aleatoric art

Don’t you hate when your monsters win the bets? =V

So, this is a quick one because I’ve been participating in a local comics event called Comics Artist Week, I just help to organize stuff, but I couldn’t draw something as long as SMDAD because of that. But I also have been learning a lot with the people there and met some really nice guys =D

So, sorry if it’s just this quick one, but don’t worry, I promisse next comic will be bigger.

In many ways.

PS: I know it’s not as good as smdad, but the popularity of that comic really surprised me! I promisse to try harder in the next comic =)


A comic for the webcomic project I’m currently trying to do, it’s called Aleatoric Behavior.

If you search the tag, you will find some very old comics that were meant to be part of this idea, but sadly, I couldn’t go on with it because I sucked at spending time making and publishing comics for long periods. I still suck at it, that’s why i’m trying this again on a weekly basis to suck less at it.

I still need to setup a place specifically for it, I’ll probably stick to a tumblr page, but hey, at least I am really doing the comics, I already have more than ten planned =D

For me, this is already progress!

If you have any opnions or comments (or grammar corrections) about this particular comic or would like to share a tip on the coloring of it (because I will admit that I am not really the best at coloring stuff), please, leave it at my ask box =)

So, yeah, I will try my hand at this once again, but this time I will be more careful, plan ahead and play safe by doing a once-a-week webcomic about…

Random stuff, I guess.

This will be a good exercise, maybe I will even learn how to actually be funny!

And yes, I do have a beard, I just never drew it because I never found a way to draw it in a way like. Up until now, that is.

Aleatoric image generator in Processing

int x = width/2;
int y = height/2;
int xx = x;
int yy = y;

void setup() {
  size(700, 700);

void draw() {
  x = width/2;
  y = height/2;
  for (int i = 0; i < 150000; i++){
    int random = floor(random(10));
    xx = x;
    yy = y;
    if (random == 1){x = x + 5;} 
    if (random == 2){y = y + 5;}
    if (random == 3){y = y - 5;}
    if (random == 4){x = x - 5;}
    if (random > 4) {
      stroke(random(255), random(255), random(255), random(100));
    line(xx, yy, x, y);