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40 + magnus/alec

Malec + “I believe you dropped this”

“Look out!”

Narrowly avoiding the oncoming Seraph blade, Magnus sent a blast of burning magic into the Circle member’s gut, screams filling the air. Unconsciously, his magic sought out Alec, fighting on the other side of the darkened alley. They were supposed to go on a date, like they always did on Fridays, but an emergency call had reached them just as they were preparing to leave. Tracking the call to an alley in Manhattan, filled with Circle members, was not exactly how they had envisioned their day to go.

Still, watching the blood drip off his knuckles after punching the approaching man in the face, Magnus couldn’t stop the satisfaction from spreading through his body. Just yesterday, there had been an attack on warlock children not far from there, and now he had no doubt who had been the offending party.

Bringing his hands up to his chest, he felt the red strands of his magic curling into a ball, moving from his body to his fingers. He slammed his arms forward, and his magic was unleashed. The red blast crashed into his opponents, knocking them off their feet. Not a second later, Alec appeared in the fog, finishing them off. One more glance to the other side of the alley, and he turned to Magnus.

“Are you alright?”

“Of course I am,” Magnus answered, his magic checking Alec for injuries, “ready for another round?”

“Always,” Alec said, voice playful.

Taking off his blazer and banishing it back to the loft, Magnus noticed how Alec’s eyes lingered at the shirt straining over his arms. “Is this our idea of date night now?”

“What, you’re not having fun?” Alec quipped, striding forward again, only to be met with a few dozen Circle members rounding the corner.

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prompt: alec accidentally calling magnus "magnus babe" when talking to a high ranking clave official

Alec finds himself often getting lost in his thoughts, he’s been a thinker (an overthinker, really) for his entire life. Since meeting Magnus, that hasn’t changed, it’s just that now, Magnus has become his mind’s favourite thing to think about.

Like today, he’s only half listening to the woman on the phone, a member of the Clave who had wanted to speak to him. She seems nice enough, but they’re at the portion of the call when she is listing off everyone who will be coming New York, and when, which is all information Alec already knows, and she seems to be half thinking out loud about who she should send so Alec just hums and tunes out for the most part.

Most of his mind is focused on pet names, which is something he’s never given much thought to. Magnus uses pet names and odd nicknames for everyone, changing it up from time to time, but Alec’s favourite for him is ‘Alexander’. Magnus was delighted when Alec reluctantly told him this, saying it was his favourite, too.

So now Alec is going through the pet names he’s heard Jace and Izzy use over the years, trying to find something that will sound right.

Angel, dollface, baby,

“And we’ll need the help of the High Warlock, Magnus Bane-”

“Magnus Babe?” Alec blurts out before he can fully process and when he does, he wants the ground to swallow him whole, this is a Clave official he’s on the phone with for Angel’s sake. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean-”

But before Alec can say anything else, the woman on the phone starts laughing hysterically. Alec sits there, confused, even more so because he doesn’t think he’s ever heard a Clave official lose their cool like this.

“No, no, it’s fine,” she says after another moment, finally calming down somewhat. “It’s really sweet, actually.”

Alec thinks he may have fallen asleep at some point and this is absolutely not happening.

“And I would agree that he is rather attractive.”

This cannot even be a dream at this point. Alternate reality, that has to be it.

“But we should try and keep this professional, so can I count on you to contact him about the portals? I’ll send all the details later today.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course, no problem,” Alec stammers out, and he spends the rest of the conversation on high alert, not wanting to push his luck.

“Okay, that’s that, I’ll see you in a few days, Mr. Lightwood,” the woman (Annabeth, Alec recalls now) says after a few more minutes of conversation.

“See you then,” he replies and hangs up, thankful for the call to be over. But as the embarrassment wears off, he finds that there’s a warm feeling of happiness settling in his mind. Annabeth is a high ranking Clave official, yet she made no rude comments about Magnus, even called him attractive, even laughed at Alec’s slip up.

Maybe things are changing, maybe things are getting better, and Alec lets himself hope.

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a very vague prompt, but still a great concept: malec + forehead kisses

Thank you francy!! Hope you like it ♥

If music be the food of love, play on. ( – Shakespeare)

It were the little things that changed after their big confession.

There was no sudden shift, no world that was turned on its axis. The revelation did not arrive violently, did not change their relationship in an irrevocable way.

