alec harvey

Imagine your OTP

Person A: I thought we could y'know, take the next step *wiggles eyebrows*

Person B: You mean…the sex step.

Person A: What, no! *blushes and giggles* I meant giving you my Netflix password

Hey, I was tagged by the awesome @i-have-no-social-life-so-im-here to do the 10 people I would kiss under the mistletoe.

1) Alec Lightwood

2) Stiles Stilinski

3) Isabelle Lightwood

4) Bellamy Blake

5) Derek Hale

6) Magnus Bane

7) Harvey Specter

8) Allison Argent

9) Lydia Martin

10) Jace Wayland

I’m going to tag the last 10 people active on my dashboard; @oxxxrosexxxo  @isle-of-hot-ass-men @tinaliatum @jemsdrug @onceuponatimecdm @damnthoseherondales @baemeraudetoubia @winsloschott @savingraphaelsantiago @ligtwood