alcoholic coma

Alcoholic Coma
Alcoholic Coma

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrators Russ bus.

Author’s note: Not requested. Also, not romantic. But if y'all like it, I can write a part two with some forbidden romance ;) so comment on this post if I should continue it.

Update: So the lovely Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, rewrote my story, fixing the errors and making it less cringy to my beautiful readers. It’s the same story, but with beautiful words, I promise! Hahaha and go check Alyssa’s fics too, she has two about Chris and they’re incredible.

Part 2.

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That Tortured Soul On The Drivers Side|| old man logan

Originally posted by cinelander

So… the first time I had this nearly finished, my computer decided to crash. Let’s go.. Round 2!

Jist of prompt: You are in no need of a chauffeur, but that doesn’t stop you from calling on Logans services. Over time, you find yourself falling for the man on the drivers side and slowly manage to break past his defenses. When he comes to you looking for help with Laura, you find yourself unable to keep your secret anymore. 

Tag List: @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @rivertales @xavier-chxrles @hookedonawolverine @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @katiedreamy @castawaybarnes @buckybabble @avengers-bucky-fanfic 

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Coalescence {nessian AU}

Coalescence is defined as the process of joining to form something or to bond, or the union of two things in one completely new and unique in which the original parts are still recognizable. It’s also the term used to describe the union of two galaxies.

Tags: Nessian College AU. A lot of feels.  A lot of bickering.  A lot of teasing. Song based. Sisters bonding. Attempted Sexual Assault. Rated mature due violence and sexual content. 

Read on AO3.

Special thanks to @rowaelinislife​ for correcting my terrible english mistakes. I’d like to thank @bloodshednesta​ and @banafsaji​ as well for reading it before and tell me their opinions.

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Part ONE

He said he need a bad bitch with an alibi


The chair felt too cold, even with the balmy weather of spring. Her ears followed the sounds of many voices, unconsciously gathering the new informations about the case. Audiences from the Disciplinary Committee weren’t exactly a popular activity, but, apparently, everyone and anyone who cared about the College’s position in the national ranking of football decided to show up and take a good look by themselves.

Feyre sifted in her own chair for the millionth time, dragging her eyes from the spot Nesta has been staring since she entered the room. It was a neutral spot, right in front of the table the ‘judges’ would be reunited, the line between the dark carpet and the wooden floor, a safe spot that would help her to focus her attention in her hearing instead of her vision. If she was supposed to care, of course.

“Can you stop it?” Nesta spoke without looking at Feyre again, she could hear the sound of her sister chewing her nails.

“How are you not nervous? He can be expelled!” Her sister’s voice was colored with worry and it made her give her a small eyeroll.

“Why would I be?” The nonchalant tone was real enough that Feyre’s eyes shimmered with disbelief. She opened her mouth to reply, but the head of the Disciplinary Committee decided to approach her seat, bringing with her the football coach and two professors that Nesta didn’t know.

She felt him, even if her eyes were now checking the woman who held his fate in her bony hands. She had a dark, ebony hair, pulled tight in a bun, her clothes were black, from the blazer to her shoes and she seemed to be confident of her function. Good, Nesta admired strong women.

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Take a shot every time;

·        Someone dies

·        There’s foreshadowing

·        Someone’s death could’ve easily been avoided

·        Someone acts like a complete dingus

·        That one dingus comes up (you decide who that is)

Massage - Part Four

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Drunkness, sex, threesome, home invasion.

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @devorahlynn  @msroxyblog  @letojokerownsme @jayded-dreams

Notes: As always, I appreciate the feedback. :D  Love you all!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Part Four

I was a little bit buzzed. Well, okay, I’ll admit, I had had a little more than I could take. But after the week I had, I sure as hell needed it. And besides, I had Jared and Shannon to watch my back, even if they were a bit shitfaced too.

I giggled, wrapping my arms around Shannon and swaying to the beat. I felt a chest come in contact with my back and I looked behind me to see Jared. He leaned down to whisper in my ear. “I got lonely.” He pouted.

