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$10 Marker illustrations are OPEN!
I’m going to be taking a few fully shaded half body or full body marker illustrations like the ones below for $10 each.
These will be done on watercolor paper with alcohol based markers, ballpoint pen and white gel pen. They can be of any MLP character, canon or OC. Though please note that I may turn some down due to lacking the correct colors or the design being too complicated.
They can also have any simple background!
And if you’d like, for an extra $2 I can laminate it and ship it to you as well.
If you’d like to commission me, please DM me.

The Outsiders 4th of July Headcanons

((For @ucanthandletherandle !! Plus I love doing these, as I have stated several times before!))

- Darrel would so cook. He loves barbecues and he has an apron that says “Kiss the Cook”.

- Two-Bit always tried to kiss Darrel when he wears the apron just to mess with him and the rest of the gang.

- “Just because of that you are not helping me put up the Christmas tree this year.”

- “I never do anyway!”

- Alcohol. Everywhere. Darrel, Pony, and Johnny don;t touch any of it though, and Soda hardly sips any of his beer.

- The whole Curtis house being decked out in 4th of July decorations, and one year, they painted the house red, white, and blue, but it wasn’t fun painting it back, nor was the price fun.

- The gang once convinced Johnny to wear the Christmas onesie and the were going to buy him a 4th of July one, but then Johnny had a heat stroke and no one brings that up. Ever.

- When the sun sets, Ponyboy always watches it and writes the characteristics down in a journal every Independence Day and he compares them, looking at the differences each year.

- Popsicles for everyone!

- Cherry and Marcia came to join the party one year, and they surprisingly loved it. The only problem was Dallas picking on them.
   “Wow, you ladies grew a pair and decided to come to Hood-ville, huh?”
                                      “Oh shut your trap.”

- Two-bit would be the one to rip off his clothes once the fireworks start to show the world his red, white, and blue boxers and body paint. He loves what he calls “America’s Birthday”.

- Sodapop and Steve make chocolate cake for “America’s Birthday.”

- When Dallas is drunk, his attention goes toward Johnny and that “tight little ass of his”, and Steve plays bodyguard.

- Steve has yodel contests with Sodapop and Two-bit.

- Steve wins.

- Johnny lowkey getting startled every time a firework goes off, but mostly because of the noise.

- Dallas, if he is slightly sober, holding Johnny and comforting him, and if it isn’t Dallas, it’s Ponyboy, although he isn’t a professional at it.

- The socs are lowkey jelly of how awesome the greasers’ 4th of July party is.

- The gang all cuddling together while watching the Grand Finale of fireworks because they’re all tired.

- “What better way to spend America’s Birthday then with my family.”
              (Varies by who is feeling sentimental that day.)