aldous leekie

  • Ob start of s1:
  • Delphine: Aldous cosima made a pass at me, and I am 100% straight #nohomo
  • Ob S4:
  • Delphine: I must take off my clothes and lay with her
  • Everyone: That's not actually necessary
  • Everyone: no seriously you don't need to and there's this bad guy who won't like it

Cophine AU: Cosima is the resident science geek along with her unlikely best friends Sarah and Felix who just try and scrape through High School, then comes the new exchange student Delphine all the way from Paris. Cosima has the biggest gay panic of her life and spends too long sneaking glances and wishing she had the nerve to talk to her, Felix and Sarah constantly give her shit for her new crush and it gets worse when Dr Leekie pairs them together in science and they become a dream team.

Delphine is oblivious to everything bless her but clues in eventually and has a bi realisation with also bi Sarah (those two bonding over their love for Cosima is my thing don’t @ me)

One day in class Felix is teasing Cosima with some explicit descriptions and she’s blushing like the adorable thing she is and Delphine walks over and is all ‘bonjour, Cosima, what are we talking about?’ and Felix being the little shit he is says 'Cos was just talking about all things French she’d like to eat when we go on the English trip’

And Delphine just runs one of Cosima’s dreads through her fingers and says 'non, I think I’d prefer some local cuisine’ and then struts away leaving an open mouthed Cosima and Felix while Sarah just leans back in her chair and yells 'Smooth one, Frenchie!’

Delphine Origin Theory:

I’m not usually picky about shows ending with unanswered questions, but if Orphan Black ends without answering how the hell Delphine got wrapped up in Dyad/Neolution/pretending to be into Leekie in the first place, I’m gonna lose my mind because it does not make sense. Here is my theory…

Leekie convinced Donnie that he was part of an experiment to better society to get Donnie to be a monitor. Leekie yanked Paul away from Project Castor and held war crimes over his head to get him to be Beth’s monitor. Then Cosima moves to Minnesota, and Delphine is her new assigned monitor? Girlio already had a PhD in Immunology. I just can’t see her rolling up into Dyad expecting to work as a research scientist and then being cool with it when Dyad’s like, “umm, welcome to your new lab. Btdubbs, we’re actually going to need you to change your last name, go to Minnesota to pretend to be a grad student, and follow this chick with dreads around because umm, uhh…science. P.S. She’s a clone, and this has nothing to do with Immunology.” If she did get into it through a supposedly normal research job at Dyad, then why the hell did PT and the hardcore Neos save her? There were tons of scientists at Dyad. What was so special about her that overrode her motives that were so obviously compromised by her love for Cosima? Plus at the beginning of the show, Leekie is running Dyad (with some balance of power from Rachel). Then Leekie gets bumped off, and Rachel is the unopposed leader. Then Rachel gets a pencil to the eye, and Delphine is the head of all of Dyad? Wat? WHY? Because she was Leekie’s fling/science underling? What kind of weak why Princess Leia is a princess kind of shit is that? Hell no.

I think the hardcore Neolution people on the island/PT Westmoreland put her at Dyad without letting her know that they were the ones running the whole thing. I think that’s why she was able to unquestioningly leap to power at Dyad after Rachel. They let it happen. Hell, they made it happen. I think that’s why PT and the Neolutionists saved her. Otherwise if your people are already there to save her, why let Duko/Evie Cho/Brightborn shoot her in the first place? They saw it as a way to finally bring her in on the full Neolutionist/PT Westmoreland scheme, make her keep working on a Leda cure, and all the while keep her on a leash.

