Within two years of apprenticeship with Tsunade, Sakura, an average girl with no particular skill except good concentration, already matches the level of a Sannin. The Byakugou is a technique that no one except Tsunade and Sakura are capable of mastering.

Sakura can be quite inspirational for young girls. Let’s take Gaara’s rescue arc. The entire medical team of Sunagakure spent three days trying to save Kankuro, and failed. This sixteen year old came in, sized his condition, and within a matter of hours saved his life. 

Sakura as far as I recall is the only girl who won a fight, in collaboration with another woman, Chiyo. Sakura showed great observational skills in matching Sasori’s hand movements to his puppet’s. She planned ahead by making antidotes for Sasori’s poison, proving maturity. There are countless occasions in which she’s shown to have compassion and kindness, toward friends and strangers alike.

Her undying love for Sasuke is heartwarming. As strong as she is, Sasuke is her weakness, her soft spot. Yet, it’s exactly this love that gave her strength and motivation to promote her growth. I find this aspect of Sakura’s love quite relatable.

Sakura haters, begone.

I found these gifs off the internet, if they’re yours and you want to get credit, or if it’s a normal practice to give credits to simple gifs like these, please let me know and I’ll edit accordingly.

anonymous asked:

can I ask you for your explanation why Sasuke didn't care about Sakura when she was falling into lava seriously? first I thought it was just "destroying my bonds" but he did save naruto all the time

Ah ha!

But he did care ;) don’t underestimate Uchiha Sasuke, last surviving heir of the Uchiha clan, holder of the eternal mangekyō sharingan and of the rinne sharingan. We Have Kakashi and Sakura falling into the lava,

what is Sasuke’s reaction?

First he looks up, then he turns, and uses his eye powers to save Naruto. Without turning again, HE is the one to tell Naruto how Kakashi saved the three of them.

Tsunsuke ensured the rest of the team was safe by instincts, as usual, because:

Remember that Kishimoto meant to leave Sasuke ambiguous for as long as possible. 

Sasuke is best described by the following quote:

Mind what people say,

not what they do,

for deeds will betray a lie

- Terry Goodkind, Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth #5)

when he says that no one’s safety matters except his and Naruto’s, Naruto sees right through him.

Can he really argue with that?

Why is he hiding his eyes?

(spongebob meme credit: amitds )

SasuSaku is not abusive

I am not satisfied with any of the “SasuSaku is not abusive” posts I’ve seen so far.

Abusive partners monopolize the victim’s life against their wishes and consent. They blackmail the person in, with intimidation and belittling. It may or may not involve physical abuse. The abuser brainwashes the victim into thinking that everything is the victim’s fault. When the victim tries to escape, the abuser leaves them no chance. The abuser seeks power over the victim. The victim becomes their object of manipulation. They have to obey their every whim.

The helpless sense of unworthiness caused by the abuser, the inability to regain freedom. THAT is abuse.

Sasuke NEVER manipulated Sakura. Never did he try to use her. He treats her as an equal. Much more so than any other character. The times Sasuke verbally hurt Sakura, it wasn’t out of malice, he was being honest. There’s nothing wrong with stating the facts. Pretending a person has no faults will leave them stagnant and halt their growth. A loved one won’t hide that truth from you.

In fact, Sakura learned from him, and grew stronger because of his words. Sakura is the one who doesn’t give up on Sasuke. She doesn’t want him to take the path of darkness. She gave “all she’s got” to rescue him. When Sasuke nearly hurt Sakura, it was instinctual self-defence. Sasuke isn’t a repressive figure towering and controlling Sakura against her wishes. All the hurt in their relationship is caused by Sasuke’s shattered past. Sakura wants him to share his pain, set him free from that burden.

Exactly because Sasuke is broken, she suffers too. Her determination and strength, her ability to shine bright despite experiencing second-hand trauma… this is what makes this relationship phenomenal to me. That’s why I’ll always ship SasuSaku, and why a SasuSaku ending would be a priceless message. I believe in the redemption from evil-doing. I believe in not giving up on those who still have good in them. I believe in finding the strength to stand up, no matter the pain. I believe in looking past deceiving words, understanding a person’s true intentions, and supporting them to be righteous and functional once again.

