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Masterlist for everything I have written for the lovely characters of Uncharted. c:

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Nadine Ross

  • Aftermath (After everything, you decide to ask Nadine on a date)
  • The Good Life (Nadine meets you after the events of Uncharted 4)

Nathan Drake

  • Fight like a Girl (There’s nothing wrong with fighting like a girl. Hell, you were a better fighter than Nathan and Sam. Maybe that’s why you’re always stuck with saving their asses)
  • Without Eyes (Nathan is on one of his adventures when he runs into a blind woman in distress)

Sam Drake

  • Awkward Situations (Teen Sam decides to come hang out, but things don’t turn out as planned)
  • Different Paths (Rafe’s been using you and Sam grows tired of it)
  • Loyalty (You’re working with Sam and Nathan, but go undercover to work with Rafe and it ends up testing your loyalty)
  • No More (Sam and you get into an argument about his adventures)
  • Oh, Baby (You tell Sam that you’re having a baby)
  • Old Relationships (Two years after your breakup, Sam and you meet again)
  • Our Last Night (It’s been twenty years since the outbreak and everyone’s still holding on. Everything had ended up getting into routine till Sam and you come across a young girl named Ellie)
  • Prince Charming (Sam saves you from your abusive boyfriend)
  • The Beginning Of Something Special (You join Sam and Nathan on their adventure to find Avery’s treasure)
  • Time of the Month (Sam helps you out when you’re on your period)
  • Undercover (You were assigned to go undercover and pretend to be Rafe’s girlfriend while searching for anything that would help the Drake brothers)
  • Warmth (Teen Sam comes over and the two of you end up confessing your feelings for each other)
  • What Happens in Portugal (Sam and you are in Portugal hunting down some artifacts when the two of you get lost and end up running into a hotel run by the cartel)
  • Wounds (Sam takes care of you after you get injured)
  • Young Blood (Sam feels insecure about the age gap between the two of you)

Rafe Adler

  • Bleeding Out (Rafe and you crash land on an island)
  • To the Fiery End (You were Rafe’s partner till the end of his hunt for Avery’s treasure)