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The Shadowhunters cast + nailing their characters: Matthew Daddario


“Clary destroys the world that Alec has structured for himself. And the type of person that Alec is - you know these type of people in real life: they create a world for themselves that they exist in, and they eliminate outside influences and inputs that they find to be destructive to their controlled world. And Clary is just this force completely destroying everything along the way. She’s an interloper.”


shadowhunters meme: [¼]shadowhunters → alexander lightwood

You know, it’s like, you have this plan for your life, and you know what you need to do and what your responsibilities are. And you think, you know, if you follow the rules, everything’s gonna be fine. Then somebody comes along and… pushes you off that path.

Canon Alec Lightwood things (book edition)

*Before meeting Magnus Bane he didn’t comb his hair and wore frumpy clothes and intentionally tried to make himself less attractive
*Believes himself to be generally inferior to Jace in pretty much all ways including or maybe especially attractiveness
*Was scouted by a modeling agent while on his first date with Magnus
*Even after meeting Magnus continued to wear clothes that were once black but have since become brown because they’re so worn
*Has twice come across abandoned children and his reaction was, “This is my son now.”
*Told Jace that he got a hickey by falling down. ON HIS NECK.
*Has read Magnus’ stash of comic books ‘cuz he’s a nerd
*Once left a rambling, heart-broken message on Magnus’ voicemail and then woke up Jace to ask him how to delete a message off of someone else’s voicemail
*After securing a second date with Magnus he was so happy he backed out of Magnus’ apartment so he could keep looking at him and he FELL DOWN THE STAIRS
*At the start of the series Alec had never killed a demon because his role was protecting Izzy and Jace

Take Me To Church by: @m-aleciseverything

Summary: Alec is the acting head of the Institute trying to deal with the  new pressures this title brings. A string of Mundane murders and strange demonic markings leads him to seek help from the nearest High Warlock, Magnus Bane. Upon meeting him, Alec realizes that his secret is at risk of being revealed. He tries to keep his growing attraction for Magnus hidden as best as he can. With the support of his sister, Isabelle, who is trying to find love herself; they both try to discover if they can let their worries go and accept love with open arms.

Updated: Chap 7 (x)