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#ffixweek Day 1

Favourite Characters or Relationship

I know this may be cheating, but I just have to share my other favourite relationships in the game too!!

Eiko and Dagger

Oh gosh, these beautiful rival babies. I just love the family bond they share. Being distantly related, I view their relationship as a sisterly bond, which makes Eiko’s rivalry over Zidane even more adorable. The way she battles Garnet for Zidane’s attention, and how freakishly attentive and intuitive she is at a mere six years of age makes for a wonderful connection with her older counterpart. I love when the age gap between two characters creates enough of a barrier for there to be jokes and innocence, but close enough for there to be a level of maturity that they have a meaningful relationship. This is what Eiko and Garnet have. As soon as Eiko figures out how much those dorks love each other, even though she’s upset, she stands by Garnet’s side. Once their true heritage is revealed, Eiko welcomes her home with open arms and into her family. “I just realised I’m not alone anymore!” The honest, innocent words of a child who has found her family. And even the way she hovers around her in maternal love when Garnet loses her voice, and becomes a protective guardian just melts my heart. What a precious gift it is to have a child love you that much. They are summoning sisters through and through, and even though at times Eiko is (or tries to be) the voice of maturity in protecting Garnet, she too protects the young girl with all she has. I can only imagine how much solace and comfort these two must have brought each other when they thought Zidane was gone forever. It’s even cuter imagining them together in their royal regalia after Cid and Hilda adopt Eiko >w<

Zidane and Vivi

Their bond is very special. Vivi’s final speech is a true testament to that fact. Just look at the respect and love that pours from his soul. How Zidane protected him, showed him the world, taught him lessons both practical and profound. He inspired Vivi to fight for his friends and for his beliefs, and what it means to live and to die. And even though at times Vivi was frightened, and felt alone and lost in his thoughts, Zidane was there to pull him out of it. And the fact that he didn’t just give him bland advice, but forced Vivi to think about his actions for himself and to deal with his problems head-on - that’s a true friend. He guided him through his hardest battles, and was there for him whenever he needed to talk, or think, or wizz under the stars (Oh Zidane…). Zidane isn’t just a friend to Vivi, he’s his protector, his confidante, his hero. Because of Zidane, Vivi was able to face his fears and live a meaningful life. But Vivi overcoming those fears also taught Zidane a resilience and strength even he didn’t think he had. Vivi is there for Zidane just as much, especially during his depressive state in Pandemonium. He’s taken on Zidane’s wisdom and courage and has given it back three-fold. Vivi becomes a hero in Zidane’s eyes, too. I simply can’t imagine how hard it would have been for Zidane when the news came of Vivi stopping. These two will always have a strong friendship, even beyond his death.

Beatrix and Steiner

Sweet Steiner. Dear sweet Steiner. How I love him so. He’s awkward, aggravative and clumsy, and solely dedicated to his task of protecting the princess. He considers Beatrix his arch rival, making his Pluto Knights seem immature and idiotic compared to her female knights (which, you know, they kind of are ;)). He can be a bumbling fool at times, but after the slew of love letters and his growing love for Beatrix blooms, we see a different side of him - caring, romantic and heroic. He’s willing to lay his life down for the female General of Alexandria, and disregards his own health to protect her during Bahamut’s rage on their home. He realises there are things outside his call of duty that he is willing to protect and fight for - without having to compromise that duty. To protect someone he loves. He would do anything for her. His personal journey and character growth is handled fantastically and their love is just adorable. Beatrix, too, has excellent character growth - she’s a stoic, independent knight who also focuses solely on her duty, with little regard for outside matters. She was cold and merciless in her battles. But gaining feelings for Steiner makes her realise that she too can be protected, and can protect others out of her own decisions and love, rather than of duty. She also learns to follow her heart and her instincts when the life of the princess, the one she’s meant to protect, is in danger at the hands of her Queen. Together, these two form a bond that is immeasurable in strength and meaning, and together they will protect their Queen Garnet with all they have - while still believing in and protecting each other. Ugh. BABIES. ALL OF THEM.