How the heart turns into bone

Connective tissue cells in the heart turn into bone-producing cells in response to injury, University of California, Los Angeles scientists report November 17 in Cell Stem Cell. The discovery helps explain why some people who survive heart damage develop abnormal calcium deposits – the main component of bone – in the valves or walls of the heart. The researchers also show that heart calcification can be prevented in mice by blocking an enzyme that regulates bone mineralization with small molecules.

Indulekha C.L. Pillai, Shen Li, Milagros Romay, Larry Lam, Yan Lu, Jie Huang, Nathaniel Dillard, Marketa Zemanova, Liudmilla Rubbi, Yibin Wang, Jason Lee, Ming Xia, Owen Liang, Ya-Hong Xie, Matteo Pellegrini, Aldons J. Lusis, Arjun Deb. Cardiac Fibroblasts Adopt Osteogenic Fates and Can Be Targeted to Attenuate Pathological Heart Calcification. Cell Stem Cell, 2016; DOI: 10.1016/j.stem.2016.10.005

The figure shows calcium deposits in the hearts of mice (A,D) and the effect of two drugs, ARL67156 (B,E) and etidronate (C,F), in decreasing the extent of calcium deposits after heart injury. Credit: Pillai and Li et al./Cell Stem Cell 2016


(*THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS! THESE ARE TREMAINE’S MOTHERS PHOTOS FROM HER REAL INSTAGRAM @amgt *) I just wanted to share because their family is beautiful & their connection/bond is something I wish I could have with my mom now but…ehh…long story y’all don’t care. Y’all just here for the picture. Enjoy.

The Abyss(Child!Aldon AU starter for the-ashen-one)

With the skies still dark and the moon looming over the mansion, Xede sat in the living room, unable to sleep ever since she peeked into the main bedroom. Her curiosity kept her mind racing as she wondered what could possibly be behind the door. 
With a sigh she sat back in her chair and rubbed her eyes. She was so tired…But she couldn’t fall asleep, what if something happened? What if someone made their way into the house? With the mage’s and Aldon’s current state she couldn’t take any risks.

Aldon was still sick, and it didn’t seem like she was getting any better…quite the opposite in fact. She twisted and turned in her bed as strange dreams haunted her sleep, dreams of an infinite black plain. She felt watched as she wandered around, as if something was there with her. Occasionally she caught a glimpse of two white dots before they darted away. The longer she stayed, the more her mind filled with a sense of dread. “N…no…”