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It’s OK. We’re OK. I Love You.

Title: It’s OK. We’re OK. I Love You.

Words: 1792

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: mention of alcohol

Fic song: The Script - Nothing

Request:   Hello favorite writer of mine. Do you think you could do an one shot based off a song and music video called nothing by the script. But with it being castiel and the reader but they do end up getting back together in the end. Sorry if it’s difficult. But I knew if any one could do it, it would be you. 😘

A/N: Hi guys! So my spring break is finally here and I hope I’ll be able to write more in next 9 days :) 

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˝Cas, C’mon man, let’s go out. Drink some beer, bang some chicks, cheer you up. What do you say buddy? ˝ Dean asked with a smile on his face.

Ever since you and Cas broke up 3 weeks ago, Dean and Sam tried to cheer him up, take his mind off you. Nothing seemed to work, but they kept trying.

Castiel sighed and lifted his head to look at Dean. ˝I suppose I could go. ˝ he said, sadness in his voice.

˝Great. We’re going to have a great time, Cas. ˝ Sam smiled.

It was hard to watch Castiel like that. But nothing compared to the pain Castiel felt.

He blamed himself for this. For hurting you like he did and for the break up. He knew that it was his fault, that he shouldn’t have scared you like that or yelled at you. But it was over and Castiel had to accept it. He remembered your broken face, he remembered your words, ‘I hate you’ and he remembered how much they hurt.

˝Impala in five. ˝ Dean said, before leaving the room and Castiel alone with his thoughts.

He’d never forgive himself for hurting you and for making you cry. He’d never forgive himself for letting you go. A voice inside him was saying that maybe, just maybe if he’d apologise and beg you to stay, you’d stay. That maybe, if he’d swallow his pride, you’d still be in his arms, safe from the rest of the world.

But this didn’t happen and Castiel slowly dragged himself to the backseat of the Impala.

Dean and Sam talked the whole time at the bar. Castiel put on a fake smile, knowing how much the boys cared about him. He even laughed a few times when Dean told a joke and talked to Sam about how they should get a dog or at least a guinea pig. Dean was against it, but Castiel had always wanted a guinea pig.

The Impala stopped in front of some empty bar in Kansas. All three entered the bar and found a free table. Again Sam and Dean talked the whole time and Castiel smiled while looking at them. They didn’t want to notice all glasses of scotch Castiel had already drank.

He heard hundreds of times how people tried to drown their sadness with consuming enormous amounts of alcohol. So he kept ordering glass after glass, hoping to forget you. After a while he started feeling a little dizzy, but his mind was clearer than ever. And sadly all his mind was set on was you.

Instead of forgetting you, he couldn’t think of anything else but you.

˝Cas… Cas? Castiel buddy, you here? ˝ Deans voice brought him back to this world.

He smiled lightly and nodded. ˝Sorry, I… ˝ he couldn’t find the right words.

˝Hey Cas it’s OK. ˝ Sam said gently ˝It takes time to get over someone, especially if you love them like you love Y/N. ˝

The smile faded from the Castiel’s face at the mention of your name.

˝Anyone up for a round of polo? ˝ Dean tried to change the subject.

But Castiel was already out. ˝I think I’ll head back to the bunker. I’m sorry. ˝

He didn’t wait for boys to respond or turned around when they called him. He simply walked out the bar, not caring about anything else. Well, he wasn’t even sure about what he was doing.

He walked the streets of Kansas. It was freezing, but he didn’t mind at all. The streets were empty, he saw one person every now and then.

God knows how long he walked, before he found himself on a bridge. He didn’t recognize it at first, but after a few seconds he realized why this felt so familiar. It was ‘the bridge’. The bridge where he first met you. The bridge where he started falling for you. He remembered it like it was yesterday.

He was supposed to meet Sam and Dean here, a year and a half ago. And they came with this beautiful girl. Ever since he first laid eyes on you, Castiel was unable to take them off. He was never quite sure what dragged his attention to you. Maybe it was your laugh or maybe the way you talked to him. Not that it really mattered. It was your personality that he liked the most. Sure, you were cute and sexy… you were kind and positive and optimistic. Castiel adored that about you.

˝Cas? Cas, what the hell are you doing? ˝ he heard a familiar voice.