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somebody that i used to know (part 2) || old man logan

Originally posted by proinsiascassidy

Originally posted by fondu-with-downey

This is part II to Somebody That I Used To Know - back by popular demand! The way this is going.. you all are going to eat it up because it’ll probably be more then three parts. 

Previously - You left Charles Xaviers School to restart somewhere new, far away from the man who held the remaining pieces of your heart. It’s now years later.. and he’s shown up on your door with a little girl and Charles Xavier. The question is… why? 

Part II - Logan recants the Westchester Incident and why he’s on the run with Laura to you. The only problem with him being at your house for safe shelter is that he’s completely unaware of the reason why you really left the School - the only one who knows what you keep is the ninety year old telepath with crippling dementia. 

If I didn’t make it clear in the last part, this ficlet takes place AFTER DOFP. I’m not entirely sure what the time gap is between DOFP and Logan.. but we’re just gonna roll with it. 

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Thing you said when you were drunk.

Here’s my 1st try at a Wayhaught Fic ….Not my best but this fic idea had been bugging me and i wanted to get it finished to move on to write other ideas, Hopefully you folks like it and if you guys do let me know. 

The first thing Nicole was aware of as she slowly came too from her deep sleep was a pain in her head that grew the more she came back to consciousness and a queasiness in her stomach. The sound of muffled voices and laughter filtering from downstairs wasn’t helping the pain slicing through her skull either. She slowly sat herself up against the headboard and looked around the room noting that she was alone. Her foggy brain took in a room that she was quite familiar with but wasn’t hers. ‘Waverly’ quickly came to mind as she tried to remember what had lead up to her awaking in her girlfriend bedroom alone with a killer hangover.

She closed her eyes and willed the pounding in her head to cease so she could remember what had happened the night before. She remembers going to Shorty’s with some of the other officers after her shift since it was one of their birthdays. They had been a few rounds in when one of them started suggesting shots every time someone wished the birthday boy a happy birthday……Which in a small town in Purgatory generally everyone wanted to wish the birthday boy their best wishes, and Nicole had a sneaking suspicion that when Doc caught on to what was happening he was wishing him a happy birthday every chance he got just to see the deputies get drunker and drunker. So naturally a few happy birthdays later and Nicole was well on her way to alcohol poisoning.

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Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU

I barfed up a Miami Rick fic outline featuring poolboy Morty. I’m probably never going to finish this but I still wanted to post it somewhere so here you go!

(warning: a lot of this is just outlining and some of it is actual scenes and then most of it is just bad grammar and me writing about my feelings)

edit: oh look it’s chapter one

shopping excerpt 

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Worth It - Epilogue

When Spot woke up his head ached a little less and he had vague memories of a church and lots of people looking at him and a taxi, but now things were a little muddled.  His first thought was that he was still alone, because Race wasn’t there beside him and his room still felt far too empty. But then the guy he’d been in love with for as long as he could remember was leaning against the door jamb, sipping one cup of coffee and holding another. There was a smile on his face that was something between amusement and affection, and Spot could tell there was a story he needed to hear.

“What did I…?” he tried, rubbing sleep from his eyes and accepting the coffee he was offered.

Race grinned. He sat on the bed beside Spot and brushed a thumb over his cheek. If there had ever been any doubt he was in love with this boy, the stunt he’d pulled at the church that morning had entirely confirmed it.