I think that before Dyad, she was working on tweaking genes to make some immunology-based cancer therapies. Neolution/PT/Susan/some high up Neo saw that she was on to something and thought that she could find their cure, so they, in the guise of Leekie or some Dyad executive, waved some shiny Neo science in front of her innocent freshly-PhD’d mind and offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use science that was miles ahead of its time to cure rare cancers and “recruited” her shady Juliet/Lost style to work on some of the cases that they had spread out in other cities (e.g. Geneva) and on the island. They never fully told her what she was working on, but at some point she picked up on the creepiness of at all. By then, she had figured out that she was also too wrapped up in something that wasn’t just going to let her walk away. So she started playing the game, started slowly trying to figure out the science of what she was actually working on, and by the time she was maybe close to figuring out the clones bit, they had either decided she was too close to figuring it out so they need to reassign her, OR they needed someone who would know enough science to get along with Cosima and be her monitor. The other scientists actually at Dyad couldn’t be her monitor because they just worked for Dyad, but they weren’t deep enough down the Neolution rabbit hole for Dyad to convince them to stop doing science and start following some chick with dreads around grad school, at least not without knowing they could reliably keep that random scientist under their control should he/she get freaked and want out (like Paul and Donnie did). 

I think that’s why Delphine was doing whatever she was doing with Leekie when she wasn’t actually into him. She kissed his ass to get a closer peak at the shady science she had been working on and was too curious when it led to the opportunity to be a monitor. Neolution/Leekie brought her in on the clones bit when she started as a monitor and presented that as the big science reveal. At first that strategy worked, and she partially stopped looking for any more of a conspiracy than we-have-hidden-clones already was. She was partially covering her butt and partially wedging herself vitally deeper into the shady organization that both scientifically fascinated and sorta trapped her. But I don’t think she knew in season 1 exactly how Neolution and Dyad were connected. She just thought that Leekie worked for Dyad, Dyad had recruited her and did some shady shit but had some crazy-cool science, Leekie’s followers were Neolutionists, and that some of Neolution was legit, but most of it had been corrupted into eugenics and crack pseudoscience. I don’t think she was even close to knowing how the hierarchy worked. If she had been to the actual island before she was a monitor, which is very possible, she probably thought it was just a weird commune that some people with complex health problems sought out in a last delusional hope of finding a cure, and that when some of them were successfully cured, they credited Neolution and started believing in the wackier crack-science end of Neolution. 

I don’t think she met PT before being shot. If she had been to the island to study rare cancer genetics and cancer immunotherapy cases, she probably thought that the part about the 170 year-old man and the fountain of youth was just part of the commune lore and that the guy who lived in the mansion was just the creepy head of the commune like some David Koresh shit. So she focused on her work, stayed the hell away from the mansion and whoever lived there, and got the off the island ASAP after she had seen her patients/cases and collected her samples. She knew that it was connected through Dyad and Leekie and his “freaky Leekie” Neolution followers, but she thought Leekie was heading up the science. She never thought the crazy island Neo commune as was the head of it all, or she at least never considered it enough to lead Cosima and the other clones in that direction when they were trying to figure out who was ultimately in charge. 

Had she told Cosima about how she came to be at Dyad, she would’ve described the illusive science that Leekie had her working on, that she knew they weren’t telling her everything about what she was working on when she went to all these places, but that the science was so far ahead, that she tried to go deeper to figure out what they weren’t telling her and at the time had wondered why advanced science would be kept secret. She would have talked about the cases that Leekie/Dyad had her working on and the crazy places they sent her, but the Neo island commune wouldn’t have been more than a quirky albeit dark anecdote in the whole massive Leda scheme that they were fighting to figure out. To think that the Revival commune held the ultimate power would have been as far fetched as thinking the bartender at that Neolution bar could be the ultimate power orchestrating it all. I don’t think she lied to Cosima about that part of it. And I think we haven’t seen Delphine and Cosima discuss it now because 1. that’s a big damn discussion 2. they’ve barely been able to see each other 3. Delphine is trying to give Cosima as much plausible deniability as possible wile she’s in a dangerously precarious position amongst murder-happy Neolutionists  and 4. hopefully this will be one of the big end of series reveals.

Admittedly, it’s a long shot though.

