Alcohol & Magic

We all enjoy our drinks from time to time but has anyone ever thought of the properties of each beverage? I haven’t until now and we’re gonna jump into it now. Also these are based off what I think they can be used for, feel free to correct me or put your input in or add any alcohol I missed!

  • 🍸 Vodka - A strong ass drink. Can be used for strong spells, curses, banishing, warding, and cleansing.
  • 🍷 Wine - Both red and white are made from fruit, more specifically berries. Use wine in offerings, love spells, and healing spells.
  • 🍺 Beer and Ale - Now, I find this boring because I like my drinks to have taste (and these drinks are usually brewed from wheat) but whatever. You can use beer and ale cleansing and grounding spells.
  • Tequila - Ah yes, the drink white girls get “lit” on. Tequila can be used in binding and grounding spells.
  • 🥃 Rum - A drink with spice and the drink of pirates. This drink can be used in summoning, binding, and love spells.
  • Whiskey - A cousin of rum, or that’s how I see them, only the classiest of people drink whiskey in their short glasses. Whiskey can be used in binding and self love spells.
  • 🥂 Mead - A wine usually made from honey. Mead can be used in offerings and love spells.
  • 🍶 Sake - This drink will ruin your night if you’re not careful because it is a strong ass drink. Use for curses, banishing, binding, and negative based spells.
  • Moonshine - Do. not. drink. too. much. of. this. Like vodka and Sake this drink is very strong so it is best used in spells that you want to be powerful. Basically you can use moonshine in any spell.

“So shall the hop have homage from the vine”. por Marcus Rodriguez
Por Flickr:
September — the first golden days of Autumn where the early morning air turns crisp, fruits are ripening in the hedgerows and the fragrant hop flowers hang in giant cascades in the hop gardens of England. 

A później chlałem i ćpałem żeby zapomnieć, o wszystkich problemach których nie potrafiłem znieść. Choć myślałem że się tym nie przejmuje wielce, ale ludzie jak nożem trafiali swoje ciosy w moje serce. Po tym wszystkim zostały mi już tylko blizny, ale przez to stałem się zimny jak nigdy.

I wanted to share the craziest thing i saw in Norway which was the Loki race where men have to run from point a to b and back again with a kilo log attached to their testicles with a noose knot. 😂 congratulations to Bjørnarild for winning the race and the glema competition that same day!

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