It can’t be…  he thought to himself. It can’t be you, my imagination must be playing tricks on me.

˝Cas, hey listen to me! ˝ you shouted scared for what he might do next.

Castiel was standing on the bridge railing, watching the water pass by. He didn’t want to jump or anything, he wasn’t even sure how he climbed up.

Quickly you ran to him. ˝C’mon Cassie, let me help you down. ˝ you said calmly and took his hand. When his skin touched yours, a wave of heat rushed through your hand and you tried your best to ignore it.

It’s been a 3 weeks since you last saw him. You missed him more than you could ever think, but he told you loud and clear that you don’t belong in his life. And so you left the Bunker, finding a small motel nearby to have a place to sleep.

Castiel grabbed your hand tightly and stepped off the railing. You smelled alcohol as soon as he stepped down.

˝Cas? Have you been drinking?  ˝

˝No. ˝ he answered stubbornly, but gave up when you tilted your head. ˝Yes. ˝

˝How much? ˝

˝A lot a lot. ˝ he admitted quietly, avoiding your eyes.

˝I’ll drive you back to the Bunker okay Cassie? I bet Sam and Dean are worried sick by now. It’s almost 1 in the morning. ˝

Castiel nodded and let you lead him to his car.

It’s been hard not seeing him in the last few weeks, but it’ll be even harder now. Even though, you tried to keep a smile on your face when you entered the car. Castiel took a shotgun and you drove off to the Bunker.

˝I miss you Y/N. ˝ Castiel said all of the sudden. ˝I miss you so much and I’m so sorry for what I said. ˝

˝You’re drunk Castiel. Don’t say this when you’re drunk, I don’t want to have my heart broken even more in the morning. ˝ you whispered, because you didn’t trust your voice now.

˝It’s true. ˝ he said, turning to you. ˝I might be drunk, but I’m not changing my mind in the morning. I’m an idiot, but I want you back Y/N. I need you. ˝

You didn’t answer, you didn’t look at him. You kept quiet until you reached the bunker. It’d hurt too much if you talked to him about it, and you didn’t want to cry in front of him.

After he climbed out of the car, you led him to the Bunker. You prayed to anyone who was willing to listen to you, that Sam and Dean are still awake. You walked in and immediately heard a familiar voice.

˝Y/N? Cas? ˝ Dean asked and you sensed surprise in his voice.

˝Hi Deano. ˝ you smiled. ˝I brought your drunk buddy back, maybe you should take better care of him. ˝ you teased.

˝Y/N˝ this time Sam asked.

˝Hey Sammy. ˝

˝What happened to him? ˝ Sam pointed at Castiel, who seemed to have a problem standing.

˝I could ask you the same question.˝ you chuckled. ˝You should get him to bed. ˝

Dean immediately stepped to Castiel, pulling him to the closest room.

˝No! Y/N I need to talk to you, please. ˝ he begged. ˝Let me explain you, just listen. ˝

In that moment you spotted something you’ve never seen before. A tear slipped down his face, smashing into the ground.

˝We’ll talk in the morning Cassie. ˝ you promised. ˝I’ll sleep here and we can talk first thing in the morning, OK? ´

Castiel nodded slowly and let Dean take him to nearest bedroom.

You let out a sigh and walked over to the library. You needed to take a seat and clear your mind.

˝He misses you Y/N. Dean misses you, I miss you. But neither I nor Dean miss you as much as he misses you. ˝ Sam said, sitting on a chair next to yours.

˝I don’t know what to do Sammy. I miss him too, but you were there, you heard what he said. ˝

˝What he said was stupid and he couldn’t be more sorry for it. You know he didn’t mean it… ˝

˝I’ll have to think this through. ˝

You woke up in one of Bunker’s bedrooms. It was late in the morning and only then you realized that you slept in Castiel’s bedroom. Dean told you that Castiel took yours and that you can sleep in any other, so you wandered into his.

It was crazy that you didn’t even realize it when you walked it. Everything smelled like him and you couldn’t help yourself but bury your nose into the sheets. It felt so familiar, you felt so safe in this moment.

˝Umm… Y/N? ˝ Castiel asked, confused by the way you acted.