Sasuke gave Sakura strength. He made her grow. Sakura won’t let Sasuke ruin his life and consume his soul. She is a beacon of light in his world of shadows.

anonymous asked:

Why are people saying SS is problematic and that the source of it all is Sasuke. I'm not sure Sasuke has never been abusive to Sakura in fact he is the only character besides Ino that understands Sakura the best. Sasuke never was abusive I read it in a SS blog unfollowed him/or /her because it was awful how they depicted Sasuke as being abbusive and an absent father. I wanna know your opinion your not bias and you talk so eloquently.

Ah, the same old “SS is problematic” rigmarole. 

Yes you’re right, Sasuke is very attentive of Sakura and sees through her well. Sasuke is the source of most of SS’es problems, but that does NOT make SasuSaku problematic. Even someone as troubled as Sasuke found his happy ending, with the only girl he grew close to. And no, Sasuke has never been abusive. From the little we see of Sasuke in 700, he’s most likely NOT an absent father. Let’s get this last point out of the way first:

What is the basis of the absent father claims? He’s not in the village at that very moment? Do a few after-school instants characterize an entire relationship? 700 is the preamble to part III and the fact that he’s away is relevant to the plot. Sarada isn’t shown to long for her father, in fact, she’s noticing a similarity between her rivalry with Boruto and her dad’s with Naruto. If Sasuke were an absent father she wouldn’t speak of him so comfortably. And then, Sasuke is so connected to his daughter that he senses her exclamation. The only noises are his, the forest is static, the scene shifts toward him as his daughter is still talking, with the “…” it’s clear there’s nothing in the forest. Come onnnn. He’s clearly reacting to her. The lengths people will go to justify what they wish they saw… smh fandom. 

Part of SS’s struggles is also how Sakura thinks Sasuke sees her. I’m mentioning them, but this does NOT make them problematic. How can people call SS problematic if we haven’t even seen their dynamic as a mature couple? Almost no bond is ever the same before and after a relationship has been established. Is it okay to drop someone while they’re at their worst? How do the nuptial vows go again? “Through thick and thin (similar vows apply in Japan and other non-JudeoChristian traditions). Before getting into a relationship, Sakura reaffirms the earnest quality of her unconditional love, all this while never compromising her values. So from Sakura’s side, the love is admirable. 

The manga extends over Sasuke’s darkest years, it is not representative of stable Sasuke. Like we’ve been saying forever. Problematic/abusive relationships can be identified because the victim is unable to refuse the partner’s manipulative demands. Sasuke’s problem is the opposite, he tries so hard to escape those bonds. Never has he been controlling, never has he forced them to do something against their wishes, he never played the victim in order to gain something from Sakura or any one of his friends. Was Sakura hurting? A lot, but it was second-hand suffering because she’s very empathetic, and Sasuke’s pain is massive.

Does Sasuke have the right to be so broken? After all, Karin, Kimimaro and others lost their clan too. Hasn’t Kakashi seen his father die before his eyes? Some readers can’t forgive Sasuke for having been a thorn in the side of many, but I feel empathy for him. He was betrayed and brainwashed by the one person he loved the most. It isn’t just the tragedy of what he had to endure, but how he found the strength to survive one shocking revelation after the other. His thoughts were manipulated too many times. He could trust no one. No bond with a person so broken can be easy. Yet, this girl and team slowly gained ground into his heart, “I don’t ever want to watch those dear to me die before my eyes again” he thought could grow emotionless, he tried to rationalize feelings, but failed. That’s not how feelings work. Sakura is Sasuke’s special girl, the proof is scattered all over the manga. Even him, shattered as he was, mistaken as he was, recovered the unconditional love he had lost with his brother. Can you imagine how comforting Sakura’s love must be, for someone this hurt?

At this point we’re going in circles. Us SasuSaku shippers see an inspirational story in which a guy, who believes to have lost his right to be happy ever again, finds the truest love in someone who knows him well, who both saw him shine, and at his lowest. Despite having seen it all, and despite not approving of his choices, she still believes there’s good left in him, she wants him happy.

