After a lot of thought and now having a good job that pays me well AND being on full time employment, I have decided on my first tattoo.
ALD52’s molecular structure on my upper right shoulder.
Its easy to hide, holds meaning to me, and is a life changing chemical.
If any of my followers dabble in trippy drugs, if you ever get the chance for ALD 52(NOT LSD), it’s worth it.

ald52 ha contestado a tu publicación: like i could unfollow a lot of ppl and they…

dont unfollow me even though we don’t talk but dont!

JASMINE WHY WOULD U EVEN SEND THIS we have been thru thick and thin and i feel like were like soul siblins or some shit. we dont need to talk we communicate telepathetically. ur incredible and i like see a lot of me in u except u do it better heh heh. u rock okey im not unfollowin u jfc i hunted u down to refollow u