My Mum sat next to an Hermès saleswoman on a flight recently and learned that there are two ways to know if a man is going to drop thousands of dollars on a handbag – his manicure, and his shoes. Your fingers require little more than nail clippers and an emery board, but your feet are a whole ‘nother business entirely. ALDO asked me to put together a Spring/Summer footwear wishlist from their current collection, and these ones here are my favourites… You know, just in case you’re looking to impress a luxury retail assistant anytime soon.

Top: I’ve been eyeing up a pair of tassel loafers for a while now but I’m never sure if I have the feet to pull them off. But I saw these Mr B’s on last week and they look like a good place to dip a toe in the water.

Middle row: You can never have too many bucks or saddles and while I’d usually just go for a plain redbrick sole (ie the middle pair), it’s getting warm – why not try a pop of colour? These’d be an easy fit with rolled denim, chinos, or a summer suit.

Bottom row: Classic clumpy-soled brogues. Easy with stonewash jeans or khakis. And finally, the piece de resistance – chocolate dub monks. Boom.


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