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Black Cow might be made with milk, but you won’t find it in the dairy case. It’s on the liquor shelves, because this milk, which comes from a herd of grass-fed cattle in Dorset, England, has been distilled into premium vodka.

Sixth-generation dairy farmer and DIY distiller Jason Barber likes to experiment.

He’s made vodka from potatoes and apples, but the results were disastrous. His whey-based spirits were initially udder failures. But the moment he took his first sip of the spirit that became Black Cow pure milk vodka, he knew it would be a hit.

Let This Spirit Moo-ve You: Make Way For The World’s First Milk Vodka

Photo: Black Cow

Shoma’s Q&A from the Cutting Edge 2012 magazine

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Q1: Treasures that you cherish the most?

A: Itsuki (my little brother), my friends, and my teammates from the Grand Prix Tokai Figure Skating Club.

Q2: Things you want right now?

A: Time, height, and Doraemon’s pocket.

Q3: Your hero/idol?

A: Daisuke Takahashi, Ryo Ishikawa, and Takahiko Kozuka.

Q4: Favourite women? (In any way!)

A: Mao Asada, Kanako Murakami, Coach Machiko Yamada, and Coach Mihoko Higuchi.

Q5: Songs you sing at karaoke/songs you like?

A: Butterfly by Kaela Kimura, and Baby by Justin Bieber.

Q6: Favourite singers?

A: Arashi, Kaela Kimura, and Justin Bieber.

Q7: Things you buy often at the convenience store?

A: Yoghurt, chocolate, and milk.

Q8: Favourite alcohol (soft drinks)?

A: Milk, mango juice, and hot chocolate.

Q9: Dishes you are good at making?

A: N/A

Q10: Your favourite dishes from your mother?

A: Salty rice balls, lemon covered in maple syrup, and sukiyaki.

Q11: Your favourite competitions?

A: JGP, Japanese Novice Nationals, and Japanese Junior Nationals.


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vintage finds by forestercollective

forestercollective always has the most beautiful, eclectic, minimalist vintage wares to peruse — i’d love to see a real-life shop curated by these folks! too cool. i’m in LOVE with these unique home items. milk glass is such a beautiful hue, and i’m all about old-school art books. rad.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Drinking Game.

(Caution: Spoilers ahead.)


1. Drink each time you find yourself attempting to sing along to the opening songs using nonsense words.

2. Drink every time someone mentions Ed’s height. Down your drink when he makes a face resembling this:

3. Drink each time Armstrong sparkles. Then blush cause DAMN HE FINE.

4. In fact. Drink EVERY TIME you are unexpectedly attracted to an anime character and maybe start questioning your life choices. Drink again.

5. Drink whenever Al is a sweet cinnamon roll. Too good for this world..too pure.

6. Close your eyes (heh) and down your drink whenever Mustang is a total badass.

7. Drink anytime Winry looks better in overalls than you’ve ever looked in your life.

8. Drink every time Ed completely destroys his automail.

9. Drink anytime Izumi is a fucking goddess.

10. And finally, down your drink to drown your sorrows when the episode finishes.


Special bonus edition (Episode 4: Nina and Alexander):
- Immediately finish the whole bottle of whatever you are drinking. Cry into your empty glass. Go find a stronger drink.


Note: If you are under the legal drinking age replace alcohol with milk plz.

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly

bts positivity

- golden maknae on top
- drinks banana milk over alcohol
- sweetest vocals 100/10
- soft mischievous bunny boy
- deserves all the love in the world

- a fluffy ball of happiness
- loves to make his members laugh
- vocals are heaven sent
- brightest smile ever
- loves fans so much

- literally a walking angel
- has the voice of an angel
- thinks of his members first like an angel
- pure angel
- did i mention he’s an angel?

rap monster
- great composer/lyricist
- brain mon
- can’t cut onions
- his dimples are everything

- your hope, your angel
- actual ray of sunshine
- mood maker
- has the most amazing personality 
- talented as hell

- his lyrics are deep
- so is his voice
- he swears but it’s kind of hot
- loves to sleep
- pulls off every hair color

- mom of the group
- loves to eat lots
- great cook
- has a heart of gold
- sings beautifully
- gives his 100% to all 

Why are alien foods always portrayed as horrible and disgusting, and any human eating it is forced to suffer for comedic intent?
Meanwhile human foods are always universally lovable (much to the surprise of any alien who tries them).

Humans consume a ton of things that would be disgusting to non-humans. Milk. Cheese. Alcohol (most alcohols are made by rotting plant matter. Wine is rotten grape juice). Raisins. Prunes. Coffee.

And why can’t their food ever be portrayed as great?
“You’ve never had Kander?!? Come over to my quarters this evening and I’m make you some! I think you’ll love it. It’s made of minced yinda meat, wrapped up in these little pouches similar to that ravioli dish you made me. Hey, you know what? Bring some of that tow-may-tow sauce of yours. They might go together pretty well!”

what beverage can I make with this combination of things

- canadian club
- malibu 
- jager
- malibu
- I think also have sloe gin, mallort and amaretto
- pineapple juice
- grenadine
- lime (probably have lemon too)
- soda water
- tonic water
- ginger ale 
- I think I have coke and orange faygo but they are probably flat
- obviously I have sugar and I may have honey