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Yes, it's all OUR fault: An Amelia-based Rant

Okay, SPN Powers that Be.  Or at least, those of you who think the fanbase just can’t accept female characters.  Let’s ignore the fact you’re forgetting about the well-developed and well-liked ladies Jo, Ellen, and Sheriff Mills (bring her back, for chrissakes) and get this rant on the road.

Do you seriously not understand why the fan reception of Amelia wasn’t stellar on the whole?  Let me clue you in.  It’s because you wrote her as an impediment to the show’s action.  You wrote her to get in the way of the plot.  You wrote her rarely as a person unto herself, but more like a series of romantic cliches to manufacture “conflict” for Sam.

But what really kills me here is the wasted potential of Amelia.

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RE: Con stuff and common courtesy

We like to pretend fandom is a safe space (I know that isn’t always true, but at least it’s an ongoing discussion).  We need to make it a safe space for EVERYONE.

So what’s the solution to this?  Some suggestions for panels below.  Feel free to debate or add your own.

  1. YOU.  Shy fan in the back.  You have a very nice, in-depth question but you’re too scared to talk.  Go take that mic.  That’s one less opportunity for someone else to cross the line, and you’ve given everyone food for thought too.  Write down your question.  Print it out.  And ask, even if your voice shakes.
  2. Are you a creative person?  Do you put a lot of effort into your craft?  Imagine if every time you talked to an audience who presumably enjoyed your work, much of what they did was compliment your appearance, crack often-sexual jokes, or fixate on one little sketch/story/song.  Not exactly uplifting, right?  THINK ABOUT THAT before you formulate your questions.
  3. Relationship questions are fine.  Shipping questions with a transparent agenda are NOT.  Ask about personal interpretation, character motivations, or how a scene went down in an intelligent way that isn’t leading, which would be uncomfortable and boring to boot.  Rememberthe actors don’t understand shipping in the first place thanks to the misbehavior of fans.
  4. Don’t put deliberate innuendo in your questions.  Don’t put deliberate innuendo in your questions.  DON’T PUT DELIBERATE INNUENDO IN YOUR QUESTIONS.

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The Great Divide: What I wish TPTB and The Overlord knew

So it seems a recent kerfuffle has brought to light, yet again, the fundamental disconnect between fandom and TPTB.  The actors still appear to harbor inaccurate ideas about why we ship, and the fans are still bad at clearing things up and dispelling negative stereotypes, which is immensely frustrating.  (EDIT: Having learned more about the atmosphere of the panel since this meta, I’d add that some fans have been actively supporting negative stereotypes.  So any confusion on the cast’s part is our fault.)

On that note, here are a couple points I would love to explain to Misha and TPTB, in the alternate universe where I have ten minutes to rant at them.

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Two "problems" with canon Destiel that aren't actually problems.

Cas is innocent/non-sexual/it wouldn’t be good for him because he’s inexperienced:

It was hard for me to come up with a response to this one that isn’t “fuck you.”  And whenever I see someone use the adjective “child-like” while making this argument, all bets are off.  Let me break it down:

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Meta: A Case for Non-Invasive Destiel

I humbly submit that a canonical romantic relationship between Dean and Cas wouldn’t dominate the show, nor would it make Cas a third main character.  It could play out, for the most part, during subtle moments.  Five or thirty second interludes fitting for a secondary character that either don’t harm the plot one bit or actively drive it forward.  That contribute to characterization, comedy, and drama.  That are relatable and non-invasive.

That don’t even require Cas’ presence for more than a minute, if at all. 

Say we catch a glimpse of Dean’s room, and there are two pillows on the bed now, and some things that obviously aren’t his.

Or Sam appears with info that kicks off the MotW, and he finds Cas reading and Dean asleep against his shoulder.  Dean snaps awake and quickly scoots away, because you just don’t cuddle in front of your little brother.  It isn't dignified.

Or maybe you do sometimes.  The three of them watch a movie before they get interrupted by a case call.  Dean has one arm slung across the couch behind Cas, not quite touching him, and the other attacking the bowl of popcorn between him and Sam.  Cas asks a question about the movie.  Dean and Sam bicker over something ridiculous as a result.

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Okay, here's my dilemma.

I have a much longer meta on this subject that isn’t hashed out yet, but it boils down to the following.  So far, the viewership for S8 appears stable-ish at around 2 million.  With that in mind, I see two options and two sets of purely practical outcomes moving forward…

If SPN canonizes Destiel, the following will happen:

  • the loss of an unknown number of viewers
  • the gain of an unknown number of viewers, who may or may not stick around
  • Destiel shippers will probably be happy
  • Non-shippers will have an unknown reaction

If SPN just keeps doing what it’s doing (a dash of subtext, guest starring Cas, etc.), the following will happen:

  • the show’s ratings will likely remain stable-ish, at least for the foreseeable future, with the continued chance for growth
  • Destiel shippers are dissatisfied, but keep watching
  • Everyone else keeps watching

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Legit reasons to criticize Whedon:
  1. Bisexual erasure via Willow (this has been recently pointed out to me, and I think the pointer-outer was right.  Fortunately he seems to have learned better with Inara).
  2. A few of his major tragedies could be interpreted as gratuitous or forced or somehow “wrong.”
  3. White people. White people everywhere (even in a Chinese-influenced ‘verse.  Just… WHY.)
  4. ?????
  5. Some people don’t like his writing style I guess?

