alcoholic orange juice

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*comes in with a fake mustache and trench coat* Minors? What do you mean minors? No minors here.

Saeran: //narrows eyes I wasn’t born yesterday, kid. Out. Now.

Saeyoung: Nah, let ‘em stay! Screw alcohol, I have orange juice!

Saeran: If you’re going to give them juice, at least give them something good.

Saeyoung: Ah…apple juice, then?

Saeran: …Hmm. Better.

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eros, apollo, and dionysus. (omg i read ur tags on the post and freaked out a little 😂😂 this is my most popular post)

I really like Greek mythology, so this one just tickled my fancies :)

Eros - I’d describe love as wanting to be around someone/something (pets mostly) for yours or their whole life without getting tired of them.

Apollo - My favorite art would probably be the musical arts. I have a great appreciation for it.

Dionysus - Favorite non-alcoholic drink is orange juice. Alcoholic is still undiscovered.