alcoholic coma

OK so I wanted to have this fic finished today but it’s got very long and out of control and I don’t think I’ll be able to write another 8k or so words this evening, so, have the start of it because it is really a fic for this day.

Sam wakes up on November 2nd with a miserable hangover, his mouth furry and thick and sour and a throbbing knot of pain behind his eyes. He forgot to turn off his alarm when he went to bed, so the tinny ring of it sounds out at 6.30 like it always does, and he rolls over to hit the snooze and notices the date at the top of the screen. It’s shock enough to jolt him fully awake, his dreamless alcohol-coma sleep dropping away to leave him shaky and unrested. Suddenly chilly under his scratchy blanket, he sits up in bed and draws his knees up to his chest. He hugs his arms around them, staring unseeing into the gloom. 

Dean’s enthusiasm – no, his unsettling determination – for them both to get blackout drunk last night is starting to make more sense. Sam’s brother has been volatile, unpredictable, since Mom walked out around two weeks ago. The night of, Dean had gone to bed straight away, hadn’t said anything to Sam at all; and then had appeared in the library next morning with an unconvincing grin, bearing overfull plates of breakfast and iron-solid insistent on taking a hunt which he’d found somewhere in the Arizona wild. On the road, he’d blasted the music and slapped down Sam’s attempts to talk, hooked up with two separate women in one night (and in the bed next to Sam’s), and finally had argued Sam into an ill-researched confrontation with a Balrog which almost got the two of them killed. They’d despatched it eventually, although it had burned the both of them badly, so that Dean’s blistered now down one side of his torso and the fingers of Sam’s right hand can’t close. 

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Mei has seen some deep shit during his training years in Sicily. Most of them because of his master.

(based on the gigantomachia and on some interesting design for Mei, also heavily influenced by my feels for master & students relationships bye)

[one shot] Drunk On You



AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Humor, Drama

STORY SUMMARY: This is based on one of the prompts for the microfiction contest.  But seeing as how I suck at writing short, here comes a one shot where the OC finds herself in a bit of a mess after a drunken run-in the night before with the new sexy professor who moved in next door.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Mature for swearing and for hints at sexual content.

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: it’s been some time since I wrote, so feedback would be the best thing ever! I hope you enjoy it and that it translated from what I envisioned as funny in my head into words.

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Out of Character / Serious Conversation and Warning

Alright so: I just survived a Prozac - alcohol induced coma. 

My doctor said that it was okay to have up to three drinks and be safe. I’m considering legal action at this time. I had exactly 1 beer and two shots of Irish cream. 

What happened, might you ask?

For starters, I have severe memory loss. I woke up in my bed at 1 AM to my brother knocking on the door because he was checking up on me. While I was out to lunch, my brother researched exactly what had happened. I almost seriously died.

Many people don’t get as lucky as I did. Many people just have a seizure and croak right then and there due to the brain shutting off and cardiac arrest.

I remember getting half way through my beer after having the Irish creme and I forget everything that happened after that. My family reports that I stone cold passed out with my eyes open while sweating profusely. My family tried screaming at me from 5 feet away and clapping in front of my face and I was completely unresponsive. They had to physically shake me to wake me up because they weren’t sure if I was breathing or not, and in the brief moments that I did wake up I was extremely mean to them. That’s very out of character for me to be mean like that.

I then somehow made my way to my bed and fell asleep. Then I woke up again to my brother explaining just how close to death I was.

If you take anti-depressants, DO NOT drink. Learn from my experience and use it as a warning. I’m not a heavy drinker, either - at most I have one beer a week. But it just turned on me in a life threatening way.

I’m getting checked out by another doctor soon to make sure everything is okay, but I feel fine again. I’m also never touching alcohol again, so I’ll be fine.

I just wanted to share this just in case this saves a life. Please be careful of alcohol and medication interactions.

Sarcófago - Rotting (1989)

Rotting is the second album by Sarcófago. It was released in August 1989. Prior to recording, drummer D. D. Crazy left the band to join Sextrash, and M. Joker took over on drums.

The guitar recording has a peculiar method where the one guitar recording is played in both speakers with one having a slightly altered pitch to give the impression that two different guitars are playing precisely the same thing.

Sarcófago - Rotting (Full Album)


01. The Lust
02. Alcoholic Coma
03. Tracy
04. Rotting
05. Sex, Drinks & Metal
06. Nightmare


Wagner “Antichrist” Lamounier - vocals, guitar
Geraldo “Incubus” Minelli - bass, backing vocals
M. Joker - drums, backing vocals

Alcoholic Coma
Alcoholic Coma

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