The Bone Street Krew

Everyone who’s followed professional wrestling as closely as one could for many years has, at the very least, heard about The Kliq. If you haven’t, it was essentially a group of wrestlers (consisting of Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, The 1-2-3 Kid, and Aldo Montoya) who watched each other’s backs and essentially rolled together to ensure each other’s safety. Not just in the world, you know, from psycho fans or anything, but genuinely to help keep themselves on top.

Well, there was another group that existed that may not have been as prominent in terms of keeping themselves on top, but watched out for each other and were generally seen with other members. This group was known as The Bone Street Krew (shortened to B.S.K.).

The Bone Street Krew consisted of Yokozuna (the founder), The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Savio Vega, The Godfather, Henry Godwinn, Phineas Godwinn (aka Mideon), Rikishi, Brian Adams (aka Crush), Rikishi, and Mr. Fuji. A random assortment, sure, but one that makes sense if you consider the possible relationships between them. For example, Savio and Godfather were both in The Nation Of Domination, Crush and The Undertaker are both bikers, Rikishi and Yokozuna are cousins (and Mr. Fuji was Yoko’s manager), Phineas Godwinn has been known to be longtime friends with The Undertaker, etc.

The BSK was rumored to have been founded in order to protect said wrestlers from the tyranny of The Kliq, but it has never been confirmed, nor denied. Wrestlers who WEREN’T members of The BSK have claimed that the group was simply a group of friends that didn’t fuck with The Kliq, but members of The BSK haven’t confirmed nor denied that rumor.

We were a bunch of guys that hung out together, rode together, listened to the same type of music, did the same things at night … and we played dominoes. The Godwinns didn’t play dominoes. Savio played. But the ones that definitely played were me, Rikishi, Yoko and Undertaker.“ - The Godfather

We all hung out at the same places, anyway. We were friendly. At some point, the rumor started that The BSK started because of The Kliq, but I don’t know who started the stirring of the pot that we didn’t get along.“ - Shawn Michaels

When my contract ended, I went to Taker and said, “Bro, I’m finished.” He said, “What do you mean finished? Let me talk to them and get you two more years.” I said, “No, we’ve got something we’re going to do in Puerto Rico.” So he asked, “You sure? Come on, two more years.” But that was it for me. I appreciate him trying to help me.“ - Savio Vega

Many of the members of The BSK sport tattoos from the group, as they genuinely appreciated each other’s company. In professional wrestling, it’s easy to be a loner and to feel very singled out, especially due to politics and rumors, so for a group of pro wrestling friends to exist is an admirable thing.

Tyler Black as Satan
[October 15th, 2005]

As soon as I get done laughing, I’ll type a caption….

…ok, it’s been 6 hours. Fuck it. Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in his Tyler Black days as Satan. This is a promotional photo for Joey Eastman’s Totally Tool Wrestling, in which regular wrestlers would do differing gimmicks for the entertainment of wrestling fans new and old. For example, Justin Credible wrestled as Baldo Montoya and wore a jockstrap on his face (which is… I mean, pretty much what Aldo Montoya did). 

You can get this specific show on DVD here, which also features Baldo Montoya, Larry Sweeney, Arik Cannon, and more.

The Sultan Vs. Aldo Montoya [1997]

Honestly, if there are two wrestlers who would rather forget 1997 in the world more than The Sultan and Aldo Montoya, then I have no idea who they are. The only difference I can come up with is that The Sultan actually had a match at WrestleMania, whereas Montoya was essentially fodder for jobber status. Three years later, both men were established stars, with The Sultan becoming Rikishi in the WWF and Aldo becoming Justin Credible in ECW.