I’m celebrating being a third done with my paper by blogging about being a third done. Nevermind that I have yet to make progress on my ENWR portfolio, but I’m a mint mocha deep and the night is young. Plus I’m a full third done with my paper! I deserve a break.

Plus Alderman closes at midnight and I had to relocate to the much less charming second floor of Clemons.

As for the pictures, unfortunately this evening I had to return the wonderful camera I borrowed for taking the Dance Marathon pictures, so all pictures from now until thanksgiving will most likely be from my phone. However since the android has more megapixels than my old point-and-shoot I’m not too concerned. 

I’m so excited about this blog, if I ever finish this paper (hopefully soon since its due in 14 hours) I’ll be posting about the “Before I Graduate” wall that has been collecting ambitions written in chalk this week…