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Fuffy promt: "That shirt or other item of clothing that the other ‘borrowed’ and never gave back and it became theirs" for SW/Quinn :3

Yay more fluff! I did this one a little differently… figured it would be fun to watch Mara and Quinn be stupid cute through the eyes of a very annoyed Pierce. I hope it worked… I’m not sure?

“Good morning, Lieutenant.”

The words were spoken through tightly-clenched teeth. Pierce didn’t bother to suppress a sigh, didn’t bother to stand as Quinn walked into the room, and rolled his eyes.

“Captain,” he growled back.

It was Pierce’s second full day on Lord Thrask’s crew. The Sith Lord herself seemed okay, flexible to a point and more concerned with results than pomp and regulation. The twi’lek girl, Vette, had proved on base she was the perfect drinking buddy. The human apprentice was harder to read, but she was polite and stayed out of Pierce’s way.

And then there was Captain Tightarse Quinn. Who did not stay out of his way. And who glared at him now, haughty blue eyes staring down that pale fucking nose like Pierce was something distasteful he’d gotten on his boot. Pierce glared right back, daring the shorter man to call him on his breach of protocol. From across the room, Vette snorted.

“If you’re going to have a pissing contest, can you not do it where we eat?”

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