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What an incredible day.

This weekend, me, lanii, and zellerific planned a girls weekend to travel to Ottawa to see taylorswift‘s 1989 tour.

In the past year, I’ve become a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I’ve been struggling through depression, loneliness, poor self-image, anxiety and a host of other very personal issues. To get through what I’ve been feeling, I listened to the “Red” album, sometimes on repeat for hours because I couldn’t pull myself out of bed to do anything else. I learned from Taylor that your sadness is important, and it is NEVER illegitimate. You can let that sadness out, give it a voice, and make room for yourself to move past it – but only when you’re good and ready.

1989 is likewise such a special album in my life. Taylor moving to a happier place has also felt like me moving past my personal sadness, having fun with my friends, and loving myself - even when that’s hard. Even though that’s still hard, even after the incredible things that happened to me today.

Today at the concert, during “Wish You Would,” Taylor Nation came up to Lani and our group and invited us to Loft 89. I immediately started crying and shaking. I still can’t believe we were given the honour of meeting her – she cares so much about her fans, about us, and to be part of the select few (seriously, like less than 20) getting to speak with her backstage out of an arena of 13,000 people still doesn’t feel possible, or real.

I thought when I met her, I would cry again: but her warmth when she came to hug me, when she complimented my bangs and my dress, was so all-encompassing that I couldn’t feel anything but happy. She talked to us for such a long time. She laughed at our jokes, she noticed everything about what we were wearing (even our matching taylor swift aldo purses!!) and she gushed over lani’s art and my fluffy cats and my mom. She called my cats “RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!” and told me to text my mom that she loved her.

Taylor was so genuinely interested in everything all the fans in that room had to say. I have never met someone kinder than Taylor Swift. Never met someone who went more out of their way to make the ones who love her feel special and feel loved.

I will never forget my Loft 89 experience.