Alec: If you kill him, you kill a part of me.

Maryse: Jace is not your blood.

Alec: *looks at the camera like he’s on the office*

i normally hate cliches, but with malec i want ALL of them to be used:

  • the Accidental Hand Hold where they both reach for the same thing at the same time and end up brushing each other’s hand
  • the After-Action Patch-Up where one of them tends to the other’s wounds after a battle
  • the Smooch of Victory where one of them tells the other they will win a contest for them and gets a kiss when they do
  • the Battle Couple where if someone harms one of them the other will not hesitate to get revenge, has the potential for a Back-to-Back Badasses moment
  • the Beautiful Dreamer where one watches the other sleep peacefully
  • the Caught in the Rain where they’re out on a date and are not prepared for when it suddenly starts pouring
  • the Ferris Wheel Date Moment where they have a date at an amusement park and kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
  • the Finishing Each Other’s Sentences where, as the title says, they complete the other’s train of thought
  • the Grand Romantic Gesture where one of them thinks up something meaningful to do for the other
  • the Hands-On Approach where one of them shows the other how to do something by getting up close and personal and moving their arm(s) for them
  • the Held Gaze where they lock eye contact and hold it for a long period of time (i realize we have already had this which makes me !!! but i’d love to see it again)
  • the I Got You a Drawer where one of them lets the other keep a couple of belongings at their place so it’s easier for them when they stay over
  • the Intimate Artistry where one of them draws the other or draws on the other
  • the Lap Pillow where one of them rests their head in the other’s lap
  • the Love Epiphany where one of them startingly realizes they’re in love with the other
  • the Meadow Run where they run, usually in slow-motion, towards each other after being separated for a little
  • the Serenade Your Lover where one of them sings a romantic song to other, either silly or heartfelt
  • the Sleep Cute where there’s a scene where they’re sleeping on each other, fully clothed
  • the Zip Me Up where one of them helps the other with their outfit

(these are all from )