By rhetoric and the blindness of a bias, those who want to see evil will find it anywhere. If someone sees abuse in SS, they’re free to taint their glasses of whatever shade they choose, let them be my guest to steer clear of our fandom. Because nobody can guilt-trip us into loving this ship. In fact, guess what? THEIR persecution falls under abuse.

anonymous asked:

Maybe the animators don't like Sakura and she isn't a vital support for the series only Sasuke and Naruto are. No offense. Sakura is a tag along even for a suppose main character we never saw or Kishimoto wasn't interested in letting us know who the Sakura's parents where he obviously doesn't like her. At least he didn't mess around with SS moments I think that's the only thing Kishimoto handle well in the manga the anime was terrible doe. I hope I wasn't offensive if so I'm sorry.

You’re not offensive at all. However,

  1. During the 2015 Jump Festa, Kishimoto expressed how much he likes Sakura, and how upset he was by the fandom’s reception. He really tried his best with Sakura. He was proud for turning her into a “fine young lady“ by the end too.
  2. Kishi was pressed by the editor to not introduce Sakura’s parents in the manga, due to the low popularity of her character. However, RTN’s parent designs are Kishimoto’s.
  3. Oh dear, Sakura isn’t a vital support for the series? A LOT of the manga isn’t vital to the plot’s progression, but it serves for its better appreciation, and those parts aren’t treated as badly by the animators. Almost all characters are in a way or another subplots to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s developments. They are the protagonists after all. Back to Sakura,
    1. She injected Naruto’s chest with chakra. Naruto would be dead otherwise.
    2. She saved Sasuke from the alternate dimension by aiding Obito. Sasuke would be dead otherwise.
    3. Except for the last arc, Sakura’s words are consistently the only ones to reach out to Sasuke, “devouring the wicked power”. Sasuke reacts to her, without her realising. 
    4. It’s Sakura who was given the promise of a lifetime.
    5. It’s Sakura who discovers the whereabouts of Orochimaru to rescue Sasuke.
    6. Without Sakura, Sasuke would have been a murderer of two innocent hindrances (the Otogakure guy at FoD, and Karin).
    7. It’s Sakura who smacked a god in the head.
  4. Let’s be honest, the Naruto plot is about getting Sasuke away from the path of evil. What are the most relevant bonds? NaruSasu - the Yin-Yang ”brotherly” growth-promoting rivalry, ItaSasu - unconditional love of your natal family, SasuSaku - unconditional love of your family-to-be. The parallels were decided since 2006.
  5. Saying that Sakura is not plot-relevant also means ignoring the most significant lessons to be learned from the manga. 
    1. Never give up on people whom you know still have some good in them. Don’t force yourself onto your loved ones, but let them know you will always be there for them.
    2. Armed with hard work alone, you can become the most accomplished professional in your field. Don’t forget Sakura is the only one after Tsunade, privileged by her Senju lineage, to master the Byakogou. She discovered Kankuro’s antidote within hours, failed accomplishment by Sunagakure’s entire medic team. The God of Shinobi is impressed by her alone.
    3. A girl doesn’t need to be romantically attached to a person to experience compassion and affection for them. (See Naruto, Chiyo, Rock Lee, Hinata, Karin, endless injured shinobi and children)
    4. Intelligence and accomplishments are sexy
    5. Once you think you’ve exhausted all your resources, you can still “give everything you’ve got”. Sakura drained her little chakra left to pump life into Naruto’s heart. She still managed to release her Byakogou after that. Twice. That’s unbelievable courage and resilience.
  6. Kishimoto too never stopped thinking of Sakura as a heroine (see JF15 interview again). You say that her skills aren’t comparable to Naruto and Sasuke’s, but she’s a Sannin/Kage-level shinobi at 17. Actually, I’m thankful that at least one main character was spared of gratuitous power-ups. 