Feel free to add your own, but if you say “sexism” I will fight you.

Okay, am I the only person here who chills on tumblr AND Reddit?

I mean, I see stuff like this from stfuconservatives:

Keep in mind that Reddit is where some of the most popular threads are upskirts on public transit and angry men posting sexts from their ex-girlfriends.

…and I wonder if the writer has ever been to the damn site.  The “most popular threads” are upskirt and sexts?  Uh, no.  Actually no.  You might be confusing Reddit with 4chan.

This post and article are based on comments from one minor subreddit (I didn’t even know it existed).  Oh, and by the way, another comment on that laughably small thread on that laughably small subreddit is currently “Don’t guys do this to women all the time?”  Someone else wrote a long comment there about feminism.  But I digress.

The point is, stfuconservatives has the gall to say “Redditors freak out” and there was a “REDDIT SHITSTORM” about something.  Because of a few comments on a tiny, self-selected subreddit.  Honey, you wouldn’t know a “Reddit shitstorm” if it bonked you in the noggin.

Let me explain how Reddit actually works for probably 99% of the people who use it.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write some meta about STXI vs TOS?

I kind of already have!  This is a series of discussion posts in which I argue Reboot lacks a quintessentially Trek theme, and here is where I defend some of my points.

Here I argue that the changes to Spock’s (and Sarek’s) characters were neither justified nor good.

Here is where my inner shipper escapes a bit and I explain one of the main reasons S/U annoys me (i.e. “chill-out-it’s-a-totally-new-universe-but-wait-just-kidding-let’s-justify-S/U-using-TOS-somehow! syndrome).

Here is an absurd analogy explaining my post-TOS disillusionment with Reboot.

Here is where I make a sarcastic list of things the TOS movies lacked that I feel Reboot (over)indulged in.

This post tangentially criticizes Reboot for canonizing the annoying pop-culture caricatures of Kirk.

I also have an extremely long and profane meta rant/critique(?) about the treatment of Vulcans in Reboot vs TOS that I may never post.  On one hand, it’s a subject that’s pissed me off since I first started contemplating it, and I’d love to know if I’m alone in my thoughts or not.  On the other hand, it is a very strongly-worded rant, and while I’d slap a disclaimer down and put it behind a cut and not use the major tags, I haven’t decided if I want to tempt the fates…

Anyway, other people have written about this topic far more eloquently and extensively than me.  There’s a substantial circle of reddit peeps who don’t think Reboot is very Trek at all.  Here is one of them and here is another.  The Red Letter Media dude has a really long and balanced evaluation of the movie in which he explains Reboot in the context of Trek and Hollywood (warning for some trigger-y humor).  I don’t agree with him on a lot of things, but he’s very good on context and the way the movie was "engineered.”  There’s a ton of good essays and rants out there, I just can’t recall where I saw them!

I might have at least one more rant in the pipeline about what I perceive to be Reboot’s wasted potential.  But I’m seriously considering going dark on everything Reboot soon unless I have something positive to say, partly because of the Cumberbatch hordes, and partly so I don’t shoot myself in the foot with nerd rage every time new info comes out.  Which would be incredibly difficult, because I love beating up on Abrams.  I really do.

To summarize, as one of the above reddit denizens put it: That’s right, the most egregious travesty in my opinion is that this movie [Star Trek 2009] had absolutely NOTHING to say.

so wait, what was your question? :D

When people act like Spock’s manner of speaking is unnecessarily wordy and stilted all the time.

External image

Sure, he’s formal and he uses big words, but it’s in the pursuit of maximum precision.  That’s how a lot of scientists and engineers talk.  Sometimes he’s awkwardly pedantic (usually when he’s trying to talk his way out of something), but seriously now.  

He’s also fond of efficiency and can be quite eloquent when circumstances call for it.  He certainly doesn’t substitute every word he speaks with a more complicated synonym for no reason.

  • reading someone’s Reboot opinion
  • “I don’t understand how the beginning of Kirk and Spock’s friendship is supposed to come out of violence and emotional manipulation” (paraphrased)
  • *me nodding*
  • *clicks on blog*
  • “Also it was really sexist but what did we expect from a movie with kirk as the protagonist.” (direct quote)

The problem I've been seeing is this:

Supernatural can’t decide what it wants to be when it grows up.

Two guys or a semi-ensemble cast? (The sudden pruning feels like backpedaling, a dramatic pendulum swing).  Uplifting themes in a dark world (saving people, kinship bonds, free will) or pure existential angst?  Creepy horror show or gratuitous gore fest?  Episodic or more focused on plot arcs? (Yes, there’s a way to balance those if you’re really good.  It’s called Buffy season 5.  Which is why I’ll be using that as a brief point of comparison.)

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Omegle Logic: if you can't justify your position, whine and flee!

The question was basically “I’m a straight chick who thinks gay porn is hot.  Am I weird?”  Naturally, I am ALL OVER that shit.  Immediate answer: “nope, you’re not the only one.”

Enter Broseph Stranger, who calls us both “freaks.”

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