My honest review of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

I wish there was a word greater than “love.” I’ve thrown that word around a lot and I just think there’s gotta be a better word to say to my girlfriend. I never knew love until I met her. Now it’s like my state of being. Telling her “I love you” will just never feel like enough. It’s so much more than that.


It’s cold outside… but the hearts of Romanian politicians are even colder. Just a few weeks in power, the new government intends to introduce an amnesty law. That’s damn handy, because a lot of the (PSD) politicians have been convicted of corruption, including the new boss Liviu Dragnea and the old one Victor Ponta. With this law, they will be free men. Again they show absolutely no respect for the Romanian people.

But we are no sheep, not anymore. Politicians: you have to represent our country, not yourself and your bloody bank accounts. So here we are, thousands of us. It’s cold outside, but we keep each other warm, we who really love Romania. You should listen to us, we did it before

Corruption kills!

Hai Romania!

I think I’ve had a misconstrued vision of love. I thought love meant constant texting, never spending a second apart, never having a fight. I thought things had to be picture perfect for a love to be real and I would need to do anything possible to reach these unattainable standards. Love doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve come to realize that love can be the exact opposite. Love is being able to trust who you’re with when they’re at the bar with their friends, without needing to hear from them every few minutes. Love is helping her pick out the hottest outfit to go to the club with, even though you won’t be going with her; because she deserves to feel beautiful on a night out. Love is spending days apart and acknowledging that everyone needs alone time, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Love is arguing. Love is getting annoyed that she’s late to every date, every party, but never leaving without her. Love isn’t always perfect. Love doesn’t have to be only happiness to be healthy. Love can be every emotion built into one, but the good ones outweigh the bad. Love is knowing that no matter what, you can feel safe, secure and healthy with yourself and with your relationship together. Love is everything.
—  Love is you.