aldrich saint of the deep

[Dark Souls 3 Fanart : King & Queen of the Underworld]
Title inspired by Billy Idol’s album

One of my take on Dark Souls lore is that Sable Church is on the same side, or even backing behind Church of the Deep in the race to usurp the flame… There’s a long list of lore reasons behind this, and many reasons too why I’d put them together. Hint : Gravelord Sword & Darkdrift.

This is Aldrich not so long before he softened into sludge. I wanted it to resembles an elegant portrait, with a juxtaposition of grotesque

Now I love the New Tony as much as any sane individual but I thought it was strange how Bradley Bird gave him a gun in one scene then appeared on screen telling Old Tony to “come and get some you grubby slug”

I mean don’t get me wrong I love this scene but I just feel like the gun made it feel more hostile than romantic and the floating visage of Brad Bird directly referencing the fact that they got a new actor for Tony and that he and Old Tony have some bad blood was pretty unnecessary and really destroyed my immersion.

One thing about Dark Souls III that they touched up on, but didn’t give much detail to was about Anri of Astora and Horace the Hushed. The story behind those two are linked and it is mentioned later on as to why they were there as undead NPC’s, but I wish there was a little more story to complete things. The reason why is because (SPOILER FOR THOSE NEW TO THE GAME) when doing the quest line for Anri, the player character must find Horace and defeat him to continue the quest line. Later on the player character can purchase Horace’s armor set, which gives detail about Horace being one of two children who escaped the clutches of Aldrich, Saint Of The Deep. Assuming that Anri is the second child who escaped. This is supported by the fact that if the player character follows the quest line and Anri lives, the player character can be summoned to join their fight against Aldrich. Which is still fascinating and all, even though on a wiki it mentions the player character can find Anri somewhere and they will be hostile; meaning they need to be defeated. But what would be more interesting to me is seeing how all of this builds up to the events in the game. Such that it can be viewed how the two escaped and what Aldrich was up to during that time. Obviously, there are a lot of clues as to what was going on for Aldrich, Sulyvahn, and the Cathedral of the Deep; but what about the other characters and such that they affected?