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I love Aldrich so much it’s not even mathematecally calculable.
Scribbles of his pre transformation form, when he was still a huge bitch, both inside and out. Sulyvahn only appears once but believe me, he’s in every one of these scenes.


Learn German: LIVING IN GERMANY - Aldi grocery shopping

Random Brit’s grocery shopping in Germany - Aldi is one of the large discounters with very low prices. “Hello here´s what I bought from Aldi in Germany for my weeks frugal shopping. Under 20 Euros !!!”

The Dream of Aldis Kenson [Starter for saviorgoddessastrid]


During a recent ordeal regarding one of Astrid’s old friends, she ended up staying for a brief while on the Ultimorian Universe’s Earth in hopes she could potentially meet up with Plio Kenson again. However, what she didn’t expect was that when she had arrived at Plio’s house, neither he, KeraBeast, nor Plio’s parents were to be seen, and the only one here was an old man looking after a rather overweight, elderly Corgi named Drei. The man’s name, according to a tag on his shirt, was “Aldis Kenson”. Aldis only just a few seconds ago noticed Astrid approaching, though, despite how easy it would’ve been for anyone else to spot her earlier than that.

“Ah, one of Plio’s old friends. I’ve heard him say many things about you, oh heavenly one.” Aldis spoke towards Astrid, with Drei lazily snoozing at his side and only barely paying attention.

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