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xfiles drinking game:
  • take a sip every time they call out each others name trying to find each other eg: fight the future cornfield scene “MULDER!!!! SCULLY!! MULDERRRR!!! SCUUUALLLLAAAY!” (not every time they say each others name in casual conversation)
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully call each other on the phone and scully starts w “mulder, its me” cue: “where are you?” from either one of them
  • take a sip each time mulder and scully gaze at each other / wordlessly understand each other 
  • take a sip every time mulder has a farfetched theory he pulled straight out of his ass and guesses right; cue: scully proceeding 2 roll her eyes so far back she can see her braincells dying
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully argue w/ skinner
  • take a sip each time krycek fucks up
  • take a sip each time one of them shows their badge / proves their identity / “agent mulder and scully fbi”
  • take a sip every time scully is typing up a report / field journal
  • take a sip each time mulder calls/meets up with/ sees an informant (deep throat, mr. X, well manicured man,…); this includes CSM
  • finish ur glass every time scully gets kidnapped/hurt/is the target of the guy theyre after
  • finish ur glass every time mulder runs away alone without warning scully and she has to save his musty ass
  • finish ur glass every time scully says “i’m fine, mulder”
  • finish your glass every time their computers do smth crusty 90s computer could not do 
  • finish your glass when scully’s right
  • take a shot every time mulder touches crime scene evidence and brings it to his mouth
  • take a shot each time mulder sees supernatural shit and scully arrives too late
  • take a shot everytime scully fills in for any science related job ever ie: superscientist and overqualified scully knows everything there is to know about science ( x )
  • take a shot when mulder or scully says “believe” in whatever context
  • take a shot each time someone whos not mulder impersonates mulder and flirts w/ scully
  • take a shot each time there are insects involved in an xfiles.
  • take a shot every time samantha mulder is mentioned / a reference is made to her abduction

EDIT: the opening isnt included in the drinking game + my advice: dont go pure

Let’s Not Fall in Love | 1

pairing: jikook (side ships yoonseok & namjin + platonic!sunshine line)
length: chaptered, ongoing
genre: school au, enemies (kinda) to lovers, angst, smut, fluff, badboy!jungkook x shyboy!jimin
rating: 16+

summary: jeon jungkook is everything jimin hates in the world: rude, manipulative, possessive, cruel - and, overall, a complete bad boy. after an awkward session of spin the bottle at a party jimin never wanted to go, the two become far too involved in each other’s lives, and jimin realises that he can use this to his advantage - maybe, he can finally get jungkook back for all the pain he’s caused. maybe, he can finally get revenge… 

but, then again, jimin never expected to fall in love along the way. 

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Mei has seen some deep shit during his training years in Sicily. Most of them because of his master.

(based on the gigantomachia and on some interesting design for Mei, also heavily influenced by my feels for master & students relationships bye)

anonymous asked:

Ahhhh can you please please please translate Amen if you have the time? ^^ your translations are super helpful for understanding Francesco's true genius!

Hi and sorry for such a late reply!
It actually took me a while to reply to this requests because I know “Amen” is one of the most popular songs by Francesco, so I was sure there were already translations of it around.
I found this one for you: lyricstranslate.
Also, if you were specifically looking for an interpretation and critique of the song, dear @iacomary97 already did a wonderful one right in this post.

Anyway, I had fun trying my own translation so here it is:
Amen” by Francesco Gabbani from album “Eternamente Ora”.

I’m not a professional translator so there might be some mistakes. I just hope to convey the message of the song to non-Italian speakers.

Barbarians at the door
hide the provisions, the spare coins
under the tail, under the tail, under the tail

Organ traders and Vandal raids
are in style, are in style, are in style

A mystic visionary at university
told me utopia will save us
Teetotallers in alcohol-induced comas from infelicity
the mass has ended, sons: go in peace
The wind loses strength, no dissent, everything falls silent again

Then go forward, people! Who believe in a miracle
Let’s deal with this loss with an ‘amen’ (amen)
From the wealthy with an ascetic look to the poor in spirit
let’s forget everything with an ‘amen’ (amen)
amen, amen

The athletic poise, the cosmetic treatment
are in style, are in style, always in style

With the monk’s habit, the philosopher’s beard
I move the tail, move the tail, swing of the tail

Jesus has become agnostic, killers converted
some of them are already in scent of holiness
The crowd is queueing up at the stores of uselessness
The offer is already over, friends: go in peace
The wind loses strength, no dissent, everything falls silent again


(spoken part)
Man fell asleep and in his dream he created the World
There he lived in harmony with the sky’s birds and the sea’s fishes,
earth spontaneously brought forth fruits in abbundance
There were no war, no death, no illness, no suffering…
… then he woke up


[one shot] Drunk On You



AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Humor, Drama

STORY SUMMARY: This is based on one of the prompts for the microfiction contest.  But seeing as how I suck at writing short, here comes a one shot where the OC finds herself in a bit of a mess after a drunken run-in the night before with the new sexy professor who moved in next door.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Mature for swearing and for hints at sexual content.