Still with abrupt realisation came a budding awareness of his feelings that Alec had not been granted before.
Love seeped into every word, every touch, every kiss that they shared. And though it has always been there, in a way that Alec has come to see, being able to put a word to the warmth that spread through his chest whenever he thought of the man he loved was a soft relief. Taking his hand and guiding his heart into the right direction, it had led him right where he belonged. It was funny, he thought, that it took him so long to understand when the feeling could not be any clearer to him now.

And even while leaning on the kitchen counter, watching Magnus cook, he could not keep that thought out of his mind.

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happy birthday to the lovely, beautiful and, above all, thirsty @daddarioswife 💖  i hope you have the most wonderful day, i wish you all the best, you’re so sweet and amazing and deserve all the love in the world. love you lots and i hope you enjoy this 💕

Alec woke up and immediately felt uneasy, like something was wrong. As he blinked his eyes open, he realised where the feeling was coming from. He was alone in bed. Maybe Magnus had an unexpected client or just woke up early; in any case, Alec knew he wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep without him there.

He sat up, stretching his arms above his head, and then he heard the faint sound of music coming from outside the bedroom. He got up and walked to the kitchen, the music getting louder, and he was met with a sight that tugged at the corners of his mouth and he didn’t fight the smile that spread across his face.

Magnus was dancing around the kitchen, his hips moving in time with the music, his voice soft as he sang along under his breath. His hair wasn’t styled and from what Alec could tell, his face was free of makeup and he was still only in his pajama pants. He looked so at ease, so domestic that it made something warm settle in Alec’s heart as he watched him.

After a few moments Magnus turned on his heels and jumped as he noticed Alec watching him. The surprise was momentarily replaced by a bright smile, and in the warm light of the morning, with his face relaxed and his hair falling over his forehead, Magnus looked magical. Not High Warlock of Brooklyn magical, not lethally magical, no. A softer kind of magical that had nothing to do with magic, but everything to do with Magnus being freely himself.

“Good morning, love,” Alec said as Magnus walked over to him. Magnus’ hands found their way around Alec’s waist, pulling them close together. Alec wrapped his own arms around Magnus, taking in the shiver and then the warmth that spread through him from where their skin touched.

“Morning, Alexander,” Magnus replied. “And happy birthday.”

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hypothetically yours | frank/nancy

a frank pov mix with the sad songs frank listens to when he wishes nancy were with him, probably.

1. not in that way — derek derush (sam smith cover) // I’d never ask you cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say: you’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way.”
2. come around — rosi golan // you’re the one, and I’m a fool for waiting so long to let you know
3. she’s all i want — eoghan colgan // I picture my side, that’s where you’ll be found, all that I want is to make you proud
4. 18 — one direction // all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you, I wanna love like you made me feel when we were eighteen
5. i like you — dandelion hands // last time I had you I should have kissed you, these feelings fester up inside, but how could I deny these butterflies 
6. sofa — ed sheeran // we could fly to berlin, tokyo or jamaica, we can go where you want, say the word and I’ll take you, but I’d rather stay on the sofa with you
7. hypothetically yours — sophie madeleine // if you want me I could be your honey
8. if we were words (we would rhyme) — gruff rhys // I never claimed you were mine, just if we were words we would rhyme
9. where are you now — mumford and sons // do you ever think of me in the quiet, in the crowd? and I hear of your coming and your going in the town, I hear stories of your smile, I hear stories of your frown
10. fuck was i — jenny owens young // maybe I’ll be the special one that doesn’t get burnt
11. 10 am, gare du nord — keaton henson // and I’d kill just to watch you as you’re sleeping, I hope that you’ll let me, in time
12. sooner or later — mat kearney // sooner or later I swear we’re gonna make it
13. past life lovers — tva // everything you do to me is making me a victim of your love
14. corner of your heart — ingrid michaelson // I will leave this town just to sleep underneath your bed
15. we will not grow old — lenka // we’ve got a long, long way to go to get there, we’ll get there, but oh, if there’s one thing that we know it’s that we will not grow old

Sorting thru all my plushies. Here are the 33 Armitage related ones I could find..

God's Own Country - Trailer

Spring. Yorkshire. Young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex, until the arrival of a Romanian migrant worker for lambing season ignites an intense relationship that sets Johnny on a new path.
MyMovies, trailer, 2017, Drama, Francis Lee, Alec Secareanu, Gemma Jones, Josh O'Connor