Would it have been nicer if Kishi had given more focus to Sakura? Sure. Though it’s more the reader’s fault, and his inadvertent misogyny. People on average prefer unrealistic women, stripped of their humane complexity, “physically strong and mentally impassible”. Sakura is real, she faced problems which are relatable for many, and she’s an excellent role model for the way she overcame them. Arguably, she sustained the most tangible character development of all characters.

Regardless, the animator’s biases shouldn’t show. Some people will never read the manga, and their understanding of Sakura is forever skewed by people who de facto are overturning the plot of the manga. Then anime watchers complain that the plot isn’t consistent. Of course it isn’t. You’re not telling the story right.

anonymous asked:

It's ridiculous how Sasunaru fans have the audacity to call Sasusaku an abusive relationship because of the murder attempts, yet deny that Sasunaru is also abusive by those same standards. Apparently Naruto can 'handle' Sasuke. I don't think they realise what a HUGE disservice they are doing to the LGBT community (which many claim to support) by dismissing the pain of abused homosexual men that are unable to gain the support they need because of the stereotype that women are always the victims

Yeah let’s not generalize. I know of fans and friends who prefer SN but still like SS.

Calling SS abusive implies a severe misunderstanding of the word abuse, and of Sasuke’s personality. He isn’t interested in dominance/submission games in order to control his victims. THAT is abuse. Neither NaruSasu or SasuSaku are abusive, because Sasuke would gladly leave them alone if they did too. Naruto and Sakura want to alleviate Sasuke’s pain, that’s why they experience second-hand trauma.

This problem extends further than to non-heterosexual couples. Women do display, with lesser frequency, abusive behavior toward men too. And don’t get me started on how admitting they’re abused somehow lessens their masculinity in this misogynistic society. What concerns me is that somehow, being able to “handle it,” makes abuse okay. That is perverse. Dumping on the victim the burden of defining abusive behavior frees the abuser from the FACT that abuse is a choice. The victim has nothing to do with it.

Hilarious how ASSes are rejoicing at the chapter

when the focus has been 100% SasuSaku since 675 at least (with the obvious NaruSasu reconciliation).

  • Sakura STILL loves Sasuke with all her heart.
  • Sakura’s unwithering love is NEVER turning to someone else. It’s either Sasuke or no one else. NaruSaku has 0% chances by now.
  • It’s different for Sasuke, who still has to be “saved from darkness” (yes, Kishi went there, Sasuke is confirmed to be TnJ fodder)
  • Sasuke didn’t kill Sakura, but cast a genjutsu. How considerate.
  • He smirked and remembered his “you’re annoying”.
  • Yet he’s curious to know what Sakura sees in him.
  • Naruto hasn’t mentioned romantic feelings for Sakura since the Iron country.
  • Naruto ships SS
  • Hagoromo ships SS
  • Kakashi ships SS

What else is there to say

Now Kishi, get it over with, let Naruto help Sasuke find himself, and let Sakura get her well-deserved happiness, aiding Sasuke in repopulating the Uchiha clan in due time.


If Kishi lets the rest of Team 7 stop the fight, I’m going to forgive him everything

Databook 1 (Uchiha Sasuke’s Profile):

  • “Sakura willingly and bravely calms the rampaging Sasuke under the influence of the cursed seal. Sakura’s heart, thinking of Sasuke, devours the wicked power.”

Databook 2 (Uchiha Sasuke’s Profile):

  • The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura.

I don’t want to set my hopes up, but let me dream while I can.

uchihagakure  asked:

Aww you noticed I tag my posts as alcyonae! That was my previous username, and I've used it for quite a few years elsewhere. I agree. Nobody can get SasuSaku until they have a firm understanding of Sasuke's character.