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: it’s been some time since I wrote, so feedback would be the best thing ever! I hope you enjoy it and that it translated from what I envisioned as funny in my head into words.

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30 days of otp revamp with @rextexx

Day 4: Anniversary

I once said soldier is one easy forgot their anniversary,but second thought,I think engi is the one “mature” enough that don’t care about celebrate  anniversary anymore.soldier in my head more like a kid so he probably will remember the day and get excited by prepare gift or somethingXD

and here’s Rex’s lovely ffic,you can read it under cut

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For exr week! A bit of fluff, for once.

It’s been years since Grantaire’s gotten a decent night’s rest.

Hell, he can’t remember the last time he woke up feeling actually refreshed. He half suspects that that’s just a myth.

See, Grantaire has dreams. I mean, most people do, but Grantaire’s dreams have always been a little darker. A little more horrible.

“Just like me,” he used to joke to Eponine, until she smacked him upside the head and told him to shut the fuck up.

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Sarcófago - Rotting (1989)

Rotting is the second album by Sarcófago. It was released in August 1989. Prior to recording, drummer D. D. Crazy left the band to join Sextrash, and M. Joker took over on drums.

The guitar recording has a peculiar method where the one guitar recording is played in both speakers with one having a slightly altered pitch to give the impression that two different guitars are playing precisely the same thing.

Sarcófago - Rotting (Full Album)


01. The Lust
02. Alcoholic Coma
03. Tracy
04. Rotting
05. Sex, Drinks & Metal
06. Nightmare


Wagner “Antichrist” Lamounier - vocals, guitar
Geraldo “Incubus” Minelli - bass, backing vocals
M. Joker - drums, backing vocals

You’re all I want (So bring me the dawn)

My BellarkeSecretSanta gift for @blakesdoitbetter: A friends-to-lovers fic where mutual pining comes to a head during the holidays. Which is always a good time.

It was a joy writing for you, Caitlin! 


Clarke met Bellamy four years ago at the Christmas tree lot where he works during the holiday season. He’s gruff and standoffish at first, until she offhandedly references a show they both love while he’s helping with her tree.

He catches the reference, she’s impressed, and they fall into easy conversation after that. She’s kind of ridiculously into him, and pretty sure he’s into her too, until she realizes that he’s the brother her roommate keeps trying to set her up with.

Long story short, Octavia shows up, they figure out who they are to each other, and passive aggressive remarks ensue. Clarke’s not eager to be set up with anyone—never mind that she was thinking about asking for his number five minutes prior—and he makes it abundantly clear he’s not going to date his little sister’s roommate.

She swears she hates him after that, and it takes at least two months for scathing, snarky comments to cool down to…normal snarky comments. It takes her a while, but once she can look past hurt feelings and bruised pride, it’s hard to ignore the positive traits she saw in him when they first met. He’s smart, funny, and—most importantly—fiercely protective of those he loves.

Stranger still, is that she becomes one of those people over the course of a year, thanks in no small part to Octavia’s stubbornness. If her brother and roommate aren’t going to date, they’re damn well going to get along, or they’ll be hell to pay. And Clarke can’t even really say she’s bitter about it. He’s one of her favorite people now, four years after their catastrophic first meeting, if not her favorite overall. He’s her best friend.

She’s also in love with him. Which is basically the worst. Just her luck to fall for the one person she knows isn’t interested.

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