Immediately you sat up, looking at him, your eyes widening.  ˝Cas! You scared me. ˝

˝I apologise for that. ˝ he lowered his head ˝Can we talk now… or would you like to eat first? ˝

You grinned at his shyness; he was the cutest thing in the world. ˝We can talk now Cassie. ˝

Castiel lifted his head and hesitated, before taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

˝So… ˝ you started.

˝I’m so sorry for everything I said and did. I’m an ass and I understand if you want to leave. You just need to know that I love you. I love you more than anyone could love anything and I’m so deeply sorry for hurting you. I’m… I… I just love you. ˝ he finished quietly and you saw that he struggled with choosing words. But his face told you everything you needed to know.

Without saying a word, you pulled him closer, crashing your lips against his. He tangled his hand in your hair, pulling you closer to him. Your lips moved in sync and everything felt right again. Until you felt a tear on your cheek. You opened your eyes and found Castiel crying.

˝It’s OK Cassie. We’re OK. I love you. ˝ you whispered. ˝We’re OK.˝


Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!

SOIK (Somewhere Only I Know) Klaine Epi.54



After everyone graduates: (& sorry i’m skipping ahead in time so much)

Kurt: *in the living room, watching tv with Finn, Selena, & Blaine*

Carole: Dinner’s ready!

Finn & Selena: *runs into the dinning room* FOOD!

Blaine: Yup, they were made for each other.

Kurt: *laughs, goes to the dinning room*

Burt: So what are you guys gonna do now that you’re out of high school?

Finn: Go to college here, & Sel wants to go too.

Sel: I wanna know more about human history.

Carole: That’s great *smiles*

Burt: & you Kurt? You’re awfully quiet.

Kurt: *stands up* I actually have a little announcement to make. *stutters a little, afraid of what they’ll say* I-i wanna move to New York to go to college t-there.

Burt: What?

Kurt: Please don’t be mad, but i REALLY wanna study in New York, so can i go? please???

Burt: *sighs a little* You don’t need me to tell you if you can go or not, you’re 18 now, it’s all up to you.

Kurt: *smiles a little* Thanks. *tears up* I’m gonna miss you dad.

Burt: Awww *stands up, hugs Kurt* We’re gonna all miss you very much.

Kurt: I’m going there with Blaine & Rachel.

Sel: *looks at Blaine, starts crying* Y-you’re leaving me?

Blaine: Sweetie i was gonna ask you if you wanted to go with us.

Sel: B-but i wanna stay here.

Blaine: You have really good wings, you can fly fast, you can always come visit, or i can visit you anytime. Or you can go to New York with us.

Sel: *hugs him* I’m gonna miss you Blaineykinz.

Blaine: *starts crying, loves Selena to death* I’m gonna miss you too.

Kurt: *feels bad*

Later that night:

Blaine: *laying in bed with Kurt* Are you okay?

Kurt: Just gonna miss everyone, & i know you’ll miss Sel.

Blaine: Yeah, it’s gonna be tough at first, but it’ll be fun, just you & me & Rachel *smiles*

Kurt: Yeah *smiles* Do you know what else that means?

Blaine: What?

Kurt: More of this *winks, goes down on Blaine, pulls his jeans & boxers down, sucks him*

Blaine: *eyes widen, moans*

Kurt: *sucks harder, rubbing him*

Blaine: *moans loud, cums*

Kurt: *swallows, lays next to Blaine again*

Blaine: *grabs Kurt, kisses him*

Kurt: *kisses back*

Blaine: *pulls down Kurt’s jeans & boxers, goes into him*

Kurt: *moans*

Blaine: *sucks on his neck while trusting slow*

Kurt: *moans, grips the sheets* B-blaineee….harder.

Blaine: *thrusts harder*

Kurt: *moans loud* Uhhh..

Blaine: *trusts even harder*

Kurt: *moans really loud, throws his head back, eyes roll back* Blaine! uh! oh god!

Blaine: *cums, moans loud*

Kurt: *breathing heavy, tired*

Blaine: *pulls out, lays next to him, kisses his cheek* I love you, & when we go to New York, i promise, you & i will go on a date, since we haven’t really gone out much you & me.

Kurt: Okay *eyes closed, cuddles into Blaine* Goodnight, i love you.

Blaine: *smiles, kisses his head* I love you too.


END. (:

& Shoutout to Nicole, hope you feel better *hugs* <3 This episode is for you :D