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Featured Photographer: ALDRICH LIM


Course: AB-PHOTO

 A few weeks ago, I was in the SDA elevator when a group of girls were lively talking about outstanding photographers in school and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation. I quote them saying, “Yun, si Aldrich magaling talaga.”

It was quite pleasing when we sat down with the 22-year old photographer, Aldrich Lim, when we talked about his passion for photography. Initially, he was taking up Multimedia Arts when he realized that it wasn’t entirely what he wanted to focus on, thus, he decided to shift and focus on his passion, photography. Aldrich is  also part of the Benildean Press Corps since he was in first year college. His photos have been featured a number of times on CSB’s official magazine, newspaper, and other publications.


Its no doubt that Aldrich has traveled to different destinations to capture significant images of culture, people, events and sceneries. His photographs are amazing enough to make you wish you were there at that exact moment witnessing the view yourself.  Its not a surprise when we found out that his works were already featured a couple of times on Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine, after all they really are captivating yet very realistic.

Why we think he’s awesome:  Aside from capturing scenic & beautiful images, he also captures the devastating side of reality such as poverty, misfortune and calamities. For some photographers, they take pictures because they are required to as part of their jobs for newspapers or magazines. But for Aldrich, capturing these scenes of misfortune was his personal choice. Its quite remarkable for him to brave calamities such as fire disasters and bloody rallies considering these to be very risky incidents. It takes a different kind of courage to be able to handle situations like this.

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