout the bedroom.

Nobody says that anymore (Malec)

(Magnus is over 300 years old and Alec is okay with that. Sometimes more often than others)

Alec is still getting used to how old Magnus is, sometimes Magnus says things that make no sense to Alec. One time Magnus was looking at something on the internet and mumbled: “Gag me with a spoon.” Alec laughed aloud at that and Magnus looked over at him a little startled, unaware that Alec had heard him.

“I’m sorry, what?” Alec asked between giggles.

“Gag me with a spoon, Alexander.” He stood up. “It’s a phrase used to describe how unpleasant a situation may be” He explained while walking over to Alec and talking with his hands. “It was a popular phrase in the 1980s”

Alec cupped Magnus’ cheeks and smiles softly. “Well nobody says that anymore” Alec pecks his lips lightly and chuckles. “We need to get you updated on current slang. I’ll call Izzy.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone dialing Izzy’s number. She picked up on the third ring. “Alec is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine Iz, but I need you at Magnus’s”

“Why? Is he okay?”

Alec rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly. “Magnus is fine Izzy, don’t worry. Although he is still using slang from the 80s so you decide.”

“Wow.” Izzy laughs. “I’ll be right over.”

thejedishadowhunter  asked:

Malec + "don't die on me-please"

Since this week has been taking approximately two years to go by, I’ve decided to bring back a somewhat anticipated reunion.

Canon-verse. Magnus and Alec meet for the first time after 2x18.

Malec + 15: “Don’t die on me– Please.”

Regret laid heavily on Magnus’ heart. He had made the wrong choice, siding with the Seelies. It was the wrong choice to seek for truth in the midst of such skillful liars. It was the wrong choice to let his fears cloud his judgment.

It had been the wrong choice to turn his back on love only because he was afraid.

Not that making the wrong choice when it came to love was something new to Magnus. He had dated Camille for decades after all. Worse, he’d come back to her more times than he was willing to admit, knowing full well it would only lead to more pain.

There were other times as well. Sweet Dot, who Magnus had wronged so much for not being able to love back as much as she had loved him. Imasu and his short temperament, with who Magnus had little patience for in the end.

But here hadn’t been only mistakes in his past. Etta wasn’t a mistake, not when she brought Magnus so much happiness and so much care. Woolsey Scott wasn’t a mistake, as casual as that had been. They had been friends most of all and Woolsey had been there for Magnus when he needed him the most.

Alexander wasn’t a mistake.

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Malec + “I was bored out of my mind during this color theory lecture but I notice you looking at me, you keep glancing between me and your sketchbook WAIT are you doing what I think you’re doing” au... pretty please 😄

Let’s see if my brain will cooperate for at least something short! Thanks for sending this in :) ♥

You can also read it on AO3 :)

Here’s the prompt list if you feel like sending me one :)

He should be writing this down. Yep. That sounded like important information. Oh well. The professor droned on in front of the class sometimes struggling with the projector. Seriously, how did this guy get hired in an art college

Magnus felt like his brain was about to melt from the monotone voice talking and talking and talking. Did he even know what he was talking about or was the professor just going on autopilot at this point? From the empty look in his eyes Magnus guessed that it was the latter.

Shifting in his seat Magnus took out his phone and put it on his desk, feeling sure that even if he got caught the professor wouldn’t care. His fingers swiftly went through his basic apps, finally opening Instagram. He started slowly scrolling down, looking at pictures of cats and art that his feed was full of, kudos to the people he followed. 

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Don’t Leave (Alec Lightwood x reader)

Anons requested:


33 PLEASE! Can you do An Alec lightwood imagine with line 33? xx

Could you do an Alec lightwood imagine with line 21 and 33? xx

Can you do an Alec lightwood imagine with: 21. “I’m not going anywhere” and 33. “There was never really anyone else.”


-Soooooo I’m just gonna write this all at once (it was @harukatrash‘s idea)-

21. “I’m not going anywhere”

33. “There was never really anyone else.”

Alec had never been so afraid.

He feared that (Y/n), the person he loves, the person he adores, the person he would die for, is leaving here for somebody else.

(Y/n) has been going out to the pandemonium Raphael more often, and he all knew when it started.

It started when she first had a private talk the leader of the New York vampire clan.

No matter how much he wanted to throw a tantrum, to march to the hotel Dumont to stake the vampire in his heart, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it .He wanted (Y/n) to be happy. He would do whatever it takes just to make her smile, even if it means killing him inside.

“Hey, Alec,” (Y/n) said, entering Alec’s room. The shadowhunter just got back from the pandemonium. Alec tried to fake a smile. “Hey,” he said, looking up from the book he was reading.

(Y/n) frowned and sat next to the Lightwood, head leaning on his shoulder. “You forced that smile,” she observed, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he lied.

“This can’t be nothing,” said (Y/n), whispering in his ears. As (Y/n) leaned closer to him, the unmistakable scent of blood became noticeable to Alec, and it sends a churning pain down his stomach. It sickens him.

Alec was sick of pretending. Instead of being mad and shouting at (Y/n) he stood up and looked down at her. “I’ll back off,” he said quietly.


“If you want to see other people, I’ll back off,” he said, almost a whisper.

“What do you mean?”

“Raphael,” said Alec, “I know you’ve been running off with him. It’s okay.”
(Y/n) gently clasped his hand in hers. “It’s not Raphael.”

“Then who is it?”

“I don’t think you understand, Alec,” she said, standing up to caress his cheek, “There was never really anyone else.”

“But you go to the pandemonium every night.”

“I have been going to the pandemonium so I can help Raphael train Simon into fitting in with downworlders,” she explained, engulfing Alec with a warm, loving hug.

Alec had never been more relieved his entire life.

It was all just a misunderstanding.

After a while, Alec’s grip tightened around her. “Don’t leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”