Yep! I always do that for your posts, it’s a lovely name! That was a fantastic reply btw, you’re seriously a blessing to both the Sasuke and SasuSaku fandoms. It’s a pleasure to read your writing and agree so wholeheartedly with everything you say. I absolutely agree that first and foremost having a solid understanding of Sasuke and his story, paying close attention and making effort to understand his motivations throughout is key to getting SasuSaku. It’s when you fully understand and care about what happens to this boy that you truly get what SasuSaku is all about. The fact that you do (and your care and love and understanding of Sasuke really shows in all your writing) and then you go on to express everything so eloquently, it is really a benefit to all of us, so I must thank you! thank you for being so brilliant uchihagakure <3

uchihagakure  asked:

Hi there! You said you have fanfics about Shisui? I'd love to read them! Also, I haven't watched all of Shippuden, but I'm almost caught up with the manga. I have seen some gifs where Itachi and Shisui fight, and others where there's also little Sasuke. Do you know by chance the number of those episodes? Thank you!

Hi!:DD There are a few fanfics of Shisui on, but most of them just show him as Naruto with Shisui’s face… Anyways, if you mean the one I wrote, then here it is:

It sucks I know, and it never gets updated either <.<’ Oh well, it’s not like I’m good at writing anyways xD

And the fight with Itachi and Shisui is actually from the new game that’s coming out! It was in the game promotion video :) However, Shisui was in episode 358! :DD

I love when people parrot phrases like “ruin character development” or “asspull”, purely to justify their dislike for a given pairing.

Bruh, learn to read. You insulted us for wearing “the shipping glasses too tight”.
Well now guess who was wearing their anti-shipping glasses too tight?

No dear, SasuSaku isn’t ruining any character development. It’s closing full circle what should have happened all along.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of this anti NH argument, which argues that "NaruHina got development mostly on Hinata's side?"

Lol what?

Arguably the development is all on Naruto’s side. Hinata loved him from the start, nothing has changed on her side. Naruto is slowly coming to the realization that she’s The One. Naruto, like Goku and many guys his age, is a little oblivious to romantic feelings.

Naruto’s stages roughly break down into:

  • “Hinata is a nice shy girl, but she’s a little weird”.
  • “But people like you, I like”
  • To Neji: “You are going down” (as Hinata’s blood drips from his fist)
  • Hinata is the first person in Naruto’s entire life to tell him “I love you”. Naruto doesn’t know how to react, naturally. When she ‘died’ in front of him, he lost it. Through her sacrifice he unleashed the most terrifying power sealed within him.
  • He gripped his heart at the thought that she, and the other villagers, may be dead (by now she’s already very important to him, but she’s not yet THE special one.)
  • Naruto’s admiration for Hinata is reconfirmed in 559 as he protects her from the white zetsus, and encourages her to believe in her strength. [edit. thanks anon!]
  • After Obito killed Neji, Hinata “snapped Naruto from his stupor” as my friend amitds phrased it. Chapter 614 is so important. After years of being inspired by Naruto’s determination, Hinata’s words are the ones to lift Naruto and change the course of the battle.
  • Twice Hinata managed to be this pivotal, with two of the biggest villains of the series. In the first case, Naruto lost control, in the second, he gained it through her. This is a mini-evolution in itself.
  • In 678 Naruto reacts to Hinata’s call alone, and he’s unaware of anyone else’s state. They’re connected already.
  • I like to think that actions speak louder than words, and Naruto is very kind and caring around her, just like she is toward him, he becomes increasingly so as the series progresses. Whether he’s aware of this or not, he has feelings for Hinata.
  • With his parting speech from Minato in 691, Naruto seems conscious of what he feels now. My hopes aren’t too high because Kishi has the tendency to have his characters recede before giving them development. However this close to the end, the last step to canonization is Naruto’s brain clicking into realizing he has feelings for her, and she’s the best partner he could ever ask for. They’re perfect for each other! 

what about lack of development on Naruto’s side? Pllllease.

Concerning Sakura

Kishi made us feel so much for this girl. We shared her pain, her dreams, insecurities, and inner strength to face adversities with unwavering strength.

It doesn’t make sense if Kishi doesn’t fulfill her dreams, after racking his brain to make us develop empathy toward Sakura. 

We know what will make her happy, to feel useful for her team, to keep up with the boys, to save them both, to reach out to Sasuke.

It will happen. Now that Protagonist and deuteragonist are friends again, Sakura and Kakashi are the next characters due for a resolution.