alden b dow

languedujour  asked:

What are some other architecture blogs that you'd recomend?

Oh dear. Sorry I’ve taken forever to answer this.

I enjoy Prairie School Architecture  

and New Glass Works

Alden B. Dow is also pretty nice

same with Always in Studio.

Architecture and Design Love is LOVELY. 

Mid-Century is good for architecture and vintage things.

This blog is pretty nice, too

and Infinite Interior is snazzy.

Chicago Geek posts some nice photos of Chicago architecture too

And I almost forgot about Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright 


P.S. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Send their URL to my askbox!

spiritwandering  asked:

What is your favorite Dow design?

Definitely the Stein house in Midland, Michigan.  The interior of the building is amazing (partially due to the interior design prowess of the current owners), and it is actually a design that Alden B. Dow worked on with Frank Lloyd Wright when he stayed with him for a short time, so there are more Wrightian influences in this building than some others by Dow during that time period. However, I really like all of his designs.. this one just stands out to me. Thanks for the question!