Orphan Black characters meeting a new clone
  • Sarah: Shite.
  • Alison: *distressed soccer mom noises*
  • Cosima: Whoa.
  • Rachel: I already knew about you.
  • Helena: Sestra?
  • Beth: Nope nope nope *dies*
  • Felix: Holy Tilda Swinton
  • Paul: Can I fuck this one too?
  • Mrs S: Can't read my, can't read my, no she can't read my poker face.
  • Art: Fucking shit.
  • Kira: [Oprah Voice] You're not my mother, and you're not my mother, and you're not my mother!
  • Donnie: akjghakrhgauihveranv
  • Delphine: You're definitely so-and-so
  • Gracie: Let me eat in peace, woman.
  • Olivier: Hawt
  • Mark: *pulls out a gun*
  • Leekie: Look how caring I am *schemes in head*
Was that Rachel singing Tainted Love?

This was Rachel origin story. The reasons she turned out to be the way she is. All the little indignities of being presented as experiment, Dyad property, and object to people. The knowledge her body doesn’t belong to herself and that somebody else is . We knew much of it but it’s a different thing to actually see it

At least other Leda clones were raised believing they are free. And then they had enemy to fight once they learned the truth. She didn’t have anywhere else to go. No one to fight for her. No one but herself. And when she finally thought she did it. She got herself free and in control of her life it turned out to be a lie. The no longer an experiment, no monitor, right to her own body - all lies. She was on even tighter leash than ever before. Spied on directly through her own body part.

She thought that of she’d show them she is like them, like the ones running the experiment, treating her kin as one and do as they do she would become one of them. That she’ll be one of the people running the show. She tried with Leekie - killing her sister to show her detachment and now with Kira and her other Leda sisters. Even though she hated that they exist because it’s a reminder she is not unique and part of the experiment batch. She was about helping to save them because that’s what the company needed. And because she was no longer one of them. She even embraced the killer of her mother because that was for the good of the project.

But they were never really going to let her go and be free. She never had any real power. So she took away what they wanted and used the power she did have. She revealed the truth about P. T. Westmorland and freed KIra and removed her surveillance.

I knew she was going to pluck her own eye. I knew she was drinking to help with the pain of removing it. I knew she was going to betray fake Westmorland and help Kira escape. They all hurt her but she could at least stop them from hurting Kira. Stop herself from doing to another what was done to her. She could be better than Leekie. He wouldn’t let her call him dad so he can keep his distance to the experiment. She decided to actually try to think like Aunt Rachel.

Delphine Cormier and her “Clones”

There are something very interesting in how the character of Delphine Cormier it develops during the entire show. She has two faces, or in the style of Orphan, two clones of herself. One pre Cosima, and other post Cosima. We all know that her character still have a lot of secrets, one important is how she managed to get herself involved with the clones besides of have sex with Leekie. Because, we have to be honest, if she didn’t sleep with him maybe, she would never had the oportunity of meet with Cosima. I don’t know her motives though. Delphine is smart enough to not need the extra help, but she needed it.
To me, her pre Cosima Clone says it all.

Now, we all know that when she is with Cosima, Delphine becomes in the puppy, a dorky, sweet, and lovely but fierce puppy, that is more obvious than nothing

 But who is she without Cosima? The clone of Delphine with Leekie. But worse.

In this image I can see that Delphine believes that Cosima is dead. I mean, her face when she sees Cosima come with the Messenger and Charlotte to the Island of the doctor Moreau, speaks for itself again.

Delphine had not idea that her Cosima was still alive, something that I don’t understand yet, because she is in the island, she should to hear something unless no one talk to her. Her expression of surprise is so painful :(

But then this kiss, and her lovely way to look at her clone is just…

(I can not overcome this last picture yet.)

But my point is that Delphine has two clones of herself. Two faces that are part of her personality, her essence, And one, that to me is the most creepy and dangerous, is the clone without Cosima, that face of herself that is capable of do the most terrible things when she is not with her soulmate. Delphine without Cosima misses her soul,  Delphine Cormier without the  love of Cosima Niehaus can become in a monster.

And that is very… very dangerous….